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  1. best bet is to probably contact rebecca through twitter https://twitter.com/rebbford or megan https://twitter.com/moitoi or tagging them @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca
  2. try and maximize efficiency on your frame with https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Streamline https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Fleeting_Expertise
  3. id personally be more likely to buy prime accessories if they were 20-25$ i dont need boosters and im not about to spend 60-65$ CAD on them. if i REALLY need boosters ill buy a 3 day with plat.
  4. i never said i had a brain friend :D + wraith > prisma any day<3
  5. prisma brakk? it would be brakk wraith as it is a grineer weapon
  6. thanks for taking your time DE and keeping us updated <3
  7. Added changes to reveal method of Acolyte Mod Drops to prevent stress on host-migration and matchmaking in the event of repeated mission aborts. Please note that now any Event Mod dropped by Acolytes will appear with the 'Rare' beacon and only be revealed at mission complete. Changed the default Common/Uncommon/Rare drop rate system for Acolyte enemies to have a more equalized distribution of drops across the rarities. In doing so, the rate that Uncommon and Rare mods drop has been increased by double, and the rate at which Common mods drop has been reduced. THANK YOU REBECCA <333
  8. this just paves a bigger road for founders.. soon people will be begging and crying again for founders exclusives but wait.. there exclusives arent they?.. thats what i thought misa prime was and now i was wrong. i pray to steves pink shorts that im wrong
  9. wait.... my syandana is coming back that i thought i was special for having? great...
  10. chat is probobly down atm who knows when itll be up!.. sucks cuz now no recruiting :(
  11. i dont enjoy pvp thats why i started playing warframe :D wouldnt touch it with a 20 mile pole
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