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  1. Wraithe has been my most anticipated frame to be added ever since I saw his ability kit from liger's artstation post. While I understand that Changes were probably made to the frame, I really hope his 1,2 and 4 will still be for the most part the same. They were really cool. Also, really hope his signature weapon is still going to be added. Getting some assassin's creed phantom blade vibes from it.

  2. While I agree with the op's post, I also know that they can't spend time doing one big patch to fix everything.

    However, they can release updates like the jovian concord for the rest of the planets which can be considered new content. 

    These updates could also be used to add more depth to the main gameplay loop and make the path for new players less overwhelming. What I mean by this is that warframe tends to be very hard to recommend to new players when it can sometimes be too much to process and with no guidance on how to do stuff (the wiki should not be the only way for players to get instructions on how to do certain activities)

    Additionally, an update on each planet overtime allows for more lore to be added/fleshed out, mechanics refined and expanded on, new enemy types, reworked boss fights with more interesting phases, parkour elements, secret cosmetic items or weapons and more reworks for warframes. The last part is mentioned since a warframe after a GOOD rework can feel like playing a completely new warframe (old vs new Wukong anyone?).

    The updates could also allow for additions that can tie the open worlds to the main gameplay (deadlock protocol and freeing Fortuna residents for standing is a good start)

    Finally, correct me if I'm wrong, but reception to the more recent updates before deimos where more negative when it was new content and more positive when it was remastered content. 

    For the record, I would be all for remaster updates over new updates.

  3. Okay, I have not yet obtained this frame, but from what I saw and what people are saying, Xaku is not very good. While I was all for the design and concept, the execution did not work well.

    So rather than try to repeat the points made by everyone else in the megathread, I will just provide suggestions on what the frame's ability kit should look like in my own opinion.

    So for his passive, I feel that either he should have his own unique type of void damage that provides a 10% damage bonus to all health/armor/shield types but not effective towards eidolons to prevent the frame from being meta (since that is what DE wants to avoid apparently) or something on the lines of collecting scrap armor/weapons from fallen enemies to make xaku stronger.


    For his first ability, I was thinking they should have tried to make it like Neo's devil breakers from Devil May Cry 5 where xaku can cycle through different parts to perform different attacks. This would definitely not only fit with the theme of the frame but could also be a pretty unique mechanic to add. Maybe use of augments to create more "devil breakers" down the line? See image below for basic idea and link for more details on Devil Breakers.


    Devil Breaker | Devil May Cry Wiki | Fandom



    Ability 2 I kinda like but it does sound like it needs a lot of tweaks and buffs to make it good. Examples being increased grab range, proper scaling damage, etc.

    Ability 3 has good concept, but the abilities chosen are a bit disappointing besides Deny which just needs to be buff and tweaked. Accuse sounds like another minion ability while gaze is very similar to Khora's Ensnare. I was kinda hoping that DE was going to use extra abilities they had that did not really fit on other warframes. Prototype powers that were put aside since they did not seem to have a warframe theme for said ability. That would have been really cool and could have allowed for a random collection of prototype abilities that end up being really good. Heck additional augments could be made to swap out different abilities for other ones.

    As for xaku's 4th ability, aside from buffing it and applying tweaks to improve it, I really just want the exo-skeleton from to have it's own animation set so it actually looks menacing and not goofy running around. Maybe like one of those witches from left for dead 2 or something to make it look like a threat. Also, maybe this mode could allow for xaku to perform different attacks similar to what the operator is capable of.


    That's all I have to say regarding xaku. Hopefully, the frame will eventually be readjusted and buff to become more viable or interesting to use.

    Thank you for reading this post and have a good day.

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  4. On 2020-08-16 at 11:05 PM, DatDarkOne said:

    It kinda already does.  You just have to be good(correction:Really good) at controlling it.  The Arca Plasmor projectile was extremely easy to control with Navigator to cause all kinds of havok.  Sadly, DE removed the ability to control it Arca Plasmor, Sonicor, and similar types as well.  You can thank a certain YT video for that one.  

