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  1. Same happening to me, and all my mods and arcanes were removed from Valkyr build when i switched to that frame from another.
  2. Nowhere to put my companion riven, tried moa's smeeta's sentinel weapons, even looked all the weapon slots and its nowhere to be found, except in the mods section.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/4dwj6qy.jpg Weapon and Kavat lost all levelling when someone dropped out at level 15 of a 20 wave defence in Helene. This happened to one of the other players also. The same thing also happened when a clan mate left a squad while doing Plague Star earlier.
  4. The red text makes this game. Whoever writes them is genius. 😂😂😂
  5. Remind me NEVER to reformat my pc and have to re-download Warframe EVER again. Over 12 hours to do 24GB. Then I go to log in and it has more content to download. Anyone have the number for the Samaritans? I hope Wisp comes out today to make me feel better 😉
  6. Sleep is for the weak. Sleep when you are dead. Prime time is worth it
  7. I wish the twitch drop was Wolfys weapon blueprint. I guess I'll find Lord Lucan before that. I feel so used and abused by the wicked wolf. Turning up for a bit of trouble then leaving me wondering what did I did wrong. CALL ME WOLFY!!
  8. Please, for the love of my sanity, change the mods supplied with the platinum packaged. I don't need 800 seeking furys, animal instincts or armored agilities. I don't even need one, but i'm stuck with a shedload. Can you update these mods for something we might use, and change them frequently?? Pleaseeeeeeeee, pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. And can we have some dragon and unicorn type pets 😂
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