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  1. Title basically says it all. I find it confusing why they didn't put idles with melee along with why wisp looks weird when she holds any melee weapon.
  2. That would also be amazing!! I would genuinely love to see that
  3. I never mentioned that the price was alright. I just wanted to give a fun little idea 😕 I thought it was a fun and neat little idea tbh
  4. So I enjoy watching my little buddy go around my ship making everything tidy and clean, however it had me thinking: It would be neat if it would actually pick up misc items for you such as crafting components, mods, credits, etc you "may have dropped" and would give you a little "heads up" in your inbox when it was full or something of the sort. I'd like to have all of your opinion on it. What do you think?
  5. Will I be able to claim this if I have access to Nitro games for 2 years (for supporting discord) even without Discord Nitro?
  6. I'm genuinly interested to see what fellow Tennos can come up with
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