    I was thinking more on the line of marking targets and the arrow zips through the enemies' heads. Also would be nice if the navigator was much easier to steer and aim (could also be that I am not the best at the game)

  5. 6 hours ago, Northern_Psycho said:

    Right now, Hydroid is probably one of the least played frames. While some still main him he still suffers from an outdated kit, especially when compared to Ember and Vauban’s new reworks.
    These ideas are some I came up with and some I have seen on the forums to raise the Void pirate to the current standards of other Warframes.
    Also, he will get a new deluxe and it would be a shame if he didn’t get a good rework as well.


    Stats: (At max rank).

    -      Health changed from 300 to 375 (Prime 375)

    -      Shields changed from 375 to 300 (Prime 300)

    -      Armor changed from 225 to 300 (Prime 320)

    -      Energy changed from 188 to 150 200 (Prime 220)

    New passive: Hydroid gains 5% extra ability strength for every Soaked* enemy within a 50 meter radius. Every ability has an innate 10% chance at Soaking an enemy.
    (Basically Ember’s new passive. See ability 4 for the Soaked effect).

    Ability 1: Tempest barrage. (Remains mostly the same aside from some QoL improvements).

    -      Corrosive barrage now incorporated into the ability.

    -      Increased base range of 10m to 15m.

    -      Casting time and charge time cut in half.

    -      Fully charging the ability now doubles its effect. A fully charged barrage doubles the amount of water projectiles and max range from 15m to 30m.

    -      Damage changed from 150 Impact to 100 impact and 100 puncture. (Note: This is to make the barrage more like cannon fire from a pirate’s ship. A cannon ball both punches through a hull with great impact).

    -      Increased chance at dealing corrosive procs from 100% to 200%.

    New augment: Chaotic barrage.

    -      Tempest barrage’s damage is now adaptive to the enemies.

    -      Status effect chance remains at 200% for the adapted elements as well.

    Reason: Tempest barrage is by no means bad; it just needs some tweaks to make it a truly great ability.

    Ability 2: New ability, Aquatic form.
    Hydroid changes his body by turning it halfway to water. While active, Hydroid takes 50% less damage. Bullets pass through him as if the enemies are shooting into water.
    (Visually, his body would be covered in a layer of water).

    EDIT: Aquatic form gains more damage reduction (DR) per Soaked enemy killed up to 90% DR.
    Enemy attacks will slowly chip away at the DR %.

    -      Affected by power strength up to 90% damage reduction.

    -      Synergizes with his other abilities.

    Reason: Hydroid needs some extra survivability and his puddle just won’t cut it.

    Ability 3: Undertow and Tidal surge now merged into one. Undertow.
    Press the ability to become a tidal wave. Hold the ability and Hydroid becomes a puddle and can move around.

    -      Tidal wave: Will heal you 1% per meter similar to Wukong’s cloud walker.

    -      Can adjust the angle as you move.

    -      Increased duration.

    Puddle: Can move around at the same speed as running. Tentacle grab will remain the same.

    -      Enemies caught in the puddle will begin drowning.

    -      Base damage 100 true damage.

    -      Damage tics similar to that of Octavia’s mallet.

    -      Damage increase per sec changed to damage per tic.

    -      Damage increase changed from 2% to 5%.

    -      Allies can still shoot the puddle to damage the enemies inside.

    -      Increased puddle size to 6m.

    -      Increased drain to 4/s.

    Reason: I wanted to make Hydroid’s puddle a truly dangerous ability to better mirror the horror of what the Grineer might’ve felt in the Hydroid prime trailer.
    The ability will be a powerful tool to eliminate fodder enemies and the like. Special enemies like Demo-units will still not be affected by the puddle.
    Also, the increased drain is there to ensure the ability isn’t spammed.


    Ability 4: Tentacle swarm.
    Instead of the Kraken grabbing the enemies and flailing them around like they’re deflating balloons, make Kraken more of a support/CC type while still keeping it as a threat.

