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  1. Maybe have a Holokey drop from sisters on each Parazon takedown attempt, much like how Kuva drops from Liches? 1 drop for each level of the sister up to 5 and then 1 drop on the final fight. That way you could get 6 per complete sister wipe, assuming you get them to level 5. Just an idea, thought I'd put it out there.
  2. If the mods are being moved to arbitrations then that is totally fine by me but I have a gripe I would like to bring attention to. Vitus essence reliability The arbitration drone's don't drop vitus essence too frequently, from my experience. The rotating drop table is not reliable for obtaining vitus either, as the drop table is a bit jam packed. In my opinion, it would be nice if the arbitration drones, at least, were a little more reliable for drops; much like acolytes with steel essence. A guaranteed drop each time would certainly make the grind a little more consistent. Thanks for listening to feedback DE.
  3. Glaives damage halved? That was probably the only melee that I used that didn't require me to spam E. Oh well, hopefully they'll still perform adequately.
  4. So we have to play through the late game content, to get mods, so our guns don't suck at late game content? Wont that just promote the same 'E your way through steel path' issue? The very thing you are giving us these mods to stop doing?
  5. Will we ever get Gara's other signature weapon, Fusilai prime?
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