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  1. Just been doing isolation vaults, and both times after the first mission, the vault status didn't update after completion so we had to abort mission. I restarted the game after the first time this happened, which didn't help.
  2. Wow Mesa, no need to be rude. I like this moustache because it suits the monocle. She has a bad attitude because no woman likes having a tash. Sorry to leave so quickly, I'm late so I moustache (bad jokes are my thing) Edited in photoshop
  3. Edited in Photoshop (contrast and sharpness) My cute demonic Nezha :D
  4. Hi, I have been trying to gild my rank 30 Medjay Predasite, but it will not allow me to do it. https://imgur.com/a8rSPUg I could do this with my first companion with no issue. I have created more companions that I am currently levelling too.
  5. Sorry, I know this is not major, but I moved my necromech statue away to put a planet in its place, but the statue stayed red and wouldn't place anywhere. I removed the necromech to place again later, but it still wont place anywhere. I removed another articular so have plenty of space, so don't know what else it can be. Other decorations can be placed.
  6. So excited for this, but was wondering what will happen with all the decorations in my cyst room? Will they stay in place? Get removed for me? Or will i have to remove them?
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