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  1. It's ridiculous that every single of these damned thread devolves into gender identity arguments. And to think that almost a decade ago people would be arguing more about how much more unnecessary work would need to go into making gender skin cosmetics than these poo ponds of modern debate subjects. I'd really like just for TennoGen to get full access to editing body meshes to a degree to allow for simple template gender cosmetics.
  2. From the great succ to lowest succ Vauban Atlas Ember Nyx and Revenant (only because Revenant's 1 ability is useless in public games)
  3. Like trying to put a chain on a puff of smoke. The Russians simply can't be contained by nature.
  4. Does anyone even use Rhino Charge at all? I wouldn't mind a buff to it like if you were to rhino charge upwards into the air and rhino charge immediately into the ground it'd produce a 2x larger blast proc version of his passive BFFFFFRRRRRRRRT landing.
  5. "High likelihood that we've done some terrible things on their behalf.." We go around listening to a strange woman to indiscriminately genocide the two only super powers in the system. It's assumed that we're the orokin war dogs that they sic on anyone who gives them a funny look. Remember, we're not the good guys despite what people generally think. I'm betting that when we first killed off the Orokin we thought we were beating the bad guys and helping the underdogs. Soon those underdogs became the Corpus and Grineer, so we flush them out too and the next group of underdogs fill the power vacuum and become the next wave of negative super powers. All we are are just soulless angry space teens who are only good at killing things and making things worse 🙁
  6. This needs to be brought to the attention of the devs. I've went through 46 of these vaults and had not a single one drop any of these mods even with a Nekros + Smeeta combo.
  7. Watching youtube videos all day has slowed my capacity to solve simple puzzles so i very much appreciate it. /s
  8. Tell us your stories of back when you were fast and in your prime again grandpa! (Gauss' speeding across PoE at mach 10 in the background)
  9. Mine is when certain hosts can't get Tyl Regor to pop up for the third time in Uranus. It's always the third boss round that he doesn't appear.
  10. We need Master Thief + Scavenger buffs. It's time for the age of the hoarder thief warframe.
  11. A pistol that buffs each melee attack per pistol kill.
  12. What would i give for smolder voice Tyl Regor mission handler voice pack...
  13. Stalker's going to be a "that one small geeky kid in school that you picked on in highschool grew up to be a massive body builder" story.
  14. That'd be a pretty cool concept. One year solar rails are captured by the Tau and stop functioning, every planet is under attack by Sentients and the operators that are stranded on certain planets/relays have to fight their way back to solar rails to reconnect the solar system again. In the mean time they'll have to either help or ignore the desperate dominant faction's on those certain planets to flush the Sentients off world, ignoring would encourage Tenno based rewards while helping the dominant planetary factions would reward Grineer/Corpus loot.
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