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  1. So first id like to thank you all for the wonder new shotgun (Exergis) and the rest profit taker on console. Secondly id like to see more peculiar mods because they are a great addition to fashion frame and a true skill for people to use them with out worrying over one mod slot. Another thing that i found that could use some work is the arbitrations and host migration connectivity, ive lost 30 minutes of work twice in a row due to host migrations. Its kind of frustrating losing all those sculptures. Now for future stuff, can we get a timeline for when we will start seeing melee 3.0 stuff start trickling in? I know several people are excited for Revanents sword. And will we an expansion of the odd weapon library (like war fans(gunsen), and beam staffs(ferrox). Lastly keep up the great work and i look forward to seeing what you guys and gals come up with next.
  2. Is there any news of new peculiar mods? I like the two we have now though i still think a confetti explosion on headshot would be a glorious addition. Though i understand they are strictly cosmetic. They are extremely hilarious especially when i play titania with peculiar bloom equipped and a critical built soma prime screaming IM A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY to the randoms that have the unfortunate chance to join with me in my conquest to distribute flowers and dirt naps to hapless mobs. Cant wait to see what next year brings us, keep up the great work and ill see ya this friday.
  3. Can we get some more peculiar mods? Flowers and swelling are good in all but, I think it'd be rather neat to see confetti fly out of a grineers/corpus body because i removed their heads from their shoulders with various means.
  4. 1) can we get more war fans added instead of just the gunsen? Like possibly a corpus version with lightsabers blades, or an infested one to go along with the Mire. And a possibility of throwing one of them at people? I like the swiftness and the uniqueness of them but my pool to choose from is a limit of one. 2) id also like to see riven mods added to arbitration mission after a full 60 min run to encourage some more of my colleagues to push harder and strive to succeed, instead of copping out at 10min mark for the first endo drop. 3) i can't wait to see what fortuna has in store for me in the xbox world, keep up the great work guys, gals, and tenno.
  5. i want to know more about these mountain sized spiders robots i keep hearing about, and what kind of toys there will be for taking them down. Is there a back story to these creatures? And are smaller ones going to be popping in to venus missions like say the stalkers do? That'd be dope.
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