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  1. Oh, man, I understand you so much, and I totally agree with you
  2. Big thanks Your words sound reasonable enough and I understand perfectly, but... hell, I still miss the Zephyr and also really want the Commodore Prime Suit, lol xD (probably not only me) Just in connection with the Zephyr rework, it seemed very appropriate to make its unvault
  3. Oh, I'm sorry, that's my mistake. But, nevertheless, as mentioned above, in 2019 Zephyr was VAULTED (on 12/17/2019) (soon I will go crazy with all these dates) Well, I still stand by my opinion and will be waiting for Zephyr Prime unvault in the near future
  4. What? I perfectly understand what Prime Vault is, but you may not understand everything and confused it with Prime Access
  5. First: I would like verified information about Zephyr unvault in 2019. Then I'll admit that I was partly wrong, and the wiki also does not contain certain information. Just throw in here any proof like some DE news archive about unvault or a screenshot of what it was. Secondly: if you think that a little time has passed from 2019 to 2021, it does not mean that others think the same. For someone, even a month to wait is already a lot. This is subjective. Third: let's not make assumptions about other people's cognitive skills, because I can say the same thing about you, but I don't want to go down to the same level.
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