    -      Kraken’s tentacles now grab an enemy by wrapping around their body and crushes them. See link for example [ https://thumbs.gfycat.com/InsistentComposedBlackfish-mobile.mp4 ].

    Enemies can only be crushed once.

    -      Deals 20% damage of the enemie's total health on the initial crush.

    -      Crushed enemies are marked as “Soaked”.

    -      Soaked enemies gets a visual effect on them similar to Hydroid’s Aquatic form.

    -      Soaked enemies take increased damage from both abilities and weapons (Including teammates’).

    -      Remaining tentacles will slap and knock over enemies and stack on more Soaked effects.

    -      Soaked effect can stack up to 5 times for 2 times more damage.

    -      Tentacle slaps deals 300 true damage per hit.

    -      Pilfering swarm Augment remains the same. Soaked enemies are marked and will be affected by Pilfering swarm when killed.

    You can now mount the Kraken and ride it like a K-drive.


    -      Interacting with the Kraken will allow you to mount and surf around on it.
    Kraken’s move speed is 1.5 of a running Warframe.

    -      Mounting the Kraken removes the duration from the Tentacle swarm and replaces it with an energy drain.

    -      While riding, the Kraken’s tentacles will continually spawn around it. You can then do a drive by to debuff and crush enemies all over the battlefield.

    -      Jumping will result in Hydroid dismounting the Kraken. The Kraken will then disappear back into the depths.

    Reason: The Kraken is honestly tiresome when it grabs enemies and flails them around. It’s hard to shoot the grabbed enemies and the tentacles don’t even deal any noteworthy damage at all.
    Compared to Khora’s strangle dome, Kraken doesn’t even grab enemies consistently.

    Final notes:
    I feel Hydroid is in a difficult spot right now and think these changes could greatly elevate him in terms of usefulness, utility and hopefully fun-factor too.
    While I understand many of these changes seem drastic and may only be wishful thinking, I still wanted to assume we can get a fully realized rework like Wukong and Ember got.
    Furthermore, some may roll their eyes at another rework involving Damage reduction and armor strip, and yes, it is getting kind of old. However, with the current meta, armor strip and DR is basically a must on Warframes unless they do significant healing, stealth, or damage instead. Hydroid is more of a CC frame anyway, so Armor strip would come in handy for him. DR Is needed if you want to go far into a survival mission or do Steel path missions.

    Finally I wanted to say thank you for reading and would love to hear your feedback on these theoretical changes.

    Make Tempest barrage an armor strip ability.
    Give Hydroid a new ability for survivability.
    Merge Tidal surge and Undertow.
    Make Kraken a de-buffer.
    And let us ride the Kraken like a K-drive.

    Definitely would be much more fun to use. Imagine if he got an arm cannon shaped like a pirate cannon as a signature weapon for rework. 

    Also, it might be really cool if for your merged ability undertow, the waves where shaped like a megalodon shark. When he goes under water, in the puddle you would see a huge fin sticking out that still damages enemies hit by it. Its mainly cosmetic for the ability minus the fin but at least it would make the ability much more frightening for the enemies. 

  6. Went and searched for the fan concept and really liked what was there. A cool ghost frame with an exslted reaper form. Really hope they keep the abilities tje same for the most part. 

    Though if you check out the artstation for the concept it does include drawings of the abilities along with drawings shown during tennocon. 


  7. Oh the two of you are just adorable...


    In all seriousness, I immediately thought of full metal alchemists as inspiration for power kit (and I dont even watch the show. Had to look it up to see what powers they had!). Really hope they give the frame dynamic abilities based on the powers in the anime. Lots of potential with this one 

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  8. While I definitely agree that the combat system could be much more, ghost and sekiro are definitely not good combat systems for warframe. 

    Personally, god of war 2018, spiderman ps4 and metal gear rising revengence would be good inspiration for a more detailed and fun combat system (emphasize on inspiration)

    Additionally, in order for a more in-depth combat system to have a place in warframe, new melee oriented enemy types would need to be introduced to be mixed in with the current enemy pool.

