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  1. Tried it again after all the latest hotfixes and they show up now. Not as often as before, but it´s ok.
  2. To be honest, I dont think that it is fun to play at the moment. Everything is unclear, buggy and frustrating. Wish update had been delayed for 2020.
  3. I used to farm genetic codes at the beginning of derelict survivals. Now it seems that after the patch no Kavats show up before starting mission. No thanks for nothing and shame on you DE. I will surely stop scanning anything so broken and stupid like kavats anymore. So no Vasca for me.
  4. Had similar shoulder problems but at least I was able to use the mouse with the other hand. So I taped a small keyboard to the place where I could access with the injured arm. Later on I put a normal keyboard on the lap with some anti-slip pad.
  5. Fortuna bounties mostly bugged and drop rate of Lith relics in the Plains are a proof for a sick sense of humour. Nice weekend. Better not mention the poor efforts to improve archwing.
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