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  1. Mod packs go away, we don't want lootbox practices in warframe, even if they were useful. Aren't rivens enough of a lootbox? People already complain how you can't improve your RNG on rivens, or lock stats or whatever else, introducing a new form of rng gambling, is a no from me. Remember the genetic scrambler (aka randomize kubrow pattern button).
  2. Just wait a while. It will end up like that.
  3. Czin

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1

    I'm sad, I thought a TRIBUTA would allow us some customization akin to Articula, which I wanted to have in our dojo for each of us...
  4. Czin

    Baruuk needs a passive

    Having a meter mechanic is not a good way to start, Nidus has both his meter and Undying, sure he gets DR from Edge but it still feels like he's lacking. Nidus revolves around his meter for his gameplay, its completly viable and feasible to use his 1 and 2 for most of the game to build mutation stacks, increasing your damage in the process. I feel Baruuk's first ability should become his passive in tandem with his current Edge meter, if the Edge his 1 builds is low its still fine. I feel that fire-and-forget buffs are underwhelming (looking at you Chroma) and it would be good to avoid these. Sure some frames have more flavorful passives than anything, but it would be good to counter that trend, maybe eventually phase out said passives?
  5. Czin

    Winter Solstice 2018!

    No Tennobaum this year?
  6. Czin

    Kela De Thaym

    This bug has been there for some months now, I experienced it helping a friend farm saryn, it seems to happen mostly if you/anyone skips cutscenes during the elevator ride.
  7. Sneaking in a retcon to what was previously stated during devstreams is not ok. It is not even clearly stated in the patch notes, we knew we couldn't use revives, but not being downed was not advertised.
  8. Czin

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.2

    Clan rank mastery requirements were raised? I was about to get my clan to rank 10 and now its even more mastery required than before?
  9. Buff Volt's Speed along with Nezha's Firewalker, a long duration Speed does not have. Rhino would like to not be left behind on these buffs, Iron skin should provide a small window of invulnerability upon losing it, the counter could also be useful as a QoL change, and while its christmas in my head, allow us to recast/refresh Iron Skin without the bloody augment. Chroma got a recastable tanking skill, Nezha is now even safer refreshing his Warding Halo, pleaso don't leave the OG Beefcake's Iron Skin in the dust.
  10. Well I guess waiting all this time was for naught. I'll review what I can pay upfront at a later date.
  11. Way to big duration hit in my eyes, halving the base goes overboard, even if you can fight from within it. Also good luck on the single aim-glide headshots.
  12. Czin

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes!

    I guess the cost of living in the USA must be really high, if your low-paying jobs need to pay that much to keep kids coming back to work at fast food chains. I mean one thing is to be working a low paying job and have no real expenses or monthly bills, but that is an even smaller percentage.
  13. When can we donate more types of decorations to our dojo? Specifically Articula, would really like to have one for each of our members on display. In a similar fashion, I'm looking to get enough loadout slots for each frame, or maybe redo how we apply customization to our Articula?
  14. Can we have a button to Contribute to ALL decorations in a given room? Just tally up all that is needed and end my suffering of clicking every single filligree my architect is putting up 😞
  15. Czin

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes!

    Less than 1k$? I mean unless you are joking, 1k/month of whatever currency that is is way more than many people get on a salary in many parts of the world. Unless its one of those currencies like yen/ruble etc.