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  1. was abut to re build my Ogris wit the change but i guess its gona coletct mor dust !
  2. all i want is the Arch gun to be Maine weapon/secondary weapon slot thing and not som Gear wheel weapon.
  3. thx for the fix for archgun stuff one step closer to the goal ;) com on de hehehe
  4. red text sed fixing it all ? relly ? XD. sems like De ar determend to hev the arch guns as a Gear wheel wepon witche is sad. whud be so moche better to hev it as an main/second dary weapon and no it wont give the Player to moche fier power. or mayby there needs to be mor work to be abel to do that ?. De i love the work u put in WF i relly do. But why not keep the arch gun as 2 weapon slots when equiped as u guys sed in the stream when first shwoing it ? was one off the things i was relly exited abut to run araund wit the arch guns but not as gear wheel weapon rather as i sed befor main / Second weapon.
  5. Primary/Secondary weapon. for arche wing weapons was the thing i was waiting for. hev the weapon as gear wheel weapon wit 10 min coldown is meh.rather hev it so u just equip it after instaling the Gravmag as Primary/Secondary weapon.
  6. All i whud want to know is when will we se the archewing weapon on land ? whud love to hev that son ;)
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