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  1. I've always loved playing melee only in a lot of games, A LOT, but when it comes to Warframe I absolutely hate it.

    Basically if I had to say why I'd say that there's not depth into it: it's basically mashing the E button, sometimes channel to life-steal back and then back to E until you deal a ludicrous amount of damage because of the combo counter. I've also always felt that hitting an enemy with a melee weapon never really gave any kind of "satisfaction", this one I don't know how to explain it.

    It feels just like when you execute a finisher on an enemy: the animation goes off that 90% of the times something clips out of it or I don't even know what. Like you'd never imagine how many times my Warframe just decided to execute enemies mid-air while the enemy clipped out of the sword and his feet were on this "invisible floor" that creates everytime you do an execution.

    It just doesn't feel right at all to use melee in Warframe at all. It feels more like the same sensation of spamming the same button over and over again, just like how Saryn or RJ Excalibur worked some time ago.

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  2. I was talking about this with a friend of mine that just started playing Warframe, and it was like:

    Friend: Wow man! Update 23 coming this week!

    Me: Yes I know, it's coming next week.

    Friend: What? Man I said this week! Not next week!

    Me: Yeah I heard it well, next week then.

    Ah these new players, they're so naive it reminds me of myself when I was one of them, almost shed a tear 🙂

  3. Today I've tried to play Warframe as I do once a week or so and, don't know why, the update will keep downloading a 7mb file, then it'll close and reopen again, downloading the 7mb file. Over and over again.

    Idk what happened because since last week everything was fine and I don't even think any real update happened during the week itself, so some help in order to check the files or something? Because it doesn't seem I can do it using Steam/Launcher

    Update: the problem has been solved by reinstalling the game all over again, now tho it appears that every time I try to get into Warframe after the first installation login keeps saying that there's a new version of the game available and doesn't let me play. Any solutions about that?

  4. With Titania incoming will we see some changes about Oberon?

    He's got a fabe skin but with his actual utility and chances of survival he can't get to lategame.


    Said that a last question: with all these hammers we've got there's anything about a new hammer stance? I hope so because it's one of my favourite weapon class :)

  5. As my personal feedback I can say that the new Starchart is quite decent, with nodes and stuff to do, especially for new players.

    Said that it still lacks what all the other Starcharts were missing: rewards.

    I mean players don't play missions if they don't get any rewards on them, and eventually when they'll finish unlocking all the nodes thing will happen to be the same as before: doing Void(now Relic) Missions over and over again. Also Relics seems more difficult to obtain and way faster to burn, so it's a double-edge sword with no real progressing on what should make players keep playing the starchart.

    Resuming: rewards on starchart are the same as before, veterans will still stay stuck at Void and Sorties with no real motivation to do something else, and also acquiring Primes now is more difficult than before.

    Personally for me we're at the same point as before, while some little graphical changes are well appreciated your personal focuses on this update didn't ended up hitting the right spot, because after the first 1 hour of hype players will think and will try to understand what changed and a good majority of them will see only nerfs coming from this, which aren't something that makes them really happy(not a personal thing but you know, I still do know what other players think).

    Also can we stop with this Nullifier madness? I mean Nullies are the most anti-fun cancer unit ever deployed in Warframe and you still need to keep them and BUFF them?!

    I don't know who did these changes but I think that's definitively someone that don't listen to our community at all and, if I can say, have a quite distorted sense of "fun".

    As a suggestion with these lasts I can say that Comba and Scrambus have been out for long time, and are far more fair compared to Nullies, especially for those ten players or something that don't want to play Boltor/Soma master race all the times they get against Corpus/Corrupted, so at this point I don't see why we shouldn't remove Nullies and put them at their place, just my personal feedback about the Nullifiers situation.

  6. The fact of getting void tears through endless missions can be both good or bad, depends on how you'll manage to make it.

    Also endless missions are a big problem and can be easly exploited with the right frames, also the less enjoyable missions by a large part of the community.

    I'd suggest to take a look at those and make them more intense, with more rewards in a shorter time but also greater difficult, instead of being a reward every 15 minutes, which can get very exhausting and frustrating sometimes.

  7. 4 hours ago, cnlu said:

    And BTW, How is Telos Boltor bad?

    Boltor Prime: Mastery Rank 2 Weapon, Higher Damage, Status, Accuracy, Fire Rate and Ammo Efficency

    Telos Boltor; Mastery Rank 12 Weapon, Higher Magazine


    Did you see where is the main problem here?

