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  1. With sprint toggling, Ramming to the end of the engine meter does not untoggle sprint, preventing the engine recharge indefinetly, or until you untoggle sprint. The toggle should come off when the engine is empty to allow recharge, or still allow recharge while toggled and resume engine movement if the player is still wanting to use it. My vote would be to just untoggling sprint on engine emptying.
  2. Wow, a tennogen liset prime skin, never thought those default color schemes would pass
  3. Worst bossfight yet, even worse than Octavia's quest. Floaty movement, no friction walking, aim reticule 1 place, but shoot goes way above that to name a few.
  4. You always bring World on Fire up when range discussions come, but since Revenant's Danse Macabre is allowed to emulate it (and surpass WoF in many ways), why can't Grasp of Lohk have more range? You catter too much to the voiced minority that complained about old WoF, when in fact those low level missions are still cleared fast and new players left in the dust, because more experienced players just parkour away faster, many new players don't even reach extraction before the timer is up, while the othercompleted the mission all the same, WoF be damned. With this reasoning WoF was n
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