  9. On 2020-07-01 at 12:03 PM, CrimsonPenguino said:

    You want to know an even easier solution? Make it so that these abilities are separately mod-able, like exalted weapons are. I have mostly heard of people using this as a stat stick for khora, atlas, etc. so an easier fix would be to make it so that you could mod those abilities so you don't have to worry about this. I don't know why that isn't a thing as it is. 

    This concept sounds really interesting, but I am not sure I completely understand. Could you give a more detailed example?

  10. This is a great start. However, I believe that more can be done to allow for more challenge. Potentially, steel path could have a second mode that applies unique enemy mechanics that up the ante along with significant warframe ability adjustments (to make them more strategic if that makes any sense) to allow for more skill based gameplay difficulty.

    Will probably make a post going more in-depth with this idea sometime in the future. 

  11. 37 minutes ago, Felsagger said:

    A common suggestion that was proposed before, a good one. 

    Resuming/improving/adding some recommendations: 

    1. Improve A.I., enemy load outs where enemies carries three weapons. Improve their energy shielding. DE has all the assets already. 

    2. Learn from the Marauder in Doom Eternal. He uses his shield intelligently. 

    3. Introduce middle boss fight in unexpected situations. DE has all the models already

    4. Reduce Area of Effect and invulnerability to small quarters or simply add cool downs. 

    5. Enemy reads out the War Frame tier selecting better strategies and exposition, if possible. 

    6. Increase enemy level from the get go. 200 level already available on the star chart maps. 

    7. Improve the architecture of stages that are frequently visited by the community like Akkad, Hydron, ESO, SO, The void Orokin Ship tileset. 

    This list consider everything. It regulates War Frames, improves enemies and updates game assets. The problem is addressed restituting the health of the game. 

    I like your ideas. Additionally, maybe nulls could be redone to rather being a big bubble that deactivates abilities, could be a guy that provides personal shields for enemies within range which makes them immune to our powers. This way, it does not outright disable our powers, rather make it that we need to use other weapons or find the null dude.


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  12. I have been sitting on this idea for some time in regards how to properly add a more challenging version of warframe without screwing over players who like the power fantasy with the lack of challenge.

    For starters, you can choose to select an alternate version of the start chart with significant balance changes that allow for more of a challenging version of warframe. 

    Since i am planning to make a post on this eventually, ill just show the points i have right now. Fair warning, they are ideas are just wrote down so they might not be very clear or not good. Will refine later:

    -common enemy types are less common but are slightly stronger damage wise

    -unique enemy types such as the maniac show up much more frequently and all their attacks are much more lethal

    -regarding the first two points, as a player progresses through the star chart, common enemies show up less and get slightly stronger while unique enemy types become more common and lethal.

    -Common enemy types are less common while more unique enemy types show up more often (maniacs for example)

    -Common enemies do slightly less damage while unique attacks from the unique enemy types are more deadly but can be telegraphed depending on the lethality.

    -If player or group try to use a certain strategy to cheese the level, enemy ai will adapt to the best of it’s capability to counter the method (similar to the bunker example given in shy’s interview with pablo)

    -Health pool of enemies should not be bullet sponge like (enemies should try to use other methods of improved difficulty such as weak spots). If properly leveled up, enemies should go down within 1-2 combos using melee while primary or secondary weapons can deal with an enemy in a decent amount of time.

    -Recommend using doom eternal enemy methods: unique tougher enemies have weak spots in certain areas or require use of a certain attack to defeat. Enemies could be designed to deflect gun fire, counter spamming attacks, become immune to abilities that are used too often, perform attacks that can deal with multiple players if player try to gang up on enemy, can parry attacks, dodge certain attacks, etc.

    -Stalker and liches should have attacks that allow them to avoid getting cheesed (liches could have a personal shield that prevents players from shooting them out of their reach, send deadly attacks that change depending on how far the player is (like the marauder from doom) or teleporting to close the distance, etc.

