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  1. They need to give us more to do in Space. Make the satellite an objective we have to defend. So that we actually get to use the railjack, If the DE really insist on having players never fail a mission, there's also some alternatives: Have Sentinent interceptors be literally interceptors, they will absorb the signal and slow down the progress from the uplink, and require you to clear them out to make it faster. Or simple have the murex shoot your ship if gets inside it. There's so many way to make the space portion interesting and we have none of it. So all we have right now is endless cheese: Park the rj inside the rib, and use limbo to freeze everything.
  2. Makes no sense why the ground team should get less point than the space team, relative to time investments.. This is causing imbalance. Lots of space team have to wait to ground teams to send the codes. Just give ground team similar level of points. Why do they get even less anyway?
  3. Been super busy lately, can only whip this up in time, please enjoy. Because We sorely miss a shield user in Warframe: https://imgur.com/a/5REeJHH
  4. I think some of you guys are mistaken. The CC component of these status will still be there. Im suggesting to add a damage component on top of that. Like Electric proc has both damage and CC, for example. As for making CC more important, there has always been one clear ways to do it: Increase Time-to-kill. Nerf AoE nuke Warframes like Saryn and buff the enemies' health and armor. Judging from what I have seen fron the community, I can say that you guys all hate that.
  5. No PvE game embody the phrase "Death is the best CC" better than Warframe. The Time-to-kill for mobs is hilariously low. Why lockdown enemies for a couple of secondswhen you can simply kill them right now. Things like... stagger or knock down... maybe matter if you are one of those people who play the game with only a poorly-modded Braton. For the rest of us however, they are pointless. (CCs can be useful if it lock down a whole room like Limbo or Vauban) Which is why Crowd Control status like Impact, Cold or Blast or Puncture are not wanted. Some of these status makes dealing damage even harder by knocking enemies down and reduce their hit profile. That's a big no no. Even Radiation. You can have enemies do 10x damage against each other and it would still be useless. Cuz you will still be killing them much faster than them killing each other. It's time we be honest: All Status need a damage related component to be useful. Be it damage dealing or damage amplification. Some examples of how to add damage related component to statuses: Cold increase Crit Damage against affected target (makes them brittle) Impact gives a flat Crit Chance increase against affected target (disorient the enemy, opening them up for critical strikes) Puncture boost Ability Damage agaisnt affected target. (compromising enemies's environmental protection) Radiation burns a small % max HP over time (literally cause cancer) Blast just deal a burst of bonus damage. Etc. Etc. Something along these lines, numbers are up to for balancing. The idea is that all status helps deal damage in some ways. Will these be Over Powered? No, not really. Status Effects compete with each other. If you build Cold, you can't get viral. If you build Corrosive, you can't get Rad (unless its something with innate status like kuva weapons). Right now everyone are running Heat + Viral, which are so much more powerful than the rest. So there will be no net increase in player's power, only increased choice. In the long term, this means that DE can make stronger, more challenging boss/enemies that are susceptible to status effects. Like pre-nerf Wolf of Saturn Six for example, who is tanky as hell and resistance to crit. Imagine if a team work together and bring different status types to the table to amplify total damage output, making the fight easier. This will justify making more bullet spongy enemies. Improved gameplay, ,more teamwork, more diversity of choice. Let's make Status great for once.
  6. Look, I'm not going to argue whether Chroma need a rework or not. He absolutely does. His entire kit is garbage. He's useful in PT and eidolon hunt due to the ludicrous stat from his 3, but that's about it. Now that he lost his ability to charge his 3 with self-damage, more people are talking about him, which is good. However, I assume DE don't want to expend the manpower necessary to rework him, and also do not want to risk pissing off people who like old chroma if they change him too much. So here is a short-term solution: Allow Chroma to hold down 3rd ability button to charge. This work similarly to Inaros's 4. Chroma will simply be stationary and burn health to charge up his Vex Armor buff. This will work as a stop gap solution to substitute for the loss of self-damage for charging. Will this be too OP? Not really no. It's not like he gain more stat from doing it. And he will have to remain still, not moving and shooting while doing it. Look at how many people not even bother charging Inaros's 4 because they get left behind. Exactly.
  7. [Yes, Another thread on Status Immunity] I appreciate that DE is reworking Status and making 100%+ SC meaningful. But... that still isn't going to solve the dominance of Crit weapons over Status weapons. The problem remains that Crit works against (almost) everything. Status doesn't. Status weapons and builds are not Underpowered, they never have any problem dealing with normal mobs (when it actually applies). But so many enemy types are immune to status effects nowadays. Basically all the relevant ones. Large bosses (Eidolons), Liches etc. And now, a whole new faction, Sentinents, are going to be status immune (judging from what we have seen so far). Applying double the status is meaningless if they don't apply in the first place. 0 x 2 = 0. The only thing status effects are really good for is peeling armor off late game mobs. With armor scaling nerfed, status will be even less relevant. So people will still be defaulting back to crit weapons even more now. Status immunity needs to be reevaluated. Like, I understand that some status are broken and trivialize the game (slash, corrosive, heat, viral). DE want certain types of enemies to be more challenging. But making status effects useless in most situations is not the way. I'm not asking to be able to stun lock enemies, I just want status to be more relevant in any way, no matter how minuscule. A suggestion: Add damage component to every Status proc that cannot be immuned to. Like Electric for example. What if proc deals extra damage but doesn't stun (status immuned) enemies. And Heat will apply the DoT (Damage over Time) effects, but doesn't reduce armor (of status immuned enemies). Impact, Blast and Puncture and Magnetic deals instant extra damage on proc. Corrosive, Radiation, Cold, Viral apply DoTs. Gas and Slash simply deal reduced damage on status immuned enemies. This way, even if the status effect does not apply, you still get extra damage. Of course, preferably scales off base damage (additive damage) because the last thing we need is another damage multiplier in the game.
