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  1. I have the same hardwarefail issue. Game crash after several minutes, all monitors blackout. I can still hear sounds from youtube playing but cannot get the monitors back, have to hard reset. This is the first time I run into this problem after 3 years playing Warframe on the same computer. I tried upgrading nvidia driver to the lastest version 445.78, same problem (was on version 442.xx before) BTW only Warframe crash. I play Dota 2 for several hours without issue.
  2. Zarr shotgun mode didn't receive 3x status buff
  3. TYPE: [ In-Game, Reward] DESCRIPTION: [Scarlet Spear event. I am no longer able to gain any operation credit since update 27.3.2 was deployed. I tried both Murex Raid and Ground Assault, as host and as client. I tried restarting Warframe three times. I still get relic reward from a successful Oplink defense, just no credit] VISUAL: [Screenshot: My mission summary with Relic reward but without operation credit.] REPRODUCTION: [After update 27.3.2] EXPECTED RESULT: [I should have operation credits together with relic reward.] OBSERVED RESULT: [No operation credit] REPRODUCTION RATE: [Everytime I play after update 27.3.2]
  4. TYPE: [ In-Game, Reward] DESCRIPTION: [Scarlet Spear - Ground Assault. I did 3 times for a total of 6885 points, which was shown on scoreboard. However I didn't get any operation credit at the end of my mission. The last run finished at 10:05AM ET time, 25th March 2020.] VISUAL: [Screenshots: My scoreboard and my squad members. My end of mission summary without operation credit. My rank 3 emblem.] REPRODUCTION: [After update 27.3.2] EXPECTED RESULT: [I should have 2295 x 3 = 6885 operation credits, plus 10.000 for the rank 3 emblem.] OBSERVED RESULT: [I only receive 600 operation credits] REPRODUCTION RATE: [It happened 3 times in a row.]
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