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  1. Yeah I enjoy everything they've shown about Railjack, but im hoping we can put them on our ship because of when the other factions join in. I want a robot crew with Vauban/ infested crew with Nidus
  2. I feel like a savior 'when you need it most' isn't going to work well in the current state of the game. Some frames rarely die, Wukong, for example, has THREE false deaths before he goes down/dies. Rhino has iron skin. Nidus has his immortality if you have 15 stacks. Dont get me wrong, I love warframe as it is right now, but if converting a lich only does this for a player, and doesn't add any other bonus? Most liches are getting put 6 feet under Eris. Pls no bulli i just wanna have a decked out grineer squad
  3. I recently got discord nitro and all i can see as a way to get it is to reinstall all 33 gigs of data. Any other way?
  4. I never said they couldn't criticize, I just was encouraging people to at least be respectful when they speak out against/for something, since the devs try their hardest.
  5. Ive only heard of QS, and she sounds like a toxic piece of S#&$ from what I've watched. Never a good word from her comes out for warframe or DE. If I were them, I'd cut ties with QS immediately.
  6. I wish they would too. I personally just want his 2 and 3 nerfed into the ground. Put some challenge in the eidolons again.
  7. I cant take listening to Rath whine anymore. Seriously, all the Warframe partners bash and hate on the game. You'd think DE would cut ties.
  8. Remember to not be rude with your critisim because we should be greatful DE is reworking not one, but TWO underused frames. I was never a fan of both frames, but I'm hopeful the fans of them will enjoy the rework like Wukong's
  9. Its on purpose. Lua Disruption gives Axi Relics, especially for Atlas Prime
  10. Because K-Drives were failed content because theyre outclassed by Archwings, which you get just as easily.
  11. I'll toss this thread into the 'my endgame' pile.
  12. I wanna see him floating down with the collar above him like an umbrella.
  13. Vor just suicide bombs with his janus key then lol.
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