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  1. You are working off of a lot of assumptions. Sure would be nice if they were confirmed in some sort of stream that DE holds on a bimonthly basis to communicate upcoming updates and fixes with their playerbase.
  2. For side stuff like sound design, whenever they feel like.Once a month would be pretty cool but I would in no way expect that. For the core devstreams, where the future of the game and important issues with the playerbase are discussed, the current schedule of attempting to get one every two weeks, barring other conflicts, you know, like now but without a filler stream.
  3. There is still a lot of things to discuss though and acknowledging an issue is not the same as proposing or discussing solutions and while there have certainly been improvements lately, many would argue that all three of these systems, along with many others still need attention. It is good to know what their opinions on our feedback are so we can respond to them in kind and a lot can change in two weeks. I doubt that the number of new players that are interested in hearing about sound design is an awful lot more then the number of new players that would be interested in hearing about improvements to the game and some of this stuff does impact new players. We haven't heard anything about the new new player experience since shortly after last years tennocon and things like mod rebalancing and self damage impact players at all levels. Pretty sure I acknowledged that myself but devstreams are a limited and are one of the few times we get to see DE actually reacting to our feedback in real time and hear their thoughts on our opinions. This is why I would rather these types of streams were held as separate events while devstreams were more focused on more important topics.
  4. DE sets the schedule and the agenda. They are perfectly capable of changing what is discussed and who is in attendance and nothing about the devstreams screams "we prepared this in conjunction with the marketing team months in advance". There is no reason to think that they can not discuss upcoming changes or their views on our feedback on issues that are important to the community. Also, the general devstream attendees, Steve, Scott, Sheldon, Geoff, are the heads of their departments. They are possibly the most well suited people to answer our questions. So yah, I am sticking with dedicating an entire stream to sound design is fine in concept but should not take up one of the two devstreams we get a month max as this is one of the best ways for us to get an idea of what they are thinking to resolve our current issues and see their actual responses to our feedback.
  5. Just one question. While it is nice to hold these separate streams focusing on specific parts of the game to acknowledge the team members who are usually faceless to us and for us to learn about the other parts of development that don't get talked about as much do you think now is a good time to hold a sound specific stream when the fanbase is still heavily discussing liches, Nightwave and Railjack that people would certainly appreciate info on more? Feels like these types of streams should be held as separate events rather than taking up one of the primary and most well known means of communicating with the developers about our concerns. As a side note, if streams like this were ever done regularly as a separate event, I would totally watch them. I loved going to the panels at Tennocon and watching Steve talk about the game during his old streams.
  6. Any word on additional hotkeys for PC UIs. I get the need for submenues for consoles but PC users are needlessly hampered by this when it could be resolved by giving us hotkeys that we can rebind for functions that get frequent use like the arsenal, foundry, mods, decorations etc.
  7. Nifty but they could really use an updated reward pool or a new reason to hunt them. A lot of their formerly exclusive mods have been destributed elsewhere and/or were nerfed in the melee rework. At the very least it would be cool if you let the acolyte mods work on exalted weapons now that they have been nerfed and that may drum up some renewed interest in them. Also, is this event ever going to be made naturally reoccurring like Formarian and Razorback? Could be based off of community stalker kills.
  8. I know. That is the point I was making. If you make the conditions too subjective they will just go on the pile of unused mods because no one will bother to meet the specific criteria when just playing normally is more advantageous. The pros have to outweigh the cons for them to be practical.
  9. Finishers already have special animations and are opt in so it really wouldn't change much from the current finisher system other then giving finishers the benefits of the new mods if the finisher was fatal. Bladestorm's animation period was way longer. Mercy kills are better compared to the Covert Lethality builds that existed for various frames that could open to finishers before CL got nerfed.
  10. I mean that is cool and all but couldn't it just be enabled for bows? Also secondary version when?
  11. Couldn't it just be tied to the current finisher system rather then its own finisher that isn't a finisher system? I thought that was the original intent anyways.
  12. Like I said, it is just a popular theory. It could be a bug or unintentional change or DE may have done it for a yet unknown reason. Also, DE has made way dumber decisions. You should look up vivergate.
  13. Void missions give relics so you could run a capture or exterminate fissure and get a relic and burn one very quickly. Other methods of double dipping are either relatively time consuming(spy) or less consistent(Excavation) or both(all the other endless mission types).
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