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  1. So.. i'd like to begin with a bug i found: while in a fisure survival mission the host left and i stayed (bless u for that <3) and once the migration was completed it seemed that the game unequiped my melee weapon's stance, i had a paracesis with tempo royale but none of the other combos worked, just the first one, if that makes sense. If that could be looked into i'll be happy Another topic i would like to point out is about blocking with this new melee system: i know that blocking is auto while the weapon is drawn, however to draw your melee weapon you have to attack with it first which is really inconvinient for slow weapons, and makes mods like parry and guardian derision really hard to use properly. I suggest that the player can draw melee weapons by pressing the channeling bind key, like that players can quickly get their swords or whatever in hand to block and return at any time to their firearms by pressing the fire button. Other alternative is to just have a block bind. And before i forget, it seems that firearms with alt-fires can't shoot them with a melee weapon in hands, so... please fix I know that there are more serious problems, but this my contribution with the little i played this new update and i wanted to point out those little details that get overlooked, i hope it helps.
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