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  1. Thanks for the fixes! can we get some info on the state of fixing the overdone special effects on RJ when those crystal things spawn? Or the low ground-enemy spawns that make fissures take much longer? until these are fixed, it’s a bit painful to do void storms
  2. Sweet! Can we please get somachord for cambion drift, the music we hear in parts of The Necralisk, and now the New Corpus Ships?! The soundtracks are all so good!
  3. Can you at least keep RNG out of the damn streams? My god, we already have terrible drop chances in the game. We don’t need it on Twitch, too.
  4. This is intended. The color is infestation spores
  5. Only during Scarlet Spear. They had Splintyx, a ramsled, and a pair of ships. One was a standard fighter, and another had some cool tricks: it would make four clones of itself, and only the real one took damage. if you were boarded by these “Anu” units, they would be deadly, like normal Sentients. I forget which, but one of the standard Sentients would deploy anu vomvalysts that blocked your guns, forward artillery, and even engineering until destroyed. but now since scarlet spear is over, Anu units can no longer be found, not even in codex, despite me scanning them ple
  6. Do Murex send out units from Scarlet Spear? Are they supposed to? Because right now, Murex feel dull and a chore. If we had actual sentient threats, the anomaly would be more interesting
  7. Please, please, PLEASE. Let us mod our Kuva Liches, both weapons and Themselves. As it stands, Kuva Liches are useless in missions other than as a meat shield. That’s great, but not 2-3 hour grind great. I want to have an ally, not an RNG lottery system of which lich appears to say a one-liner, and then leave. If we could mod our Liches, like our Warframes, they could actually help us. This makes sense both in gameplay and in story. What is the point of these allies if only we can put up the slightest resistance to the Sentients? Kuva Liches even struggle t
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