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  1. I think it would bei grate, If the Stalker could visit you in your dojo. You cold have a nice time with hin and the dojos would Not bei so boring.
  2. I love this game, because the devs are so active here. I dont know any other game there the developer is so active in. All this Livestreams and all of that. 😄 I love u DE <3
  3. Ohhh my god It looks so god 😄 better then the Flydolon i think. Why De dont just replace the flydolon with this?
  4. I know. but why jdont ust make him unsallable?
  5. I know because of yt. All the youtuber who sell ther excalprimes vor creddits. I hate to see that.
  6. Why is the excal prime salable? It would make more sense if he could not be sold, just like umbra. All I'm saying is that he's the most valuable item in the game and there's nothing worse for a player to do than sell him accidentally.
  7. It is too much lion/cat like. And the hair is a bit too much. The claws are a cool and I love the legs, but the hair is a bit too much.
  8. If you still need help with that send me a friendship request (in game) and i will help you. If you want (◔‿◔)
  9. I am sorry to say that but maybe your hardwere is to bad. Warframe gets more containt every weak since 2013 and maybe it was to much for your Pc. Dont blame me, i dont know how good your pc is. It is also posible, that it is one of that gliches, that come ok by reinstaling the game.
  10. I do not know if it has already been said, but it can repair it by: 1. You shut down the fullscreen mode(in the Louncher). 2. After you have logged in the game, you go to the options and turn the format to something smaller. The best is the correct format of your screen. 3. You restart the game, and go back to full screen in the louncher. That would be it.
  11. Yes. it would not end the problem, but it would make the frame much more attractive. Buffing Sound Quake Is the easyest step in making the frame better.
  12. YES!! That's what I mean! DE should just buff the damage and make you immortal while doing the ability, just like valkyr.
  13. Banshee could be such a cool frame. Unfortunately, she does too little damage. Her fourth attack(Sound Quake) could be unbelievably epic. It has only one problem: the enemies are all still alive after that. This is very bad in a game when it is all about killing enemies. I suggest a damage buff of 20 to 30 percent. This could make Banshee, in the endgame, in particular, very much more attractive. I hope you see that like me. Banshee could be sooooo cool! Thank you for reading this: D
  14. That is a awesome idea! 🙂 i hope someone at DE is going to read this...
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