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  1. yeah it was fixed for me But it wasnt actually a bug for me It was me saying trap and other words DE dont like 🙂 on the region chat
  2. Sure man , Edit added u see u in game 🙂
  3. Damn nvm i cant believe i didnt turn on HUD damage settings. I must have accidentally turned it off a week ago.
  4. i have a strange bug where every enemy doesnt show any number with the damage with any weapons or warframe abilities. I thought it was only limited to the open world enemies like the bosses eidolons and orb spiders. I have now realised that every enemy in game in every mission shows no numbers next to the enemys head or character as the normal standard. Heres a screeenshot of example in simalcrum. And yes it affects every map in the game, every starchart node and open world etc.
  5. Want to join kuva farm? I can do kuva floods / kuva survival / arbi Will be grinding alot in the next few weeks IGN LightSaviour98
  6. Bugs are everywhere after every major update and even during hotfixes. A hotfix should not be a fix for a bad hotfix. To this day there are bugs since the kuva lich udpate that still is in my game. DE please fix.
  7. Sure man IGN LightSaviour98 Would like to do kuva survival / arbi for as much kuva asp I can do eidolons but Im in Australia so might get bad ping. I also prefer not do to eidolons as I think the drop rate is very bad for the good arcanes and plat isnt as high as when POE first came out. And I do relics all the time along with kuva. I also have discord same username as here. Im on most of the time except for dinner / lunch and past late midnight hours.
  8. I have a bug with the eidolons and profit taker / exploiter orb and thumpers and basically all open world enemies. They do not show any damage indicator ie the numbers with the enemies when u shoot them. This is not the worst bug because they do take damage still from weapons and abilites etc. However I Cant see any numbers with the damage! A bit frustrating because its been like this for a week. And no I am not shoooting when the eidolons are invulnerable or profit taker invulnearble whatever. I take down their shields and no damage is shown when i shoot. Not even the eidolons shields show damage number when i shoot with amps. Help?
  9. nah i got banned for a week. yesterday it lifted
  10. I know that. But the eidolons when their shields are taken down. THeir limbs dont display a number to indicate the damage taken. In fact during the shield phase, there is stil no number displayed to indicate how much damage they taking. This is the same for thumpers when I shoot their knees.
  11. The eidolons have no hit marker when i shoot them for a few days now Today again I did a bounty and even the thumpers have no hit marker and dont respond to my bullets. Normal enemies die however..
  12. Lol not for me haha. Mine is not a bug it seems LOL. Chat ban still active grr.
  13. eidolons are still bugged but even worse now. they dont take any damage just shield damage. the limbs are undamageable for me.
  14. When will acolytes come? I missed out on all the previous ones cuz of long breaks, can anyone advise?
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