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  1. you mean that you expected more underwater flora and fauna on the remaster, right¿? or what¿?
  2. Dont know what is wrong with the boss but fortuna is suposedly a new/med player place to reach like cetus. What do you ppl expect¿? a super hard boss¿? DE already said that orb bosses will not be like eidolon hunts. Vets already kill other bosses in seconds, did you guys complain about those¿? Probably medium wf players had a blast with the boss. Besides that, I dont want warframes being behind super hard and difficult boss walls. If a new player like Hyldrin he/she should have an option to get it more sonner than later, we already have enough RNG on the game. Yes DE could have made a better fight maybe but I read and hear good critics about the new orb while the PT just negative thoughs, players hate inmune phases (just stops the fight to run away doing nothing) or stupid knokingback everywhere or boss aimbot.
  3. The point for a lot of ppl is not that the vandal is worse or better, the point is we dont want a dps sidegrade weapon, we have other weapons to do that work. Opticor was always bfg, big damage, one shoot enemies. Is wrong for you maybe, but seeing the posts on the forum a lot of ppl dont get the point and keep talking about dps and how the vandal is more powerful. We dont care about that, its just that is not opticor anymore for a lot of ppl. If you are fine with the weapon, good for you, but we still have the right to say our opinion even if you dont agree.
  4. If its fine for you ok, but everyone have the right to express their opinions or thoughts about the weapon or even suggestions. ppl expected a better opticor keeping the bfg feel, not a side-grade weapon similar to ferrox. No other vandal or wraith is worse in stats than original one, as far as I know.
  5. Anyway I hope they never fix when the dropships launch their troops on water XD Dying instantly. Its funny to see a corpus army fail.
  6. The solution here worked for me at the moment
  7. Well its a point of view but looks that @-BM-Inservio like the change... for example. I really prefere the controls this way. I really never used the roll option. Moreover when it was really really slow. The only thing to adress for me is the sprint/boost. Archwing is a hard to fix thing, lot of ppl want jet controls but that controls sometimes are hard to master for everyone, this is not a simulator. I like the sim controls but I want to fight Comfortably too. They said on devstreams that after fortuna they will rework the flight controls but Im sure when they do. We will have complains and pleased players. My suggestion for this kind of things is implement both systems or more systems and let ppl choose. Options are always the way to go. Not everyone likes the same. I really want archwing fixed, in some way, because I really like the concept but ppl keep complaining about how S#&$ is that mode just because of the controls. My only complaint about archwings on this game is the lack of content and missions to do. Make new planet/zone just for archwings, I mean an optional zone, not a barrier with the obligation to do in the future for some quest. More zones to lvl up archwings would be cool. Nebulas, black holes, worm holes, void zones, massive asteroid zones, dont know... space is full of beauty and danger zones to add on warframe. We still have the same planets except lua and kuva fortress
  8. The relic is as far as I know, only on cetus, the last bounty. Axi A5, the relic have all drops. And with one bounty I got 2 relics. Not a bad drop.
  9. Whats wrong with archwing¿? apart of the a/d turn and the feel that the booster does not work¿? XD
  10. Really¿? again the prime armor pack separatelly¿? (Goes fast to buy the pack) Bye bye XD
  11. Its the second open world (same old its not), when the first one was the bomb. And Railjack is on the way, you cant expect something really new like it was plains. they have to keep a base content of open worlds and maybe then bomb again with something new. I know its not an excuse but every game have similar repetitiveness and grind. I really like this new update more than plains was.
  12. TY, Im not the only one with this ^^
  13. This pls, is very annoying and a gameplay issue. 😞
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