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  1. This is the rift sigil all over again...
  2. Wolf does not have an increased drop % for the mask uh?
  3. Could really use some articulas to decorate our Dojo, maybe then we could build a room to feature our clan members and their favorite loadout.
  4. No, Ghoul-like frequency, plague star isn't a recurring world event, they actualy schedule that one.
  5. Just wait a while. It will end up like that.
  6. I'm sad, I thought a TRIBUTA would allow us some customization akin to Articula, which I wanted to have in our dojo for each of us...
  7. No Tennobaum this year?
  8. Clan rank mastery requirements were raised? I was about to get my clan to rank 10 and now its even more mastery required than before?
  9. Buff Volt's Speed along with Nezha's Firewalker, a long duration Speed does not have. Rhino would like to not be left behind on these buffs, Iron skin should provide a small window of invulnerability upon losing it, the counter could also be useful as a QoL change, and while its christmas in my head, allow us to recast/refresh Iron Skin without the bloody augment. Chroma got a recastable tanking skill, Nezha is now even safer refreshing his Warding Halo, pleaso don't leave the OG Beefcake's Iron Skin in the dust.
  10. Well I guess waiting all this time was for naught. I'll review what I can pay upfront at a later date.
  11. Way to big duration hit in my eyes, halving the base goes overboard, even if you can fight from within it. Also good luck on the single aim-glide headshots.
  12. I guess the cost of living in the USA must be really high, if your low-paying jobs need to pay that much to keep kids coming back to work at fast food chains. I mean one thing is to be working a low paying job and have no real expenses or monthly bills, but that is an even smaller percentage.
  13. When can we donate more types of decorations to our dojo? Specifically Articula, would really like to have one for each of our members on display. In a similar fashion, I'm looking to get enough loadout slots for each frame, or maybe redo how we apply customization to our Articula?
  14. Can we have a button to Contribute to ALL decorations in a given room? Just tally up all that is needed and end my suffering of clicking every single filligree my architect is putting up 😞
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