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  1. What about the plague star event that is suppose to start today?
  2. You don't have to do all the missions in order to get all the rewards offered. I heard somewhere we only had to complete 66% of the missions offered to obtain all the goodies/rewards being offered. I think it must have been much lower than that, towards the end I just stopped doing the missions all together and I was into the 20s for wolf cred rewards. If there is a mission you find particularly difficult or grindy just simply don't do it. Nothing says you have to do all the missions, and doing them all isn't really going to benefit you that much in standing, it might make the difference in 15 credits to spend, but that's about it. And after a certain point the only thing to spend them on is nitain for the new aura forma.
  3. I didn't project feelings, I actually made arguments. The reference to market prices is related to how many times people will do the mission after they get the parts for the Wolf Sledge. Making the Wolf easy makes more of the parts available which in turn causes the prices to drop for the parts. Once that happens, then there is no reason to farm the Wolf, and that is where DE made their mistake, they made the Wolf a farm, specifically so people can get the Wolf sledge parts, but after they do so nobody will bother playing the mission anymore, no point, it's now just wasted content. That means any work DE put into this mission, is more or less just wasted, nobody is paying attention to anything but killing the wolf as quickly as possible to farm the ports for MR ranking. Nothing else, no other reason. That's my point, not market prices, do you understand or should I make yet another attempt at clarifying this for you even further?
  4. I did complain about that, and shortly after his tankyness was reduced and he seemed, for me at least, fine. Able to deal with him in a reasonable amount of time with a reasonably fit frame and weapons. He was no longer a problem for almost everyone. Now he's super easy to kill, he's been made into a farm, that's it. That's my issue, he's been turned into a farm for parts for a weapon that is no good. The only real reason to get the Wolf Sledge now is for MR fodder. The only other thing the wolf might drop that people may want is the mask. The mods are common. The wolf has been reduced now to an easy farm for a weapon that is no good and serves no purpose except MR fodder. The content was not made better or more engaging. The issues that existed were not addressed it's just been made super easy to kill. It's a mess.
  5. You didn't explain why I could have cut everything else out, your comment makes no sense. I think I made it crystal clear that the thing that matters least to me is that they ruined the market, but I also think it worthy to note that people do farm to sell things, which causes them to repeat missions, by ruining the market those people will not be repeating the missions. I think if you spent a little more time actually reading what is written instead of looking for anything you can make a negative comment about, you might actually get something out of reading anything on this forum. Do you really think my post was about market prices?
  6. Thanks for making a tactical alert for the Wolf. Thank you for reducing the Wolf Sledge to more or less MR fodder, not even difficult to get anymore you just have to repeat the same mission over and over and over and over until you get it. Not interesting at all. The weapon is no good, nothing you do with it makes it any better, not even god tier rivens. It's so bad, the only reason anyone wanted to own it was for MR fodder and bragging rights, you know, a badge of honor being able to kill the Wolf and get the drops. Now, just more make-work MR fodder. Thanks for making how hard some of us worked, to make sure we were able to fight the Wolf at any time, any place, totally arbitrary now. I specifically trained a frame to deal with the wolf, worked around how to make that frame viable while training weapons and doing missions. I specifically modded and carried certain weapons when not using a special frame, to deal the wolf. And now, all that is arbitrary. I feel I should have just waited until it was super easy to fight the wolf instead of investing all the time, effort and energy. A complete, total and utter waste considering there is no other content in the game I can use the tactics nor the specific frame and the way it's fitted, nor some of the weapons. How awesome is that? Not that I care because I'm not farming the Wolf for parts to sell, but you just ruined the market on any of the Wolf sledge items. Doing that creates another issue with the content itself. After everyone has the parts for the MR fodder sledge hammer, there is no longer any reason to engage the content, no reason to fight the wolf. You get all his stuff then he becomes arbitrary. You destroy the market prices and you make him even more arbitrary. Nice job ruining the content meant to be engaging. You created a situation where people are trying to farm the Wolf so fast, nobody enjoys the tileset. People are farming the Wolf, not looking for ways to sneak around, or being amazed by the map and how to use it to your advantage. The tactic now is to use a super fast frame, that is super tanky so you can just ignore the lava all over the floor the Wolf's slaves leave when they throw their molotav cocktails at you. Stupid brute force with no though, no fun, no tactics or thinking it through or difficulty or anything worth of a game people will want to play for fun during their free time. All that was done is that you ruined the market and the only reason to WANT to fight the wolf. Made the wolf easy, super super easy now so that it's no longer a big deal to kill him even when he spawns 120+. Ruined anyone bothering to use tactics all you literally have to do is use a fast tanky frame with a radiation weapon and you can farm the Wolf in minutes, even the hardest version of him. I just ran both missions, the first I made sure I was using the frame I trained up to fight the wolf, the melee weapon that would buff my ultimate went into the mission and everyone went running as fast as they possibly could through the map killing the slaves to get through the next door. The entire mission, maybe 2 minutes. 