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  1. DE we need less RNG in these systems, Rivens, Kuva Weapons and Railjack. Might I suggest you finally adding a way to lock desired stats in rivens for starters? And no, making them as available as Umbra Forma would not help.
  2. Now give us a more rewarding intended Intrinsic farm please.
  3. Of course not, you need to have the forethought of buying the founder's pack on 2 accounts so that in 7 years you can. /s
  4. No Prime Accessory purchases? I feel that PA is only worth it for the accessories, since you know, playing the game is the point, so for the most part buying the primes isn't as good a proposition. I already struggle to find things to do on the luls between updates, if I didn't farm the primes then what is the point? Sure, people with less time and with the income available will buy the PA packs of their choice, but still, a thank-you that discriminates between buyers? It's founder merch all over again... (never got mine, yeah still salty...)
  5. I mean it does as it says, but I guess you were expecting a lock on the lead indicator?
  6. As suggested before, please make Railjack mission's loot be shared amongst all squad members.
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