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  1. - Clan Name : Upon Pale Wings - Clan Tier : Ghost - Clan Platform : PS4 - Clan Role : Founding Warlord - Video participators in order of appearance : wolfbrother113, JetBlackJak, revol_dizst, skynyrd77, Gladiator439. Notes : We begin our video in our trade hub, wolfbrother113 is giving the tour and is the main designer of this room. The trade hub being the center of commerce is representative of the four seasons, beginning with fall into winter then spring and summer. The stone in the center representing the ever turning cycle of these seasons. Proceeding onward we enter The Hall of the Departed, design by revol_dizst, in order to honor those who are no longer with us. From there we enter The Chamber of Reflection, also design by revol_dizst, a place for Tenno to meditate and look inward. Finally we enter The Grand Hall, design by wolfbrother113; the dojo is reborn in a naturalistic take on a Tenno meeting hall. From calming gardens to stoic stone formations The Grand Hall represents all members of Upon Pale Wings and culminates in a nexus where we can all meet as a Clan.
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