    -Bosses should have their own arena rather than using a random spot in assassination missions, some bosses should be designed to be a fight for only a specific number of players depending on what kind of boss fight you want. If it is a 1 on 1, the mission will only be a single player mission.

    -some enemies will only be vulnerable to primary or secondary weapons while other enemies will be vulnerable to melee only (or is just really bullet sponge like with the wrong weapon)

    -Special enemies or bosses could have quick time events where if you were not careful, they could hit you with something that will cause some damage, but perform the require quick time event will prevent the damage from becoming to lethal.

    -new and old bosses should be creative and interesting like enemies in the dark souls’ series (while those games are known to be really difficult, I always loved the boss fights for how detailed and interesting they were)

    -If the player tries to hit and run to much, some bosses will perform certain action that will close the distance or punish the player for being cowardly.

    -special enemies or bosses will develop damage resistance to repeated uses of staggers or procs. Also has a damage threshold of sorts to prevent the player from using an op build to kill the boss in a few hits. Extreme example: a shotgun that is modded to inflict 1,000,000 damage per shot on a boss or unique enemy type will only inflict 500 or 1000 damage on target (I did say extreme example)


    -As for the warframe itself, players will not be able to adjust range or efficiency.

    -Strength and duration can be boosted to a certain extent by leveling up.

    -Player's health, shields, armor have adjusted stats based on the type of frame they use (all round frame, glass cannon frame, tank frame, etc.). Example: unranked excal, who would be considered as a all around frame, will have 300 shields, 100 armor and 200 health. At max rank, Excal will have 900 shields, 200 armor and 500 health (these are made up stats for the example)

    -A frame's energy pool will all be the same at 100 at unranked and 300 or 500 at max rank

    -For modding, you would mainly use augments to upgrade your abilities as your abilities would get stronger as you level up. This will also allow for mods that don't really affect your stats to be used. Mod slots would also be increased to allow for more customization. Additional augments would be needed for all frames to allow for more unique builds. Potentially, these augments could be found around the levels and could modify  a specific ability's stats to change how you use it.

    -Another requirement would be to look into how progression would work for melee and guns but I have not yet thought about it. 

    -I do know that a large amount of depth should be added to melee combat system as it has potential but is quite shallow at the moment.

    -Level design would also need more details (i will also be making a post about my ideas for this another day)

    -This part will upset some people, but pretty much all warframes abilities should be revisited. The idea is to redo the tool kits to make it that at base range and efficiency, abilities will only take down a small group of enemies or be single target focused with a low time to kill. But with access to all the mods available in current game, the abilities can be very strong and clear out a room of enemies which would give the feel of power fantasy. If a frame's revised abilities are not well received by the community that like power fantasy but is well received by the community that likes the challenge mode, the classic mode will use the frames original tool kit while the new version will be exclusive to the challenge version of the game.

    -Last point is just spitting ideas so it may not make much sense or is not well thought out.

    That is all of them so far but I will one day make a post with the thoughts laid out in a clearer state.


    Thanks for those who read this mess. Have a cookie 🍪

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  13. What about creating a second version of hard mode that would basically be a more engaging and challenging version of warframe? That way players who want to turn their brains off and relax play the version we currently have while players that are bored and want to challenge themselves switch to that mode. I mean, its easier said than done but it could work. The game itself would need tweaking but it might be worth a shot. 

  14. 47 minutes ago, taiiat said:

    okay. Nightwave kinda has done that already IMO, via the Zealoid Prelate.
    i wanna go to sleep so here's a lazy copy paste of the general idea of how the Zeloid Prelate encounter was acessed.


    that being said, is that.... better than just having it accessible by default? the first step seems pretty unnecessary. just as for the Zealoid Prelate during the Nightwave Season, the part of collecting the Keys necessary to play the content felt pointless, disconnected, just a chore. 

    Well in a matter of speaking, yes it is kinda like that, though more straight forward than crafting a bp. Just find a number a chests or something. My idea is to add onto the concept to give players something to work towards. Though you are right about the ideas. Unlike the emissary though, the weekly missions would have different objectives rather than assassination over and over.

