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  1. Tried it. Pretty sure it's bugged. I think it's not applying the elemental damage as I was hitting 1600 ish, which is about right for no elemental damage.I also didn't get any elemental procs with 40%+ over 10-15 shots. Edit- More on topic... Stuff just got Fubar'd... XD
  2. Not sure if serious.... 14k corrosive that has a +75% damage against Fossilized target, I admit I haven't tried it yet.... It could just be a bug... Could also be 4 people in full R30 gear causing his level to go through the roof. Edit- Could be the on impact AOE causing really bad damage for reasons.
  3. Interesting... I might have to join you. I've run out of stuff to level so a stockpile will come in handy for when I finally get round to acquiring the BPs I have left...
  4. Her 4 does not scale off weapon. It scales from a base damage and that it. I've hit a wall around 4k-5k damage on a crit. He number 1 provides a huge boost for boss hunting ect. I run Akvastos as a secondary Opticore primary. Even if it's 10%, 20% or 30%. That on top of 10k damage is a hell of a lot of base damage. Have a nova or banshee in your team you in for a good time. Also works with peacemaker. Her 2, good for the stun against infested and the extra damage, combine with 1 for even more. Number 3. Not bad. Makes her surprising tanky. For those times you make a mistake. Co
  5. Changed to the light theme to read it... Wished I hadn't... :/
  6. When writing long posts I just add my BB code in the text document. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste without formatting, keeping just the text and/or bbcode.
  7. It took less than 24 hours to get through UK customs and reach my house... On the other hand it spent well over a week bouncing round across the pond like a Vauban with 2 addiction.
  8. I got my shipping info this morning. (10 hours ago from this post according to the email)
  9. So you mean i've had to wait for them to get through customs, so I can wait for mine to come through customs as it gets here... XD Anyway good news. :D For those about Canada>US Customs, try Non EU countries to the UK... I had one package sat in a customs office for a month just waiting to clear... :/ Then I had to get the import tax notice, pay it, then wait for internal postage to get it to me...
  10. I think i want this. Me and my large pile of plat are always on alert when I head to my arsenal.
  11. Prepare for troll and bad players. Aim to finish the star map before you worry about primes or end game gear. Work with what takes your fancy until you know when you need the end game gear. Enjoy the game before you look at become the best at it.
  12. Possibly? Unless it still counts as sentinel, but I swear the reward just said companion indicating all of them... http://i.imgur.com/saUu9lJ.png Maka is still looking lonely on R0.... Or I could be going made and misread the exp for something else... Who knows. ¯\(°_o)/¯ TBH I have no idea how these exp rewards work... I went to try and find out if it was applied as bonus exp after a mission... Of course it was my first mission so I came out with a 12k exp terminus missions...
  13. I wouldn't mind torrents as long as it's disabled by default. I know my ISP has a fit when I start using any form of torrent...
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