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  1. There is always a way to optimize content to make it as easy as possible. People suggest these things because they provide the path of least resistance but a lot of frames can give you benefits that will make perfect captures easier. Frames with sleep effects Eqinox Ivara Baruuk Frames with invisibility Ivara Ash Loki Octavia Frames with blind effects Excalibur Mirage Or you can just trigger the spawn and hop into your archwing and tag them from above their sight range, bonus points if you use the Iztal's invisibility. Or just do it the old fashioned way with any frame by getting far enough away to not get spotted and then tag them. Also, I am guessing English is your second language but bureaucratic is not the correct word to use here. You are probably looking for restrictive,tedious, and/or complex.
  2. Any chance we can at least get the on orb valis condition removed? Would be nice to do it on the plains if we want.
  3. Any chance we will be able to just pick the rumbler model we want in the future? Maybe even give them the Venari treatment where we can customize their coloring and maybe even mod them a bit?
  4. We ever going to get a full Naberus set?
  5. 1.Are we ever going to get custom primary and secondary weapon positioning like Melee currently has? 2. Can we get the option to add sugatras to primary and secondary weapons? 3. Any update on the Proto weapon skins that we saw a long time ago? 4. Several skins and armor sets have mismatched color channels. Do you guys plan on doing a review for this to at least make the metallic slots consistent or give us the option to color individual armor pieces and helmets separately? 5. Please let us use Excal Prime's helmet/skin on Excal Umbra? 6. Updates on Melee 3.0? 7. Can we please get more loadout, appearance and mod layout slots? 8. When are the changes to pets coming to remove stasis? It is still a big hindered to using them. 9. Can you please stop disabling certain face gear when using certain head gear on operators? From what I have seen people were way less concerned with the clipping than their ability to customize their operators. 10. Any chance we will get the option to swap out exalted weapon models for their standard/prime/umbra appearances. 11. Is the loadout UI going to be overhauled to show everything that should be loadout specific(Archwings, their weapons, archwing guns for ground combat, operator arcanes and amps?
  6. Since it uses sentinel weapon mods it would be nice to know if there are crit or status stats tied to it. Pure damage is also kind of not great due to armor scaling. Would have been nice if an additional function was added like an armor strip or a guaranteed status proc.
  7. Carrier is pretty useless most of the time though unless you are running an ammo dumping weapon. It is at best niche, possibly even more so then Deathcube. Where it does win out though is its effective health is pretty high for a sentinel. It also comes with a far more desirable sentinel weapon and its useful precept is default while its useless one is the one you have to go out of your way to get while Deathcube is the opposite. I think most people would agree that ammo is less in demand then energy though. Hunter Adrenaline is good in certain scenarios but requires you to take health damage which makes it more burstey then consistent and frames that stack high damage resistance like Nezha, Gara, Mesa and Nekros have an issue where enemies actually have an issue piercing their shields before they die as shields are actually semi useful when they have 90% damage resistance stacked on top of them. As for Equilibrium, well it is niche for sure but on frames that can reliably generate orbs like Nekros or Nezha it can allow you to run extremely energy intensive builds. I can run Blind Rage on my Despoil/Shield of Shadows Nekros without running any efficiency which is nice when you are already losing two slots to augments and I run a similar build on my arbitration Nezha because running Fleeting Expertise really hampers 3 out of 4 of his abilities and again am running 2 augments. People have a tendency to stick to tried and true methods of building Warframes, which is fine, but trust me when I say there are a lot of other build options out there that can carry you into multiple hours in arbitration runs that don't run standard loadouts. I also would be pretty curious about how often you are checking the builds of people you are playing with to verify if they are using Equilibrium. And as I said, that isn't the only synergy. Orbs have actually been given a lot of interactions in the last few years. There are 2 arcanes that make use of energy orbs, one of which is extremely powerful, 2 mods, any warframe that channels for extended periods of time also gets more out of them then a lot of other energy methods, especially the ones that can't or don't want to take direct hits. There are a lot of use cases where Deathcube is a better option then Carrier outside of 200+ enemies.
  8. Any Tenno weapon is eligible to be primed. Not sure where you got the idea that "signature weapons" aren't eligible just because they didn't prime the AKZani.
  9. I am not really clear on what you are suggesting here. Do you think it should generate an orb with every assist or have a chance to like the one that generates health orbs? It would also be really weird to give it an exclusive attack precept given that up until now all attack precepts have only varied in range. IMO, 10 assists is as actually fine. Throw a sweeper on it and stack punch through and zoom mods on it and you will be generating a lot of orbs.
  10. I don't really think this addresses that issue. The 90 day boosters and now the mod booster are obviously meant to be part of the value equation when we are spending enough money for a new game on cosmetic items but that value equation goes way down when you are giving us something we do not want or need. Honestly, I would rather you let us pick the booster we wanted even if that meant a shorter duration or just give us plat.
  11. Scanning things is only useful up to a point and a lot of weapons are ammo efficient enough to not need a weaker ammo mutation. Combine that with the fact that orbs actually synergize with Zenurik, Arcane Energize, Energy Conversion and Equilibrium and the fact that orbs are one of two ways to gain energy while channeling and there are definitely reasons to chose it as your support sentinel over Helios Prime or Carrier Prime.
  12. The 7 day mod booster is a nice addition but is there any chance of swapping boosters between packs. I like picking up the accessories packs but those boosters are pretty wasted on me right now and I doubt I am the only one. Would be nice if they rotated between a few different booster types or let us pick between a few different options.
  13. Arbitrations see very little change between their rotations for reward pools. All the mods and Aura forma are shared between A B and C. The only thing that changes is the percentage chance, the amount of Endo and what type of ayatan you can get, oh and Seeding Ephemera is C locked. If the new drop tables are structured the same way then it won't be an issue. All of the desirable rewards will still be available in the early rotations and the mission scaling will still ramp up faster than standard missions. What this does is just give people the option for smaller time investment.
  14. These seem like mostly good changes but I don't see any changes to Ephemera. Getting the grass one is a dead reward once you have gotten it. Please move it to be purchasable from the vendor for Arbitrations.
  15. Is there any plans in the works to just make the skins and armors compatible?
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