    Hopefully that clarifies somethings. go get some rest Tenno. And thanks for the critique 🙂 

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  15. 58 minutes ago, (PS4)Jason_V_Jade said:

    Still it seems like something to be wary of.



    Sorry your post showed up at the same time I hit sent

    My question is how would they implement this without the BR mode as it does seem to be a key part of the game itself thus that is how this event seemed to be based around making it a key part.

    No problem. 

    Rather than using a battle royale setting, you would just play warframe, maybe through an alert or something, and would find a container of sorts that stand out and gives you a treasure chest. Collect enough, you will be allowed to join a weekly mission. Alternatively, a chest could be a reward for ranking up in nightwave to make it easier to find i guess. 

    Hopefully that clears things up.

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  16. 16 minutes ago, (PS4)Jason_V_Jade said:

    I completely forgot NW had story mode, I skipped it because Nora has an annoying habit of saying a lot when you could say the same thing with less so I always skip her 'story', lol.


    So in other words trying to sneak in a battle royal system?

    That alone easily gets a no from me.

    not even close. I apologize if I didn't make my idea clear. I don't want to copy and paste it into night wave. I am just suggesting that the concept, if implemented correctly, would be a cool addition for night wave. 

    The last thing I want warframe to add would be a battle royale mode

  17. 29 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

    Isn’t that already happening in Nightwave? Story progressing the farther the season goes, Daily challenges, etc? 

    It is but only through episodes like the seasons before if i recall. This would add more story in between the episodes to fill the gaps. Also I thought it was an interesting idea to look into.

    But you are definitely right. My idea was just adding to it.

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  18. 8 hours ago, (PS4)DoctorWho_90250 said:

    Hello, hi. Wanted to ask: I thought Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game. You mean it has co-op content as well? Or are these missions done in Battle Royale mode? 

    well kinda. This is there first attempt at a story quest of sort. You would have to play one of the battle royale modes (trios, duos or ranked) but then you do a weekly hunt which is a pve mission that, once completed, gives you another piece of the story along with rewards. 

    Hopefully that answers your question in some form.

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  19. 8 hours ago, taiiat said:

    why do i have to do the work to know what you're suggesting? that's a bit contrived.

    you brought up the Event, so, what do Players actually do in this Event in this other game.

    fair enough. 

    -You first play rounds of apex and in some caches in the game mode, you will find a chest that has rewards inside. For warframe, you would need to play any mission (maybe have an icon or alert to make it less of a chore to find?) and would find a crate or container that would be very obvious that contains rewards (boost of night wave xp, rare resources, unique mods, augments, etc) you can only find one per day.

    -After collecting five treasure packs in apex, you will be able to join a weekly hunt that is a co-op mission (the trailer shows you in a squad fending off some wolf like creatures and surviving until a drop ship arrives). Complete it, you get rewards, a gun charm, a piece of a mysterious artifact and the next chapter of the story. Nightwave can do something like this with weekly missions that unlock after getting five treasure caches. These missions could be like disruption with adding unique twists to existing game-modes (maybe merging railjack with the mission to be taking place in the same level?) that use unique enemy types that have not been seen in the game before (glass like enemies maybe?). The rewards could be something useful and unique and would provide a mini chapter in between Nora night's episodes which could add to the story. Maybe once in a while, the weekly mission will be facing a glass maker boss leading up to the final episode or something.


    I don't want to copy and paste Apex's season quest rather use it as inspiration to add on to night wave in the future. 

    here is an image from the site if it helps explain better

    UnityHQ Community Forum

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  20. 11 minutes ago, (NSW)Greybones said:

    Let me preface this by saying I’m not someone to knee-jerk a reaction without thought.

    That said, Respawn is one of my absolute favourite game developers of all time, and I love Apex Legends for a multitude of reasons.

    If there’s a suggestion to be inspired by what Respawn does, I am 100% behind it.

    🤔 Maybe I should actually read the OP now

    Dang nabbit 😅 got a smile out of me from that last sentence.

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