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  1. This is nowhere near my supra build. For normal missions I want to say that you really dont need 93% status. Try to switch one or two 60/60 mods for pure damage. Radiation will be applied quickly anyway (only cut and corrosive are important to apply multiple times at once). For bosses (like the lich) radiation status doesnt work (would be op). I think that radiation should work fine, but instead of "Thermite Rounds" and "High Voltage" use "Hellfire" and "Stormbringer" For the sake of the mission you can switch Serration to Amalgam: Serration (movespeed underrated) For the record: I said it works, not it makes the level 5 lich easy.
  2. isnt that the same with most of the other boss-enemies? Maybe you can even try shattering impact. It was never fixed for bosses or even eidolon/profittaker... I dont use it coz its too easy and I personally dont like gunblades as melee-replacement
  3. Good explanation. Id like to add: - The minimum level is 20, so missions on Saturn are enough - If you are missing a specific Requiem mod you can trade them 1:1 on the trade chat (if they still have 3 charges) - When you kill your larva the equipped warframe decides the element of the weapon you get and the type of skills the lich will have, you have to look it up on the wiki-site - The base damage on you weapon is dependent on some RNG value that is mentioned on your lich-overview site (20%-60%). If it is too bad you may consider not using forma etc. on this weapon - If you find a better version of the weapon you can "donate" the base-damage values to the first weapon (mod-screen->actions->fuse) - If you run lich-missions on a planet your lich doesnt control, he doesnt get provoked and will not spawn. That means you get Murmur without levelling up your lich. In my experience playing in a two or three-player team is the most efficient (and more fun), since mission completion will be faster - If your lich stays around it will spawn a lot of thralls, if you kill them off fast they will respawn. You need a mission type with constant spawning of new enemies (like mobile Def). So you can farm murmur fast. Just dont kill the lich (until they stop spawning) - The amount of lich-kills you have to accumulate to have a 50% chance of getting all the weapons is around 338k, which is absolutely impossible. I heard there will be something else added, maybe you can trade in duplicates to buy other weapons or something. I keep the duplicates for now - If you convert the lich it is basically useless. He will spawn every 5 hours of gametime (guessing) and stay about 2 minutes (dont know what it depends on). It is not really strong and the chance you need it in that moment is basically not existent Maybe there is important stuff I still dont know. My kuva kohm got an orokin-accelerator, 3 forma and an exilus adapter before I learned that its base-damage is abysmal. Maybe Im just stupid, but I still think some stuff should be explained.
  4. Fair enough. I, on the other hand, think that the liches are not bullet-sponges, just because a certain type of weapon and element is not working well to kill it. The liches have a broad range of attacks and tricks they use (depending on element), which qualifies them as "not lazy" in my eyes. The amount of survivability is not too extreme for a boss-enemy on level 120 (of course the ones using iron skin are more durable than the others).
  5. If you need a specific part just buy it. Syndicate-stuff is not expensive in trade-chat and you can sell your own syndicate-stuff in return. You can also ask a friend. Dont switch syndicates before you have everything you may ever need from the current one.
  6. My favourite is Volt with a nuke-build (originally made for eso). It clears most mission-types fast (Growing power, Umbra vitality/intensify, ALL mods with +reach). When you fight the lich you shoot through your shields (crit-damage boost) with a crit-based weapon, which works pretty good even against level 5 liches. The easy way though is Mesa (strong tank) with the following mods: - Pistol-Amp - Flow - Narrow Minded - Umbra Vitality - Umbra Intensify - Adaptation - Blind Rage - Streamline - Continuity (2 Forma), Arcane guardian and the one with pistol-firerate on crit ...and the Regulator-build: - Hornet Strike - Primed Target Cracker - Primed Pistol Gambit - Primed Heated Charge - Convulsion - Barrel Diffusion - Lethal Torrent - Anemic Agility (3 Forma) But you asked for a weapon, so my favourite Kitgun (Rattleguts/Haymaker/Splat) "Best Intentions" (Built on virus, maybe radiation would be even better): - Primed Heated Charge - Convulsion - Hornet Strike - Primed Target Cracker - Primed Pistol Gambit - Barrel Diffusion - Lethal Torrent - Hydraulic Crosshair (Shoot at head at least to refresh this buff) - Steady Hand (Optional if you have exilus slot) If you dont have this at hand, a pretty basic build for Supra Vandal also proved extremely effective: - Primed Cryo Rounds - Infected Clip - Amalgam: Serration - Point Strike - Vital Sense - Vile Acceleration - Vigilante: Armaments - Split Chamber - Terminal Velocity (optional if you have exilus slot) I wouldnt say Im a "Hardcore-Farmer", but since I found some builds that work for me I can deal with the baddies in every mission type Riven Mods are useful, but you should be fine without them. The best weapon is some patience, when you fail try again. And play in a team, even public if necessary, its just more fun (and easier).
