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  1. ^^^This... I was hoping the same. Maybe for future with other desing but this was dissapointing when I saw it. Btw why always ppl take in to account rivens¿? I dont care about rivens and I know most ppl have rivens for their favs, but not everyone have rivs for kitguns. Agree on all this too. Whit the absurd number of weapons we have I will never understand why ppl keep using always the same guns. I did high level content with other weapons with no problem. If you guys always use the same op weapon for everything is your problem. As Tekkarath said, if this new kitguns dont need any mr exp and dont give to us new mechanics or diferent alt fire, I will probably not care at all in building any
  2. I dont know if this was mentioned because I found a lot of posts of avionics, but I have a lot of issues as a pilot with battle avionics, we have the Black hole and the frontal energy shield, and none of those is usable for me, just my friendo hosting, and the other one never used. Its really frustrating depend in one member that already have things to do on the ship
  3. Would be cool to just add a fancy anymation for loot drones from the railjack and automatically every resource object shoot they pick it in any range of the map... And show them on the normal resource UI place. At this point they become common just light up isos and more rare resources, like when you pick up an orokin cell...
  4. -Need markers for teammates to know in wich ships are they, with all the chaos sometimes its imposible to know wich ship they gonna exit to give them support fire. -Other Crewman ships are instakilling my teammates right after exiting the ship they destroy. - ^This....Lock UI need to be more clear for the seeker missile. Because Yes, they work but its barely noticeable when they are locking and when they are fully lock. When they lock I can ensure, they chase and turn a lot if they need to kill the target. -Crewman missiles should not lock on to archwing teammates, they are suposedly small targets, grineer jet fighters are the more logic thread for archwings. Have crewman OP weapons shooting teammates with ease its just absurd. - Teammates die when loading on the slingshot just before they shoot the cannon. That phase shoud be inmortality phase like when you fly to the objective. Its absurd to ride the slingshot and die. Yes its outside the ship but some protection to the warframe before the shoot¿? You are a sitting duck on the slingshot. Oh and the camera sensitivity is high for some reason. -Need a way to mark enemies as a priority objectives, like when you mark resources or something. At least as I pilot I cant mark -More explanations on how the forge works. I usually start missions full equiped but the UI never shows me my ammo well, plus sometimes I recover magically ammo without my teammates doing nothing. Do the forge works in an automatic way¿? My friends barely have any levels on engineery or tactical. -If you kill the pilot and the gunner from a crewman ship... they should stop firing because they keeeeep doing sh*t BTW, wich is the key to enter the tactical screen¿? I have lvl 1 at least but can see anything about it. This new mode needs a little basic tutorial, text at least, for know basic things Keep the good work. And I hope you fix all the bugs ty.
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