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  1. Indeed, it would. Which just goes to show how broken the entire clan/community aspect of the game is. I don't think this is the best of both worlds, it is actually detrimental to team play. They are limited in their ability to make interesting and challenging gameplay, because if they are "too creative" with it, solo players won't be able to do it. If you have to accomodate solo play for EVERYTHING you're doing, you're making compromises. Clans in Warframe currently are extremely, EXTREMELY poor experiences. It is not really required for anything besides popping in to get research once in a while. It's hard to create meaningful relationships if the game doesn't compel you to do anything. Again, THIS IS AN ONLINE GAME. Why is it so scary to create gameplay that requires participation of others, and opens many interesting possibilities?
  2. I do think this will be extremely detrimental to the game. DE seems scared of making content that actually REQUIRES team play to work. This is an online game, lol.
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