    It's most likely that you will already have the Boltor P before MR12, and won't require a less powerful weapon except for MR fodder, and that's it.

  8. Maybe is just me, but recently I ain't got time to level up weapons, and I also want to have fun playing a game, so instead of playing the Draco for fast level up I play other stuff that I do enjoy or I don't play at all.

    This thing may be seen as a good one, but doing stuff like this takes like a week to level up 3 weapons, not really the most efficent way at all :\

  9. 20 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    The bigger picture is the way enemy damage and EHP scales in the higher level content. We are discussing a few options at this time on the way scaling works, but ultimately we will preserve increased difficulty over time that demands a 'be careful and get out or get killed' set of stakes the longer you spend in a mission. The long term of this will demand a greater Dev Workshop as we make decisions on the topic - more to come here.


    If this means that enemies will still 1HKO every single thing at high levels, then if you're not making them more "humane" when talking about weapon potential/aim, like aimbotting snipers and rockets capable of following you around for a full minute, then you're completely missing the point. Because in the end enemies are gonna scale WAY better compared to the players, which are gonna have to be forced to use cheesy tactics in order to reach higher levels, again.

    Also can we talk about Semi-Autos/Bows potential on this game? In the end these kind of weapons will be outclassed every single time they're against hordes of enemies(which is completely normal in Warframe) or Nullifiers(which are completely destroying the potential of those, if they had any chance to be compared to others) compared to our classic Full Auto/AoE weapons, which also the majority of times are even getting more damage output compared to these skill-based weapons.

    I hope you will consider to take a look about what blocks people from "customizing" their experience with the weapons/frames they want to use on your game, because that's the major problem going around right now with the high-levels.

  10. Might say from this:

    1 hour ago, PsychedelicSnake said:

    Right now I think we've only taken the first step towards skill-based gameplay, and that's changing Warframe abilities. Scaling of enemies as well as our own insane damage needs to be next, otherwise these changes that are being made won't really have much long-term effect.

    That the devs are already working on it, probably we're gonna see something at Mid-June, at least that's what I think.

  11. 31 minutes ago, KrazyKubrowLady said:

    Nullifiers were created to pose a threat and make players think twice. They add a challenge and balance between players and an enemy. It isn't DE's fault if you don't know how to get around them. They are an annoyance, yes, However they bring balance to the game and there are ways to get around them. 

    After all, a hero without a weakness? We aren't gods.

    Talking about gods :



    And I mean these are Lv. 34 threats, from my experience on Warframe on these 3 years of development I've never EVER seen something enough cheap to be compared to nullifiers, except for Bursas and Aimbot Missles/Snipes maybe.

    This also makes semi-auto weapon even less used compared to the normal usage when someone get into the void, because yes, an arrow of your 5 Forma Slash Dread of doom does the same damage of an unmodded MK-1 Braton bullet to that bubble.

    Now I do understand, you may want to say "just slide in and kill him", but oh boy, I had to revive SO MANY of the same guys that have said that, because they get in and puf, 4 missles, a shotgun and a heavy with a sniper are shooting on your face, congratulations you're dead.

    This is pratically like walking with a no-fun bunker around, plus what makes different Warframe from other FPSs are their powers, so why can't we use them?

    This isn't only about punishing ability abuse, this is also punishing every people that wants a different playstyle from the one that you are FORCED to use for one only enemy, otherwise you don't have any chances against him.

    Also if DE would really like to balance abilities out then they should get to the font of it, which is energy efficency and cheap methods of being always full, like EV Trinity or spamming pads on your feet.

    This was just a little opinion about how I feel with the general PvE balance of Warframe, starting from something like Nullifiers which are top anti-fun priority to look at, at least for me. Not gonna talk about it again on this thread, mainly because it's about Valkyr feedback, not enemies.

  12. Yes, the new changes are pretty good, maybe they do need to have some small "tweaks" here and there, but I think that we can live with them.

    Also, because on the last months DE tried to "balance" a little better the frames overall, I'd like to see the same determination on balancing on other stuff, like level scaling. With their armor, damage, aim, CC and all that good stuff that kinda "forces" players to go for the cheesy way when they get to the endgame, otherwhise they'll lose and that's it.

    I mean that's only the tip of the iceberg, but I think that we do have to start to "dig" from somewhere, don't we?

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