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  1. im pretty sure this has been discussed but im assuming the force from the harkpak would explode the fish
  2. buy 40 roomba packs and place them all in the Zit room and clean that crapola up
  3. specs to run warframe have changed what are the specs you currently have
  4. but how can wisp sell sex if she doesnt have feet ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  5. are you standing still? people think that even though they stand in one spot and use powers they are playing but de implemented this to stop people from just hitting 4 and leaving for a few minutes and returning
  6. consoles dont get platinum discounts they get discounts on items so the 50% is 50% off of ONE item that costs platinum as for that... id say some form of syandana / armor set since they generally cost the most
  7. not hostile more like tired of people asking for it, instead of realizing the console owners sony/nintendo/microsoft wouldn't willingly let a customers wallet go. why would they let you play on another device and spend money on that instead of locking you in and forcing you to spend money on their console instead? the only reason epic can do this on certain games is they are that spoiled rich kid throwing their money around trying to make friends.
  8. 100% doubt its anywhere in the near future
  9. nope console to pc will never happen sony / microsoft / nintendo wont allow it
  10. i pray to steves short pink shorts every time i do a run and 99.99% of the time im met with depressing amounts of disappointment cant agree more i wish we were able to buy the systems we need to rank up before rather then after.
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