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  1. Read and understand before saying anything. This thread is not about difficulty. It's about clarity. But back on topic. I agree with the OP. arbitrary, hidden Damage Reduction values are straight up design cowardice. DE is afraid that if they show the enemies' actual eHP values, it will scare players away from doing these contents. So they hide it and pretend everything is normal. It's just like Railjack enemies in general. Their actual damage output and eHP are closer to being level 200 than lvl 50-60 like they are being shown. Perhaps DE thinks that if new players sees
  2. Shield Gate is a massive mistake. Let us be clear here: Shields are still mostly worthless. Health, Armor, Adaptation and various forms of health healing still dominates in 99% of the game content. Shield gate did nothing to make shield viable. It did nothing to encourage people to build shield. In fact, it incentivize against building shield. In the 1% of cases, it is a part of a cheese tactic that grants immortality, and is only relevant to an extremely minuscule subset of players. The game is never meant to be played at lvl 1000 or 9999 or however many hours these people have
  3. But the reason why Lich feels like torture is precisely because its a content island. When you are doing Lich, you aren't doing anything else. Hours upon hours of repeating the same actions for a singular item. Imagine if it wasn't another content island. Imagine if thralls simply spawn in end game mission types like Steel Path, Arbis and Kuva Floods. Like you can just simply do whatever endgame activity you were doing and collect Murmur at the same time. It would be far less torturous then.
  4. I like how a lot of people automatically thinks "Make Warframes more challenging" = "Make Warframes Dark Souls". It's like some sort of mental conditioning. How about: "Make Warframes enemies not permanently CC'd or spawn killed from 3 rooms away", or "Make some Warframe weapons/skills not do 100+ times the damage of the alternatives" or "Make Warframe eHP values less insane so we don't need 99% damage reduction/ immortality cheeses on both the players and the enemies" There's like a giant chasm the size of the Pacific ocean between Warframe and Dark Souls. Warfram
  5. Let me flip that equation for you: Why should low shield value provide so much benefit? Why should the builds that invest minimally into durability gets rewarded with immortality? That's counter to basic game design mechanics. Squishy frames like Khora or Banshee should stay in their lane. Either sacrifice some of their unholy amount of damage, range or efficiency for durability. Or be content with getting 1 shotted at higher level like the glass cannon that they should be. Basic game design is having a trade off between tankiness and damage output. Shield gate provide i
  6. It's hard to find peace though. There's immense potential in Warframe. Unlimited 3D movements. A vast array of tools to survive and deal damage. 3 weapon slots, Warframe abilities, operators, consumables and more. The game should be designed around making you use these tools to overcome challenges. Yet the devs and the playerbase settle for a dumb power fantasy. And not even the good kind of power fantasy. A lot of people, as you already can see in this thread, will say that "If you want a challenge in Warframe, just dont mod and go shoot things with a Braton". I'm sorry, but this is go
  7. Hop into the game. Go into SP Mot. Glaive prime still 1 shot everything. Ah ok nothing changed then. Honestly DE can nerf glaive damage by 90% and they will still 1 shot everything. Its really hard to tell if DE nerf it or not if the nerf is to raw damage alone.
  8. This. PC has plat coupon. Console coupon only works per purchase. Plat is heavily inflated on PC relative to console. On console you can purchase tennogen with plat, but not on PC. 1000 plat is worth less on PC than 1000 plat on consoles. The two economy will not mesh peacefully. It will be messy. Best case, you end up with a lot of angry players. Worst case, the distributors get involved and you end up with law suits (like Epic vs Apple over Fortnight monetization). It's simply not worth it for DE. No matter how much the players and they themselves want it. .
  9. I don't agree. Prime Vault is a good monetization system that balance between creating artificial scarcity and giving the players what we want. The end goal of DE is to make money and have people play the game they made. It's obvious that they can't simply just give players everything we want at once, because then we stop playing and stop paying them money. But the problem is that DE seems to hate money. They stand to profit from much quicker and more consistent vault rotations, but they aren't doing it. It's just recycling the stuff they already made. IMO, vaults should only last a mont
  10. Chroma's unvaulting makes 0 sense. Unless DE is shipping it along with a Chroma rework. He was just vaulted very recently, and his kit is worthless outside of PT. I don't think any players is looking for Chroma Prime in particular. There's no demand. His whole set is still like... only 50-60 plat at most. Zephyr... at least Zephyr was just reworked, so it make sense to make her prime more widely available. Should have been Zephyr +Mag or Zephyr + Loki.
  11. The song is good, but there's a massive tone mismatch between the quest and the song. Sea shanties denotes some form of difficult struggle. It's for sailors in the old days, as a way to keep morals high during long periods of hardship sailing at sea. And the Sleeping In The Below kinda fits that tone. Except while the song is playing, you are mass murdering corpus with Sevagoth's ghost. Like... wut? That makes no sense. We aren't struggling against anything. We are the storm that is leveling everything we touch. That's like playing prison work songs while performing Smokin' Sexy Style
  12. The combo multiplier lets you deal more damage the denser and tougher your enemies are. Which means it is generally balanced for all phases of gameplay. Powerful, but interesting and not overpowered. This is why I consider Protea as one of the most well made and balanced Warframe in the game. I like it much better than Exalted or pseudo-Exalted modding. Which always comes with mixed results, and is heavily influenced by weapon meta. Some are absolutely broken like Khora, Baruuk and Mesa, and others are useless like Valkyr or Wukong (Wukong players just use normal melee lol). Protea doe
  13. Let's go over Grendel's kit. His 1 temporarily remove swath of enemies from the field. Has ludicrous scaling energy cost. You could just permanently remove those enemies at the same time, with much less to no energy cost, using many other room clearing options this game has. Worthless gimmick. His 2 is amazing. Unfortunately you can helminth it. That means you can put it on any other Warframe with slightly more functional kit and end up with a better version of Grendel (kinda like Valkyr with Warcry). Put it on Rhino or Chroma or Mirage for very big PP damage. His 3 co
  14. DE can easily make RJ avionics Cooldown based. Then Forging Energy grant a temporary boost to Cooldowns. It can be something like... 50% ability CD reduction for 30 seconds to all Railjack turrets (which means technically you can keep it up at all time with 4 forge and 2 minute CD each, but that also means you can't make artillery ammo or revolite for repair, which add a layer of risk vs rewards for doing it, and of course Battle Forge is a thing so that adds another layer of complexity). This way, we can make encourage teamplay in Railjack, without forcing teamplay to be mandatory.
  15. It's been 8 years. And Exterminate-type missions still fail to spawn enough enemies for you to meet the objective. Had to abandon several Void Storm missions on Skirmish nodes because Fighters stop spawning before I reach the required amount. This is the first bug I encountered in the game in an Earth map, 1 hours into playing the game. Now, 2000 play hours later, the same bug occur in the newfangled "Void Storm" missions. And as far as I am aware of, the Exterminate bug on Earth still isn't fixed. Which is why i avoid all Earth exterminate fissures. I suppose I will have to
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