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  1. The size of the update just loaded for me, it's 1.2GB and after multiple update failed attempts.
  2. Everything else works fine, like reclaim extractors, just can't connect to chat. Discovered this this morning, 7:30, GMT+8:00. It's been 2 hours, still can't. I'm using 4G data, so I think it's not my end of the problem.
  3. Same here, I couldn't dissolve mods, logged off, couldn't log back in. This happened on Friday too, after Baro came, now he just left, probably he broke the game, XD.
  4. This appears to be the door connecting the corpus ship to the grineer one. The only tile that has this issue.
  5. It's working now, dunno why this week's Baro broke the server, lol.
  6. Reflex Gurad doesn't seem to be working. In the mod description it states +100% Combo Count Chance while Blocking at max rank, so my understanding is that without this mod, combo count should increase 1 with every successful block and with it installed, it should increase 2 with every block, but as far as I tested, no such difference and in fact, there's no difference at all. Also, manual blocking for an extended period of time will cancel the blocking animation and your character can't block anymore unless you do a double jump and aim glide. This happens after 50+ successful block against an enemy, in my case, a butcher, both in simulacrum and real mission.
  7. Was about to do a trade and the other guy's MR is too low. This weapon got a buff, I know, but was MR12 really necessary? What's your opinion?
  8. The "challenge” in Grendel missions is simply stupid. Depriving a player of everything he worked for in this game is not how you implement a challenge.
  9. It seems if you have Guardian Derision equipped on you melee weapon, you will trigger alarms in spy vault if you block and there's a regulator within 15m whether it sees you or not. Is it like this before this update?
  10. I think weapons like Catchmoon are born precisely because there's so many enemies and just like DE said, spin-to-win slide attack will remain in the game, but they are buffing everything else so you'll have a different option, this direction is right. It's boring and people will still use it, but other options will be just as effective. It's the same thing here. Of course you can kill lower amount of smart enemies with Catchmoon, but just like slide attack, it's boring, but other side-arms in this case will have a chance to be more fun and just as effective. I believe the game is grindy too, I just think if enemies are fun to kill, then it feels relatively less grindy. I believe lower the amount of enemy will actually solve the problem, right now you need map control so you have to use nuke, like Volt spamming his 4, you know those players right? Just stay in one place and 444444444, but if there's less enemies, his 1 will be just as effective. Of course people will still do that, but we're back to that topic again, it's boring, people will do that too, but other options will be just as effective.
  11. Previously you said this is a horde shooter and that's the issue, I believe Warframe is not, this is not some kind of Zombie game, where the horde gives you a sense of pressure. If there's a horde of enemies, people will seek the most effective ways to kill them, either you balance everything or there will be a meta, but as long as room-clearing abilities, long range melee and AoE weapons exist, they will out perform everything else and if they nerf those, we will spend more time completing a mission and people are already complaining how bad the reward system in Warframe is right now, I don't think it helps at all. The only way to break is solve the horde problem.
  12. I don't think to increase enemy spawn rate for the sake of more life support drops makes any sense. This is about gameplay, if you want more life support, we just increase the dorp rate, that's a whole different issue. I simply want to argue which one is better, less enemies but they are smarter which you need to make an effort to kill them or hordes of generic enemies you just smash buttons and they all die.
  13. And why do you want that? To get more resource or a Condition Overload from farming? Let's say if drop chance is out of the question, would you agree that fewer but smarter enemies are good for the game in the long run? Also, so many enemies is precisely why Saryn another room nuking frames are so hated, their ability out performs everything we have access to.
  14. First of all, I'm okay with the nerf. As for me, as long as DE don't touch the crit chance, I'm perfectly fine. The reason 50% of MR27 players are using Catchmoon is indeed because it provides the most efficient way of killing HORDS of enemies. You see the problem? There are simply too many enemies. Most weapons in Warframe can be modded to one-shot enemies, but because there's simply so many of them, weapons like the Arca Plasmor, Catchmoon and Fulmin become our favorite. What would you choose between killing 1000 enemies 1 by 1 or 20 with 1 click of a button? This is also the reason why people prefer long range melee over gun play because it hits so many enemies with 1 swing. Melee 3.0 phase 2 looks cool and all, but as long as there remains this many enemies, people will just smash buttons finding no joy at all, those fancy lifting animations are just for show, it's less effective. Why don't you just focus on making the enemies smarter instead of just more and more? We know that if you are in your operator and aim at Excalibur Umbra, he will crotch so he doesn't block your view, why not give this feature to enemies? Add a cool down like 2 seconds or so. So every time you aim at them they'll just crotch or dodge out of the way. Maybe only adding this to higher tier enemies like Heavy Gunner, Bombard. Butchers and Lancers will stay the same. Right now, Warframe doesn't feel like a shooter at all, that's why sometimes I prefer soloing low level extermination missions to get a feel of it. Reduce the number of enemies, make them smarter and stop nerfing our guns. Edit: My point is about gameplay and if you think lower enemy counts will result in lower life support drop (as in survival missions) or lower resources/mods drop (as in farming), that's a whole different issue. Those can be rectified by increasing the drop rate if the enemy spawn rate is lower, but we're not discussing that here. Simply which is more fun in Warframe? Hordes of generic enemies which can be killed by 1 click of a button or some smart enemies that you have to make an effort to kill them?
  15. They should run a script and check if the player has that item in his inventory and if it is, then give 15 intermission credits instead.
  16. I have a question: People have been asking for sustainable, good, replayable contents, obviously Warframe doesn't have those right now, what do you think constitutes such contents in Warframe?
  17. I don't see a problem here, they can bind it to other keys or even implement double tapping, double tap E to start up the charge and you can interrupt it by press E again while the animation is not finished.
  18. I said it once and I want to point it out again. I hope in Melee 3.0 we can hold E + arrow keys to perform all combos instead of keep pressing E. I'll give you an example: I'm using Wukong Prime a lot lately and for the forward combo, I only like the first 3 hits, the left, the right and the swirling attacks, for the last ground slam, not a fan, at all. The last hit somehow makes me feel I lost momentum, the first 3 is very smooth and you slow down a bit while performing the last one and I hate it. Secondly, the last hit will shake your camera and I have a pretty fast attack speed, I'm feeling nauseated. Currently, the only way to not perform the last hit is to press E exactly 3 times while holding forward and who counts that while in a fight? What I want is to press and hold E, and when the swirling animation occurs, I release E so that last hit won't be executed. And there are people complaining about auto blocking interrupts combat, if my suggestion is considered, the game can detect whether the player is still holding E, activate auto blocking only while E is release would solve the problem.
  19. That’s true, but I believe the sheer number of endo you get from arena (especially now with double dipping reverted) will change a lot of people’s mind. Now, a regular set up with no god slash riven involved can yield 600 to 1000 endo for 90 seconds on average. The number will be more than doubled if the booster and double dipping is installed. Anyway, we’ll see.
  20. This is what a good dev should do. Kudos! Though, the existence of Mod Drop Chance Booster will definitely boost Vodyanoi arena Endo farm, which puts Arbitrations in a bad position. If the rewards of Arbitrations are not good enough (I know we just had an update, but it’s gimmick and kinda meh.), all your Arbitrations reworks are a waste of time.
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