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  1. One thing is for sure, Nezha Prime's armor will be carefully designed to be ergonomically slippery.
  2. Where can one even utilize Protea's rewind ability? Like in PvP i'd understand but where would this ultimate really shine in Warframe?
  3. It seems to be the same with Spectra and other laser weapons, the laser fidgets all around the lower the accuracy. The question is why don't laser weapons just have the laser beams' width widen with inaccuracy like how it does with the Opticor.
  4. When using the [Guided Ordnance] mod (+30% accuracy) with [Heavy Caliber] at rank 11 (-30% accuracy) doesn't seem to work. The Flux rifle still retains its 23 Accuracy after hitting and aiming at an enemy target in live games and in simulacarum.
  5. This used to be a feature on corpus ships back in ~2013 but was removed in one of the first patches at the beginning of 1stQ 2014.
  6. If this were ever to actually get in, they'd probably set it up where it's Tyl Regor making a surprise visit with his own ships and battalion of TEOOOBMEHN with him taunting Lotus with volley of lasers and missiles, shortly after having him say on the intercom "Momma don't want to be tickled? Well that's too bad!" before he launches a fleet of Tubemen ramsleds at her fleet. Having Lotus say it would be very out of character but Tyl Regor would definitely say that.
  7. Yeah definitely a great and...*Stares at her swaying thicc hips*...uh well thought out design....*Still staring* Very well thought out.
  8. Rhino + Archwing deploy guns = Warframe's best Heavy Weapons guy. I just need modular Archwing guns so i can name my own gun "Sasha." Grendel: The Mighty Chonk, the Devourer of the Dweebs, the Lord of the Thicc. Choosing the character usually means you want the enemy to hit you with their best shot and those who pose a threat, you eat and use them as ammo for your spit cannon.
  9. I enjoy playing Empyrean because its fun. It's very reminiscent to that one Half life 2 mod "Obsidian Conflict" map called oc_danmaku released back in like 2012 which i absolutely loved. I would not be surprised if one of the developers got their idea and concept from this. (2 maps coinciding besides each other to allow for almost seamless transitions, Railjacks using a 3d Skybox camera type deal to display the actions of the remotely controlled railjack in the space map)
  10. I wouldn't mind resource sharing in normal planet missions. Release a thief/looter warframe that can unlock all lockers and increase the chances for more resources to drop+rare items and my looter hoarder self would be in heaven while the rest of my team would benefit from my hoarding spree.
  11. To add to that she has a passive 20% evasion. It's possible that it might also apply to her archwing too.
  12. So you'd recommend bringing an Ash or Zephyr into a railjack as their abilities are most compatible and beneficial to a railjack crew?
  13. I've also found that Grendel is a very good boarding warframe. Just slingshot yourself into the ship and eat everyone.
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