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  1. Oh, man, I understand you so much, and I totally agree with you
  2. Big thanks Your words sound reasonable enough and I understand perfectly, but... hell, I still miss the Zephyr and also really want the Commodore Prime Suit, lol xD (probably not only me) Just in connection with the Zephyr rework, it seemed very appropriate to make its unvault
  3. Oh, I'm sorry, that's my mistake. But, nevertheless, as mentioned above, in 2019 Zephyr was VAULTED (on 12/17/2019) (soon I will go crazy with all these dates) Well, I still stand by my opinion and will be waiting for Zephyr Prime unvault in the near future
  4. What? I perfectly understand what Prime Vault is, but you may not understand everything and confused it with Prime Access
  5. First: I would like verified information about Zephyr unvault in 2019. Then I'll admit that I was partly wrong, and the wiki also does not contain certain information. Just throw in here any proof like some DE news archive about unvault or a screenshot of what it was. Secondly: if you think that a little time has passed from 2019 to 2021, it does not mean that others think the same. For someone, even a month to wait is already a lot. This is subjective. Third: let's not make assumptions about other people's cognitive skills, because I can say the same thing about you, but I don't want to go down to the same level.
  6. Check out the game wiki, the prime vault page. In table "Current Items Retired to the Prime Vault" Zephyr does not have last unvaulting date, it has only vaulting in 2019. So I think maycne.sonahoz is right
  7. Your words are a little comforting. At least, I want to believe in them.
  8. In 2019 Now 2021 Therefore... I don't think so (perhaps this is subjective)
  9. Recently, the Zephyr rework was released and along with this its deluxe, in connection with which I had a thought: how about making Zephyr Prime unvault? I think it will be very appropriate after the release of rework and deluxe. Zephyr was good before and it could be used (no matter what anyone says and no matter how much they whine about the "Zephyr is useless"), but now it is even better and stronger! (Seriously, DE, thank you for this rework) And even if the players don't really want Zephyr itself, I think that they like me may well want the Commodore Prime Suit, available from Zephyr Prime Access, because it looks, damn it, just gorgeous. In addition, Zephyr Prime Vault has been gone for a long time, while, for example, Frost Prime Vault for some reason unknown to me is often repeated... (someone, stop this)
  10. Update (pls don't ban me 4 dis): Since this post turned out to be very long and unfriendly for the average reader, I edited it and put the essence of what I would like to see in the game in the first place. I still have a glimmer of hope to change something, and I hope that now more people will read this and express their opinion about the above-mentioned feature. So... who thinks what? Who else is annoyed by the forced opening of the helmets/hoods of operators in cinematics?
  11. Oh, me too, so I really hope so... Well, it seems like the opposite: a lot of players like to pass/re-pass quests and actively expect new ones, and I'm among them. However, I think it's perfectly normal that some players don't like quests. Everyone has different preferences and some just want to play the game without worrying about any quests and lore.
  12. ____________________________ Short summary: The point is to allow players in quests to keep their operators' hats covered. I'm talking about a feature that would disable the forced opening of helmets/hoods, or simply that this is not done in the case of the "hood closed" switch enabled in the character editor. ____________________________ Now I'll can explain why I think this is acceptable (and offer an alternative in the end). Prepare yourself for wall of text... To be honest, I don't know where else I can create this topic except here, because I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else. I was somewhat surprised that no one (at least out loud) didn't discuss it. I know that the helmet/hood/mask/some other head-covering thing is forced to open in quests for the sake of cinematography, to show the emotions of the characters, how they experiences and that they is a living persons. Well, at least this is the most logical version, probably, why this is happening. However, there are several reasons why this might just lose its meaning or someone might not like this. First: some headdresses. Some headdresses of operators that in the open, that in the closed state completely or just quite noticeably cover the face. For example, Umbra Hooded Scarf always leaves only the eyes open; new Wolf Hood always leaves only the eyes open, and the openness of the face is even less than in the previous thing; masks, such as Mother's Mask and Norg Mask, cover a significant part of the face and at the same time make the appearance of the operator quite funny and clearly non-cinematic in quests. These are the things that don't make much sense to keep open, but some of them are common. I've often seen players wearing an Umbra Hooded Scarf, Mother's Mask, much less Norg Mask, but still. Second: some facial accessories. There are many decorations for the face, which also allow you to partially or completely hide the face, including during the passage of quests. All of you have seen such things, but for an example, just in case, I will mention such things as Cogna Mask+Cogna Oculus, Garasu Oculus, Jotunheim Oculus, Zenoriu Mask+Zenoriu Oculus, Judicial Oculus, Zato Oculus (especially with Zenoriu Mask), Umbra Blindfold (especially with the open Umbra Hooded Scarf), and so on. Not everyone hides the character's face in this way, but there are some, and I'm one of them. Not because I have both hands left and I do not know how to customize a character (I can do this and even before I did not hide the character's face