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  1. I have like 7 liches hunted and everyone of them I did the larving alone. Sometimes with a friend it works but alone is lotery. Ironically last hotfix did fix this issue. But still not working well, it should work like syndicates, stalker etc... blink, message warning and larving appearing to kill.
  2. I have similar problem. sometimes did appear others not. The lights blink but no message from the big guy so no larving in the end. I usually do adaro on sedna. but nothing.
  3. +1 to this, I never went to any amber stars farming and I have plenty plus sculptures filled. If the " lvl 40 max" start to be a thing I want more forma
  4. Im liking the lich hunting ­čś× but it seems a lot of ppl not XD. I really like wf in general, is a game to play at random moments, I understand is a grindy rng based game so I usually swap games when Im tired and then come back.
  5. All Im gonna do is give you an applause and leave you with your conspiranoia alone ­čÖé
  6. Then you must be doing something really wrong because as I said I have friends with 0 plat doing liches without any problem, and in the end that doesnt proof anythin neither but.... You cant make up all this conspirancy because you have that problem. Send a ticket to DE because I dont really believe you need plat on your account to get liches. Is completly absurd XD
  7. That one screen is not really a proof for what you are saying XD but ok... I have friends with 0 plat playing with me and hunting liches, their liches so. And whats that "kuva hunter collection" you dont need to buy anything to start hunting any lich, just requeriments on quests wich is the war within. I dont really know what are you talking about or Im losing something.
  8. maybe by forcing players to buy words┬┐? Idk XD... in fact farm requiem relics are far more comfortable than normal ones so, words are not really a problem. And no, this weapons are not tradeable.
  9. Maybe its me but... is the weapon from the lich based on the weapon the Thrall carries to create it┬┐? I mean, I killed a thrall with a karak and then my new created lich carried the karak. Its maybe possible to ... not kill the Thrall (in case the weapon it carries its a duplicate) and repeat till the thrall to create the lich carry the weapon you need┬┐? Or its aways the same and no matter the times you repeat the mission it will always carry the same weapon Dont know if I explained well XD english is not my native language, sorry.
  10. Im assuming everyone here complaining about it are high rank mr... because this is only a part of warframe. Why everyone talks negatively about a grindy game being grindy┬┐? More over being part of the system that is not released yet. Yeah DE has to release content for veterans, but if this was easy we will complain about "nothing to do on wf". What do you guys expect from this partially released system┬┐? get the 13 weapon and ephemeras on first month┬┐? Then what┬┐? level up them, and leave the game to play another thing┬┐? Something more complex to grind┬┐? I bet every sugestion you guys leave here to add content to the game will end being repetitive because in the end every game can be repetitive after 2000h I think everyone knows what warframe is and why we stay here. Every content they release will have rng involved. and that was the same in all this years. If not leave here any sugestion but if that sugestions ends giving content faster ppl will complain anyway because they have nothing new on the game Oh and if you are not high rank Im sure warframe has lots of S#&$s to do and complete. god Im MR27 near to lvl up 28 and I still have S#&$ to do that has nothing to do with the liches. Being general here.
  11. hahahahahhaa and I just created my third one and is duplicated... Quartakk, ogris and now another ogris XDDD. Besides that I think Herflik is right, at that pace you will get the weapons in no time compared to others. I mean, since the update I did a lot of other things (play other games, videos, friends, family) XD plus farming the words is for me a little annoying because of the "relic system". With that much of liches farmed you pretty much only played warframe right┬┐? @(XB1)Rust Plague Gear counts┬┐? in wich way┬┐? I know it counts the element bonus based on the warframe, so thats the reason because I change warframe, but I was leveling up the quartakk (wich I use it too for the first lich with the ogris), even if its a useless exterminate mission to create the lich. Dont want to keep changing gear randomly just because some hidden parameter. Anyway if you take it as a allied┬┐? what use have the lich┬┐? becaus if its really confirmed that weapons will be tradeable I have no problem on accumulate duplicates to trade it and get the weapons I need. BTW... dont want to be rude but this system has to endure enough to give us content to play in a long time with railjack in mind too... farm the 13 weapons in literally less than a week or so its insane, then abandone the game to do other stuff and, not you but, I know ppl ending with a complain about the game for being boring and not having content for veterans.
  12. Did I miss something on this new patch┬┐? Btw it wasnt a UI bug, we were 5 https://gyazo.com/dce56d0822edcd115853edfe34a475ad
  13. Everyone here talking about builds and the viability of exilus on weapons. Meanwhile Im more worried about the price (pl) on those bastards XD 20 pl even when you can say... "eh, you can farm them" its expensive, for a slot unlock for a weapons that triple the number in warframes. In warframes didnt want to waste 2 formas to build exilus so after some builded I started spending plat... 20 for warframe exilus is not bad but on weapons┬┐? Oh and exilus weapon adapter is on gold rng on the new relics XD. And yes on syndicates, but I dont have time always so I end spending plat as I said Yes I can argue that probably with the mods they let us use its not that viable to use the exilus slot, but maybe in the future┬┐?. 10pl for a exilus slot and I probably will ended buying like 7 or 8 exilus slots for my fav weapons. But now probably they will rotten there with no use XD. Cool concept with no use for this update. Sorry to be the guy who likes to spend plat btw.
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