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  1. This is the PC bundles, which is what they always use for the announcements. Console bundles are different. You should still get plat with your accessories pack due to you guys having less tiers. and not being able to upgrade bundles like PC.
  2. Holy crap, it is finally happening.
  3. The rest of it sounds good but the cap seems unnecesary. These caps tend to be pretty unintuitive and in this case likely not very helpful. Any word on the other Helminth abilities. Perspicacity and Master's Summon could both use secondary effects to make them more viable. Masters Summon should get a secondary ability on hold where your pet will use its first precept that effect enemies on the enemy you are targeting so kavats could more reliably strip single target armor or Sahasha and Sunika kubrows could do their finisher on an enemy you chose, Helminth could do its charge or pull
  4. It just seems high because it is the hardest to get. It appears as frequently as the others. There are 6 resources, three are used to subsume any particular frame and the other three to implant its ability and about half have bile for a subsuming and the other half for implanting. Same with every other resource.
  5. Those things aren't mutually exclusive. Most abilities are trash without the mods to support them.
  6. Any chance we can get that applied to Baruuk's Elude as well?
  7. Decoy needs a buff. There is no point in taking it over Molt currently.
  8. In carrier's case its probably not necessary. Just move the attack precept to the end of the list.
  9. MkilbrideMember Since 08 Nov 2013 Somebody isn't being completely honest.
  10. If I had lifestrike, I would probably be running similar. As the game is now though, you need a way to restore health in long term matches, otherwise you will be downed by attrition.
  11. Which will completely destroy the purpose of breeding. I would prefer if they just let us chose which parts of the parent imprints carried over to the child. IE color 1 and pattern from imprint 1. Size, sex, breed, color 2 from imprint 2.
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