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  1. Ciertamente ya sabia que se venia el nerfeo a las glaives, pero como minimo era de esperar arreglaran sus ataques cuerpo a cuerpo. pero no, solo se limitaron a cambiar el tiempo de carga al lanzamiento cargado. Los ataques cuerpo a cuerpo siguen lanzando la glaive accidentalmente cuando solo necesitas pegar de cerca y si usas mods para que explote con los rebotes simplemente no puedes usar tu melee ya que todo el tiempo quedas expuesto por la explosión al lanzarla por accidente. podrian arreglar eso?
  2. Of course, it could be a start using stances from the sparring weapon class with bare hands . But it could be cooler than it if that martial share relevance with tenno schools.
  3. Yeah, devs still working from home, and they are prioritizing contents to keep they game alive, dont have much hope :c - cry in silence -
  4. Tonkor is enough by itself and protea too, some other frames and old classic wepons need a little bit of that versatile aspect. You can keep using your boring granade launcher(i really hate tonkor srry xD) , and... Ok i agree protea, vauban, ivara have many tactic armament, but we don need all that espexific force in every moment. But a some tactic equipment could save a player when is overwhelmed Im apologize if misunderstood your words tenno, i appreciate your time.
  5. Men... you are just... you, not an 99% of nothing xd, and not every player must use your build to play on every situation, some player would use old fire weapons like tigris, marelok, grinlock, etc. and yes, it could be redundant in some cases( with some skills of frames or other weapons as you say) but it could be usefull in others.
  6. I do really love argonak sound, feels and looks powerful but i do more dmg throwing beans to the enemies.
  7. Men ill say your game is tooooo easy, with pizzas you have infinite energy, heal an amo jesus, there is not auto dmg, tha is the reason because the potion sistem exist, to regenerate you a lil amount but they are limit and you have to manange them
  8. As strong dmg of regular weapons o conpensate some types of triggers of fireweapons or just o cover an aspect of playstile for some warframes with some utility or self defense :) I think no every player want to play octavia or vauban just to cover a little aspect of their gameplay with weapons or warframes I really love them, it work as a disruptive granade as well and they could be added to the new granade system to enjoy it more quickly Lol :)
  9. hey how are ya guys, we already could use martial arts stances with every melee weapon, i wonder what could happen if we could use martial arts with bare hands to hit enemies when we have the melee weapon steathed. it could be really cool. imagine if we could have some variety of this ones for our warframes or our operator :)
  10. hey, how are ya, i played a few days ago the biomutant and try they combo system. it feels kinda cray cuz it mix some melee and fire weapons combos. for example one of them it use a sliding atack plus a simple triger to execute a hybrid combo betwen melee and the fire gun with bonus to the firegun shoot! and well the combo usually change if you use a different type of melee or firegun. I though the warframe melee system is not so different than it system, we already have some "martial arts", melee weapons, an fireguns to reach that new level of complex combos.
  11. i mean, in almost every game with weapons exist many tipes of them and i don't know if there is a reason because we dont have a exclusive space for them in the arsenal. there exist many type of mechanics to use them in game as a wheel (the tools wheel is to general for this aspect), or a multi launcher as doom. but i just said is weird dont have thoes yo i mean we are ninjas dude. we must could use smoke granades at least, and there are many types of them fragmentation, plasma, claymores or antipersonal explosives, stun, castanas an talon work as granades too. i just think is weird to not have an esclusive slot for this type of weapons in the arsenal to chose one before any mision or switch betwen them to use those in game :). One more reason to add this mechanic i think it could make more viable tu use some classic tenno, grineer, or another ballistic weapon as duplets, bolt action fireguns, some semiautomatic weapons too, to cover a lil bit they fire rate or triger type.
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