  8. This Self-damage issue was barely a blip in most people's mind before the Kuva Bramma was released. Because most self-damage weapons are basically troll tier without some godly rivens, like the Zarr, Phantasma, Penta etc. (and in some case even rivens cant even fix how bad they are). So people just don't care about them too much. Why risk 1-shotting yourself for mediocre damage output? There's much better AoE dmg options. The Kuva Bramma changed all that, because it's actually a great weapon. Great Crit, Status, AoE, Fire rate, range (Projectile speed), the whole package. I actually kill myself less with the Bramma because each shot is so powerful I can take my time to fire them carefully, as opposed to having to fire multiple shots to kill high level grineer mobs. So, what if we buff other self-damage weapons to be worth using: Giving them good damage output and improve Quality of Life to balance out the risk of 1-shotting yourself? Take the Bramma's closely related cousin for example, the Lenz. It's almost a great weapon, however, it's hampered by crappy ammo economy (even with the built-in ammo conversion gimmick). It also has a rather poor charge rate and often needs Vile Acceleration to be practical (a problem shared with many other bows). So what if we buff its charge rate (1.2 -> .65 for example) and increase Max Ammo from 6 to 10? Just some simple number tweaks will improve the Lenz substantially. Similarly, the Zarr, Phantasma and Penta all can use greatly improved projectile speed so they can hit enemy further away and not the player. Improvements to their damage and ammo economy are also welcomed. Even almost great weapon like the Acceltra can use a small buff in ammo efficiency. Of coursed, Self-damage mitigation mods like Cautious Shot should still be introduced into the game. Players can have the choice of reducing total damage by 15% to avoid killing themselves Reduce reward, reduce risk (good for arbitration to kill drones etc.).. (I still want self-damage removed from Exodia Contagion tho, the double jump requirement is enough) What do you guys think?
  9. Bows? Screw bows. I have been asking for self dmg to be remove way before the Kuva bramma was released. I want self dmg removed so I can use Exodia Contagion and distribute red crit nukes everywhere without blowing myself up cuz the AoE is massive. They arent gonna release Cautious Shot for melee weapons.
  10. Ok mr Badass why dont you go play a pvp game and climb the ladder to show the world how much of a Badass pro gaemer you are. Us PvE noobs are obviously not badass enough to bask in your supreme bad ass presence.
  11. Yeah if I want to play a game that require any skill, I would not be playing Warframe. Whats wrong with just turn your brain off, goes in a room and blow up everything? Things like Mesa and Saryn and do exist in this game. Warframe abilities and melee are still the best way to clear large quantity of mobs. I doubt even making AoE weapon not kill the player will change that. Chakkurr, Shedu and Staticor have no self damage. Is the world ending? No. But you know what? Perhaps a compromise can exist. 1. Remove all self damage. 2. Add a special version of the basoc damage boosting mod that will enable self-damage and give extra damage. Example: Unstable Serration: + 190% damage at rank 10(25% more than the standard serration). Enable self-damage. Cant be used with normal serration. Same deal with pistol and shotgun mod. Oh and hitting yourself will still stagger your warframe, cuz "realism". This way, people who like to "live dangerously" in the one of most casual MMO available can have their wish. While the rest of us can use these weapons for whatever we want.
  12. Not dying for not having the right combination feels make me feel better about this system already. Dying might not really matter in warframe, but it's still demoralizing. My only problem is that it took so long to put this in place.
  13. The general idea is to improve his thematic consistency without drastically changing his overall gameplay. Also to enhance support Chroma playstyle which is often neglected due to the small radius of Chroma's 2 and 3 abilities.
  14. Straight forward, make it so we can change the color of these metal parts: https://imgur.com/a/CGkBAjA Please and thank you.
  15. These changes sounds awesome, but I just have 1 small suggestion to make. Should be easy enough to implement but will substantially improve the lich system: Let us spar with captured Lich in the Simulacrum. You know how a lot of people complains that the Lich system isn't really about the lich, but more about the Thralls. The Lich themselves are exciting and fun enemies to fight agaisnt, but you will very rarely fight them. Most of the time you will be fighting the thralls. So what if there's a console where you can summon your captured Lich in the Simulacrum to fight agaisnt. No parazon interaction. Just fight the lich until it goes down to 0 health and it will dissapear. This will substantially increase the amount of time you get to interact with your Lich. Making them your own mini boss that you can summon on demand to fight.
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