2 minutes and I never want to ever do it again, no point. I have the nitain extract now, which I no longer really need but whatever. I got all the parts for the Wolf Sledge Hammer long ago so I don't need the parts. The market prices were ruined once the Wolf was made easy to farm both by creating the alert and by making him super easy to kill so no reason to ever do the mission for Wolf Sledge parts even if I were inclined to sell them. So mission one, phffft, never will do it again. So I thought, maybe mission 2 will be more interesting, and I do want the riven. It was harder, granted, the wolf spawned at lvl 121 but phffft, super easy to kill. What really sucked bad was all the lava all over the floor and everyone dying and needing to be healed. It wasn't engaging or interesting it was just running around healing people that died because nobody was using any tactics, nobody was doing anything but trying to kill the Wolf as fast as possible because you know what everyone was doing? They were farming for Wolf Sledge parts, that's it. Nobody was doing the mission because they wanted to enjoy themselves, have fun and play the game. Nobody was doing the mission because it was engaging, interesting. It's so un-interesting that people are not even bothering taking tanky fast frames because they know the content is going to be killed so fast, and the mission completed so quickly that wasting any time trying to do the mission better, is more or less just worthless, it has no value. So people do the harder version one time to get the riven and the emblem, then you know what they do? The easy mission, over and over and over and over and over and over until they have the Wolf Sledge parts. Then you know what they do? They don't ever bother doing the mission ever again because why, why would you want to? I love the game please don't get me wrong. I love how new content is always being added, it makes things interesting. I really like the fact that the devs are so attentive to the community, and bug fixes, and updates, and new announcements. Really, I don't know how you all do it. I am truly humbled and impressed. However, the Wolf has been one of those things where I have to ask myself, did the people who created the Wolf just get lazy? Lets spend all the time on the animation, on the graphics but when it came right down to it all the Wolf really was at first was a bullet sponge, not interesting at all just took throwing enough radiation modded stuff at it to kill it. Then the minions were added, okay great, a bullet sponge with invulnerable molotav cocktail throwing minions. Then making the Wolf a little less tanky and you hit the right recipe with a bullet sponge, the right amount of tanky and vulnerable. You made what seemed like a fast lazy creation into something that was a little less annoying and a little more engaging, albeit not the most engaging content but okay, I was okay with that. And now? It just seems like a lot more lazy to me. Why make the Wolf spawn at higher lvls if you are just going to make him super easy to kill, that makes absolutely no sense at all. None. Why not just reduce the level he spawns at? Oh, well, because when he spawned at level 20 he was more difficult to kill than he is at level 120+ now. It just seems like lazy imagination, like a too quickly thrown together content to hit a scheduled date for new content, or something. Like the corporate direction created a situation where rushed content was slapped together, and has almost the entire time sucked really bad. I'm not going to be doing those missions anymore unless there are rewards added. I'm just not going to bother fighting the wolf anymore because he's turned into something that is just an annoyance rather than fun and engaging. We as players want something we have to use our intelligence and experience to overcome, not how fast we slam our controllers with our fingers. We want something meaningful, not for all meaning to be sapped away by the content being made super easy to kill. We as players want to enjoy the time we play the game, not given more opportunities to content made easier so that we are repeating the same missions over and over and over and over again. Or let me ask those who created this content. How many times are you going to do the Wolf alert missions?
  7. Any planned changes to the Wolf of Saturn 6?
  8. Wonderful we have a new prime and I'm very thankful for all the continued bug fixes. Now if you would just revisit the Wolf of Saturn 6 boss so that scaling doesn't make it a fight that is no fun, that takes far too long (15-20+ min depending on scaling and squad) I would be very appreciative. The way the Saturn boss functions currently, I don't even want to both trying to fight him in a squad, rather do it solo, and that shouldn't be the case. To be effective against the Saturn Boss, it's better to be solo and to me, this seems contrary to the intent of DE in creating a community and events where people fight in squads. The way the Wolf of Saturn 6 boss functions currently is broken, very broken, so broken people just fail the mission to get out instead of fighting him. That should never be the case.
  9. Hello, The way the clan was described, good people, community, working together and no egotistical leadership spoke to me. I filled out the form and would truly like to join. I have been playing Warframe for about 115 days, and active almost every day during that time. I filled out the form, thank you.
  10. If you have done any developing of any software, specially anything this complex, you would also know that there is a need to prioritize what you fix right away and what you put on the to-do list. Naming your K-Drive I imagine is not nearly as important as fixing things that negatively affect game play. To you, it might in fact be the most important fix, but to the majority of people, specially those not using a K-Drive yet I am pretty sure the bugs that negatively affect game play are far more important. I wish that computer science was a required course in grade school. The reason I gave up being a WAN manager and sought a job in a totally different field is because of things just like this. People want to think that fixing their problems, issues or as in this case a minor annoyance of not being able to name something in the game is the most important thing that the developers can be doing. The only communication Developers usually here are complaints, very seldom does anyone express the positive. How about thanking the developers for fixing the issues, you know, something like "Thank you for all the hard work and effort, the constant updates that address bugs that affect game play and the new content" and then perhaps politely ask if there are plans to do what it is you want to see in the game, you could say something like this "If it's not too much trouble, could you tell us if there are any plans to do (insert what you are inquiring about here) or any date that it is planned to add to the game?" Or think of it like this, if you were a developer and working hard to provide new content, bug fixes for major issues, and someone messaged you as you have posted here, how would you feel? Put yourself in their place, realize all the hard work that has been done to make the game stable and adding content, and then read your post. If you are being honest, I think you might feel very differently about what you have stated. Do people you don't know treat you as poorly at your own job? Assuming you have one?
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