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  1. If your scenario of something being useful is sitting and waiting for 4 HOURS until mobs reach "4 digits levels", then that is not good enough. Very few people have that kind of time. Its a extreme niche case that is relevant to extremely few people. If your argument for Nyx or Xaku being useful is the above, then you need to try better. Not to mention that Any warframe can do 100% armor strip with Ash Shuriken and an augment. For normal gameplay (up to 1 hr Steel Path Mot survival), regular armor strip and damage amp from corrosive, heat and viral is enough.
  2. I can only hope that the next stance for Heavy Nikanas after Wise Razor is more fluid. Seems like DE is dead set on keeping the fancy but clunky vertical spin on the static combo. Vertical attacks almost always suck as most enemies... are distributed horizontally. As it stand its almost impossible to run a combo Pennant build due to how wasteful Wise Razor is. Also, am I in some sort of fever dream? Tempo Royale is the most mobile melee stance in the game by far. Its block forward combo is basically old spin2win. It converts attack speed into movement speed. Am I missing something her
  3. MR 27, 1400 hrs playtime. Still haven't gotten a single Nidus part ever. Infested Salvage is a joke. Something like this would be nice.
  4. Being unreasonable is what is intended... Most semi hardcore players already finished everything with Deimos at this point, aside from the Necramech mods. DE need a way to keep people going back to Deimos. And they decide to do it with the hilariously low drop rate on the mods, to keep people grinding the boring as fk Iso vaults over and over and over again. I don't like it, but I understand the reasoning. They at least need something to keep endgame completionists playing while their content release rate is heavily slowed down due to the rona. In the mean times tho im not
  5. See the strange thing is DE dont want the game to play itself, which is... fair. But then Octavia exist. Her ball mallet amp combo do crap ton of damage in a giant AoE. Even Steel Path level enemies melt before her. Same deal with Saryn. Depending on mob density, you might only need to cast her 1 once every 2 minutes also to wipe everything off the map. Im not saying to nerf Octavia. I'm saying that if that since Octavia and Saryn exist, maybe giving more damage to "ally units" isnt as gamebreaking as DE thinks it is.
  6. Here's my attempt at a Xaku Rework, mostly through modifying their current kit into something more streamlined and impactful.
  7. I think that most people can agree: In terms of raw killing power, primary and secondary weapons are falling behind melee and warframes nukes. With a few exception like the Kuva Bramma or Kuva Nukor of course. So I have a simple buff idea for guns: Give them 1 extra modding slot. And give them 5 free Mod capacity (Doubled to 10 with Orokin Catalyst installed). This does not include Exalted Guns like Mesa's and Hildryn's. What are the pros of this suggestion? This should be a noticeable buff for guns. Ever felt bad that you have to sacrifice the neat extra Multish
  8. I have every Warframe. Prime or the the ones without Prime. In my opinion, Loki is the absolute worst Warframe in the game. He's worse than Nyx. At the very least, Nyx have a unique niche (mind-controlling hordes of mobs), just that niche is not very good right now (mobs do no damage to each other). Loki has one thing going for him, his stealth. And his stealth is worse than Octavia. Just turn down all the music volume, put on every notes on the mandachord, and spam crouch every 40-50 seconds to keep up stealth. Who cares about melodies. With minimal upkeep you can keep her stealth u
  9. Loki is trash and im tired of repeating it. He's probably the worst frame in the game. With no power nor utility worth considering over other warframes. Decoy is useless. His stealth is inferior to Octavia. That's his best ability. His AoE CC is middling at best. Very inconsistent. Does not work vs Infested. Maybe useful for Defense map in conjunction with Speedva but that's not saying much. I have Loki Prime, and there's only 2 scenario in the game that I would I bring him out: Tusk Ballista Headshot rivens, and Plague Star. If I need stealth, I'll
  10. This is pretty much the crux of the issue. Wukong staff compete with the best melee in terms of damage output, only slightly losing out because of rivens. It can comfortably wade through hordes of Steel Path Mot enemies. Just because its crits arent red or orange doesnt mean its not doing a lot of damage. Its just that... theres nothing special about it. Its just another melee weapon. Yes its clone can use it at the same time but DE pretty much lobotomized the AI in fear of people afk farming (which can be circumvented in other ways). Adding some more flavor to it to distingui
  11. "Nooooo we have to cater to that one guy who still prefer doing missions with the Boltor Prime and chip away at mobs one by one. If we add too many mobs he won't be able to play the game HIS WAY and he will be sad." In all seriousness: single target weapons are relics of the past, of a different version of Warframe. Most people have already adapted to the AoE meta. We would prefer to get hordes of enemies to cut down, instead of sitting around waiting them to pop up one by one. Solution: Steel Path level mob spawn on all contents.
  12. Yes. Would be nice to be able to fit Eternal War. I already put War cry on lots of Warframe, but have a hard time finding a slot for that Augment.
  13. The devs arent omniscient. They make mistakes. Maybe some of these resource costs are genuinely mistakes on the devs part. Like Fresnels. I farm Gian Point regularly for exp and credit cuz I hate ESO and Index. Yesterday i just did 6 gian points in a row to power level 3 deimos weapons at the same time. I think I got like 20 something Fresnels out of that. Which seems unreasonable to ask for 1000 to feed the Helminth once. Does that means the devs don't want us to feed Fresnels at all? (I had 3000 fresnels, now down to 2000 as I fed it once) We point them out these so they become aware o
  14. And this is why they cant ever release console updates on the same time as PC. They rely on PC players to find out bugs and stomp them out before console releases. This wasn't some sort of difficult to reproduce bug. The bonus failure happens EVERY single time you play as a 4 man group and encounter Latrox Une bounty. Apparently the Devs hate their own game so much that they can't even be bothered to finish 1 round of Deimos bounty as a 4 man group (without turning on devmode). I can't even imagine how this got past any sort of QA.
  15. I'm referring to the Latrox Une and Assasination bounties. I dread these bounties because they take needlessly long to complete. The drop rate for their samples is abysmal. These are supposed to be simple Exterminate bounties but this RNG drop mechanic made them much worse. Just buff the drop rate or increase mob spawns. This oxymoronic design principle is horrendous. DE wants to make the game easy enough for new players, yet at the same time they dont want veteran players to burn through them too quickly. So the result is low level mobs, anemic spawn rates, and RNG dro
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