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  1. Tried, it's not reliable. And on top of that, I don't know what happened, my Ignis Wraith isn't dealing consistent damage even from behind. I don't know if it's a mechanics or something, it was a Bonewidow, got both of its arms, but it has its shield in the front, I don't know if that did anything, I hit from behind, still no damage. Ignis Wraith should have a rather big hitbox, 0 damage most of the time.
  2. Are we playing different games... I just tried in a previous run, it is very easy to dodge its charge attack, but it immediately turns around. I tried dodging its attack 5 to 7 times on purpose just to see how it reacts, turns around immediately every time. Where's that 10 seconds window you were talking about? Feels more like its charge attack is on a 10s cool down instead of it got distracted for 10s, that's huge difference.
  3. I took a break from Warframe because of burnout, but when I come back, this freaking fight is still stupid, you've got months to fix it and it's still crap. DE, can't you just add some mechanics to the fight? Like brooding infested or whatever in the Entrati ruin to draw their attention so that we have a limited time window to shoot their back??? I have a crappy internet and have to solo everything and the damn thing just focus on me all the time, how am I supposed to shoot its back? And I heard there's all kinds of stealth nerf to different Warframe abilities that can make your life easier. N
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