behind helmets/masks, and in the end there are guides on creating beautiful operators on YouTube), but simply because I want to. And I'm not the only one. Third: this is what expires from the two previous reasons. Those who want to hide the face of the character or make it intentionally or accidentally funny to look at, will do it anyway, and no amount of forced removal of hats will be able to stop them. Some players even actually deliberately make the characters' faces look very strange or inappropriately and overly decorated to look like it's funny to look at, especially in quests during serious moments. I'm even familiar with such players (I don't blame them in any way, it's just their choice). Then the question is, why need give players the opportunity not to see the character's face, if they can handle it themselves? It's simple. Some helmets look better when closed, and some helmets do a very bad thing: when open, they make invisible some of facial accessories, which helps to hide the face completely. These helmets are the majority and I just hate them. Maybe not only me. Fourth: some players, I think, may be confused by the sudden opening of the helmet, even if only for a short time. Let me explain. Imagine that you always have a closed helmet/hood. In character editor it is closed. It is closed in transmissions. It is closed during the game. You go to pass the quest. And so, at one point, the helmet/hood suddenly opens and it ends up looking just unexpected and unusual for your character and you, but that's not all. Sometimes the helmet literally changes from scene to scene in its openness/closeness and it is not clear when the operator has time to change it, which is even more confusing (for example, at the end of the quest "War Within", during the battle with the Kuva Guardians, your helmet can be closed, and almost in the next scene, at the moment when the operator takes the Kuva Scepter, your helmet is already open). Personally, after I began to wear a helmet/mask that completely hides the character's face, I was surprised at the first re-passage of the quests when my hood opens specifically. At the same time, which is funny, facial accesories are still remains, and can completely hide the face as well, lol Fifth: not everyone wants to see the character's face. There are different situations. Sometimes the player just doesn't want to see the character's face. Just like that, because they doesn't want to. Sometimes the player can't make a beautiful character in the editor. Sometimes the player just doesn't like any of the character's faces that are given to choose from. After all, sometimes the player doesn't want to see a human face at all and basically likes the look of a helmet/hood or mask more than the face XD (I'm from the latest category, by the way, hehe) Sixth: hey, a closed helmet doesn't interfere with perception at all! In the mini-quest "Apostasy Prologue", for example, the helmet does not open and this does not interfere with empathy and perception, because for a normal person will be quite enough just a body language, not to mention some sounds and words. By the way, a little funny remark, which, perhaps, will be a good wearing to this whole topic with helmets and hoods: why is there still head inside the fully closed helmet of the operator? Isn't it logical to remove it from there to improve performance? I think I'm not the only one who has thought about these things. And I was just thinking, why don't the game developers give the players a little more freedom in editing the characters and give them an opportunity to keep the headdress always closed? Why not? I think that there will definitely be a demand for such a function, because if I thought about it, then there is a 100% chance that someone else thought about it too. Well, someone will say "Criticize - offer an alternative!", and in general, it is possible to criticize this whole post, justifying the fact that the developers tried, made the faces of the characters, set them movements and facial expressions, and I'm a bad guy and I want to throw all these efforts down the drain. But I have something to say to that. And these are at least two things that could compensate for the lack of face visibility, both in the case of closed helmets/hoods/masks, and in the case of completely hiding the face with facial accesories. First: a possible change in the operator's voice, like a slight distortion/little muting/something like that, because the sound will propagate through the closed headdress or mask differently. Second: the flickering of the luminous parts of the transference suit in time with the operator's speech. Have you seen transmissions of, for example, any Arbiters of Hexis or some cephalons? Have you seen how cool and pretentious the flickering of the luminous parts looks in time with their speech? Imagine now this effect on your operators, especially with some transference suits. I think that these two features will help to compensate the lack of face visibility in the case of always closed headdress or face-hiding facial accesories, besides, it seems to me that this things would look very cool separately too. This would not just preserve the cinematic quality of the scenes in the quests, but perhaps even increase it, plus the decision to disable the forced opening of helmets/hoods then will not look hasty and low-quality. And this is not to mention those possible things that I did not think of and that could come up with someone else from the players or developers of Warframe. Well, at least if someone from DE even sees this post, which I really hope. What do you think about all this things? Do you like this idea and what other ideas do you have? Do you prefer to hide your characters' faces?
  13. Wow, cool, thank you for fixes! But... when is the next Prime Vault? When will Zephyr Prime be unvaulted? I think this would be very appropriate for the recently released Zephyr deluxe
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