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  1. You don't actually have to watch it. Just log into twitch, go to the warframe page and set up an auto refresher to trigger every once and a while.
  2. As long as rivens can be traded yes. Wouldn't matter nearly as much if they weren't.
  3. It is a popular stat stick and got pretty heavily buffed with the melee and status reworks. Probably saw a surge in use because of it.
  4. Seems way too broad a brush to paint with. Some augments wouldn't help the frames. Others may even be undesirable to be baked in and it still requires the team make a new set of augments for frames whenever it is done. It would also just likely nd up stacking features on top of features and ending up with very muddled designs.
  5. Why do you guys keep showcasing armors and cutting off the legs. Promotional images are cool and all but if you are going to feature an armor set, don't you think cutting off the legs is counter productive? Also is the Karyst Prime even in this image or am I missing something?
  6. Can we just get the abilities in question to be moddable and maybe while you are at it enable the acolyte mods for exalted weapons.
  7. Again, the lore presentation of the mode vs it just being scaled up levels. It is named The Steel Path for a reason and Teshin wanting us to face tougher enemies as training makes sense given his previous focus on in combat skill. That won't always translate directly to gameplay though as Warframe is not a high skill game. Within the setting it makes sense even if the gameplay does not always reflect that. Similar to how the Tenno are elite soldiers who practice various philosophies, have extensive combat experience spanning potentially hundreds of years but most of the time players can't even act as a cohesive squad in mission and run around chaotically shooting everything without the slightest regard to skill or strategy. The first canon mention of revives is in Mirage's quest. The trailer shows some sort of power up sequence but there is no indication that it is related to the revive system. Tool tips are not related to lore. They are there to explain game mechanics. I could say the same. You have been repeating the same few things with mild variation for a while now without actually adding anything while I have continued to explain my point of view.
  8. It is not meant to be a solution to that problem but you greatly overestimate the damage it will do. There could be a million nodes, 200 difficulty tiers, 50 new Akkads with only slight variances and in all of that people will still find the most efficient nodes and congregate there. The reason other nodes are dead is because what they offer is offered somewhere else better not because there aren't enough players to spread around the star map. Right now there are 39k players on Steam alone that is 180+ players per node on the star chart yet we congrregate as always on a few select nodes. Adding additional tiers would not change that behavior.
  9. Yes, because there are only a handful of them the player base wouldn't be fragmented nearly enough to cause any real damage and people would figure out the best balance between difficulty and reward for specific items and begin to congregate there anyways. Hydron and useful nodes like it would remain populated even with the split and a lot of mission types that people spend most of their time doing aren't integrated in so they would be utterly unaffected. The playerbase would continue on like it is now, where there are a few nodes people congregate on to efficiently farm certain things and you will be lucky to find a squad in everything else.
  10. The idea is that you are getting that part plus the rewards from the other mission types, kuva, requieem relics, cracking the relic, syndicate standing, etc. For someone that can handle level 120 enemies that is quite a bit more efficient or interesting then just doing the level 20 version. Most mission runs for relics and liches are already short runs. Generally it is a matter of efficiency. Allowing people to farm two things at once is inherently more efficient then forcing them to farm one. This makes non endless content at base more efficient assuming you can handle the level of the content. Combine that with endless mission thrall counts resetting rather then just stopping in endless missions and there is now more of a reason to stick those out. Plus all the other rewards in less time. Go crack a relic and do a Kuva flood back to back. Now compare that time to the amount of time it took you to run just the flood, now compound that across even more options. Each type added increases your time efficiency. This is already a thing and will be on every node once the hard mode launches. We are talking about adding one more option to the already existing list as the standard mission variants would need to be available to begin with on the node you are selecting, which already requires you to go through that menu. Who says you get to pick? Just have it combine all the available ones. By increasing their options for farming multiple important items simultaneously you make players happy. Also that is what the Replay Previous mission button on the stat page is for.
  11. That isn't beyond changing by either making all syndicate missions match their node type or just make the fused mission use the base mission type. Presumably for someone else to get thrown in with you they would have to have access to the same set of missions and chose the combined selection. Also just set the node level to the highest level enemies out of the missions that are being stacked or even add a multiplier depending on the types being combined. People have been asking for lich spawns to change in endless missions for a while and even if they didn't it would still be useful for non endless mission types. I don't see why not. So like 10 minutes of work? That is a weird thing to call out as a blocker. The difficult part would be if the game can handle stacking that many side objectives and modifiers on top of eachother since they were not originally designed to be stacked in this way, not the icon. DE has stacked all sorts of crap in their missions before though so I doubt it would be a significant issue.
  12. As I said, the nodes that are played now are done so because they serve a function. These functions would not change, people would just find the new most efficient version and migrate there.The fragmentation you are talking about wouldn't occur because realistically, we only play a handful of standard nodes anyways and these nodes are used for very specific reasons, where as the rest of the game, liches, kuva, arbitrations, sorties, nightmare missions, invasions, fissures would all remain unaffected.
  13. I agree and say as much but we aren't talking about that. We are talking about the lore connection and if Teshin is suited lore wise for this. As Teshin is about challenging the Tenno to improve their martial skill through challenging them, he makes perfect sense for this. They are also at their core gameplay mechanics. Things like revives didn't have lore for years and Specters just got lore in the last update but their presence in the game wasn't any less appreciated prior to that. Mods aren't explained in lore yet they are a core part of Warframe. Same with arcanes. Lore is important for creating a world yes, but it isn't the end all. Gameplay can exist without a lore justification just as lore can exist without a direct gameplay tie in. They rotate once an hour and if you are in an arbitration and a new one starts while you are in it will skip that one for you. THis means your coldown is anywhere between nothing and an hour. Fine, but that isn't the goal of this update. Literally you don't know one way or another. There is more then one way to play the game and a wide arsenal to tweak and play around with, as well as a number of potentially viable frame builds.People wanted the option to test these builds against higher level enemies in actual missions and DE is giving them that. It really isn't more complex then that. Maybe this content just isn't for you.
  14. It already is on the vast majority of nodes and Warframe and Diablo both have a combination of cooperative and solo play. The used nodes will stay populated because thewy are used for efficiency reasons or because they have something exclusive. The rest of the nodes will still be dead so nothing would really change.
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