  7. Limbo or Limbo Prime? On normal limbo there is a quest that looks finished at some point even if it isnt. Look up the steps here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_Limbo_Theorem Limbo Prime: I can only tell you that I made mistakes with prime parts a few times already. You can try to search your inventory for "limbo", then it should show all finished parts and blueprints. If that doesnt help, maybe there is some issue I dont know. Limbo is one of the most common frames, though. Maybe you can farm the part anew
  8. Dont give up too easily. I messed up a lot of tries, but that is the point in having something challenging, right? Find a build that works for you, work together with friends or people you meet in public games. Its more fun together anyway. (All strong grineer-units have a lot of armor, the high survivability is probably intended) Suggestion: Mesa, it is the most simple one in my opinion. Take a defensive build (umbra vitality/intensify + adaptation). For your pistols use radiation-element (most damage against alloy armor and usable with primed fire mod). Have your scattershield up and keep your distance (less then 50m). Then you cast your peacemaker and fire until he is dead (against lvl5 rad I need about 10-15 seconds for one life-segment). Alternatives: - Wisp. While there are better frames for solo, but she basically converts the whole team to tanky attackspeed-monsters - Nova. The slow-effect protects you from other monsters and affects the lich as well. With the right build you can convert the small girl into a sick tank - Volt. A nuke-build (similar to eso-build) can easily and fastly manage most mission-types. When shooting through his shields your weapon gets a crit-damage boost and you are safe from ranged attacks - Chroma. The head->wall solution. A survivability making inaros wet and weapon damage-output only beaten by mirage afaik - Wukong. He is tanky enough to resist every normal melee attack I have seen and can heal himself extremely fast. His long hard stick will destroy anything, just give it time to build up a combo I didnt try slow shotguns, but automatic weapons tend to deal more consistent damage(more distance->less melee attacks). I am not skilled enough to shoot fast with a sniper and hit the head reliably. The strongest of my weapons is a Rattleguts (crit-build with hydraulic crosshair) with a mediocre riven-mod (which doesnt have crit) and radiation damage. Shooting through the shields of my volt I dont have problems killing the lichs. Still volt is squishy, so I die pretty often during the fight tbh.
  9. The problem is to know that there is something you dont know. If you tell me that there are differences in thrall-spawn rates I can look it up, but Im too lazy to watch all dev-streams from the last months
  10. I am pretty sure that there will be some kind of mechanic to farm specific weapons. As it stands now the math for the 13 weapons is (plz correct if wrong) Chance to get every weapon once on thirteen tries: 13/13 * 12/13 * ... * 1/13 = 20.5^-6 (one in 20 million, negative-value 0.99999795) That means for 50% chance: 0.5 = 0.99999795^Number of tries -> Number of tries ~ 338 121 So unless you want to kill more liches than the Bahamas have inhabitants you wont get all the weapons
  11. Interception can be tricky at times and wrong decisions can risk the success for the whole team. Thats also the case if you play normal interception.
  12. In my opinion this is warframes biggest problem, and two friends I recommended warframe to stopped playing early because of it: Nothing is explained sufficiently. Personally I love games with a lot of aspects and I dont mind watching videos or reading some wiki-sites to know how its done. Still it took me 3 evenings of "researching" and trial/error to know the stuff I need to know to play the lich-system. My suggestion: Make an optional tutorial-mission (maybe two tiny ones) or a video-sequence that guides the player through the process of lich-killing. This has to be built into the game, otherwise we have the problem that it feels like work to most players
  13. Please do NOT weaken them. There is very little "hard" content in this game for veterans. I see a lot friends and clanmates that stopped playing for lack of content or challenge "crawling out" to play warframe again. If the liches are too hard there should be threads that can help you with build-suggestions. You can also play public and you will surely meet players that can help you (mostly). If you are still building up your collection of frames and its out of your reach, you may want to have some sort of challenge left once you are more experienced
  14. Since it is possible to farm murmur faster with a lich alive, I dont see a way to solve this except asking nicely in the chat Even if I used this mechanics multiple times in public games (I always ask if someone wants me to kill it in chat), I dont really see it necessary to increase the spawn-rate of thralls, since they are not much stronger than normal enemies.
  15. On EU most floods have been infested on eris the last hours. Probably infested really doesnt work
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