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  1. So 200 more plat to grind every month? No thank you.
  2. I think you should lean the other way DE, we've talked about a system for Sortie Tokens, Universal Medallions isn't much different. I'm all for allowing people to grind their prefered content for rewards that have other, faster ways to grind it if it means they get to enjoy the spoils of their prefered game modes. Tailoring Warframe's grind to one's own preference is a plus.
  3. I believe I'm not alone in saying that having a PvE path to ranking up Conclave standing would be a plus, only a select few can stomach the chore to grind for the skins they offer.
  4. Harrow Reliquary has awful clipping on many shoulder attachments (at least with the noble stance).
  5. Articula, whats the excuse/engine limitation?
  6. Defy is not a fire-and-forget case, if you are in any danger to begin with. Resetting it safely is key, which is why keeping tabs on how often you've defied death an important gameplay consideration when using rolling guard, which was a good option to allow you more safety when resetting in the middle of clusterf*ck of ancients for example. Sadly I still hold my foot to the ground on defy needing to remain as is. I approve of mostly everything else.
  7. This is the rift sigil all over again...
  8. Wolf does not have an increased drop % for the mask uh?
  9. Could really use some articulas to decorate our Dojo, maybe then we could build a room to feature our clan members and their favorite loadout.
  10. No, Ghoul-like frequency, plague star isn't a recurring world event, they actualy schedule that one.
  11. Just wait a while. It will end up like that.
  12. I'm sad, I thought a TRIBUTA would allow us some customization akin to Articula, which I wanted to have in our dojo for each of us...
  13. No Tennobaum this year?
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