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  1. Thanks, It seems you are also an adept in selective reading and condescension, but not in being a valuable contributor to the topic. It's weird how the first person who quoted me didn't have your problem and we could actually exchange something beyond ad-homs. You do need to read other replies that happened significant time before yours though, or you just look like a doofus. Open a new tab of the same thread if needed.
  2. Thanks, what part of "prisma" and "weapon" made you think i'm talking about simple skins? The "reskin" part? Being dishonest with yourself is an important skill for a forum DEfender heavyweight, understandable. There is no separate prisma skins for weapons, and vets wouldn't care much about those compared to actual gear. Unless you often see someone saying a line similar to mine with the intent to ask for more actual prisma skins then you are just being disingenuous.
  3. Not an argument. Consider refreshing page before actually posting your response so you can read additions of your quotees if obvious stuff eludes you. Nice thread, all these huge post counts. Must be more fun than the game itself to defend DE from opinions that they don't even read.
  4. It seems I'm actually misunderstood. I did mean new stats as well which was mentioned in my other posts. Didn't expect that someone could accidentally misenterpret obvious sarcasm about the ease that DE can produce weapon variants with, implied by calling them "reskins".
  5. No upvote for you. If you read my posts you'll find out that I did mention stat assigning, don't be ignorant!
  6. Hey guys, don't gang up on my semantics. I'll even promise to upvote you.
  7. Don't know who are you quoting. However, It would be very interesting to know how long it took to assign stats to new kuva guns without accounting for mechanic changes and additions. Baro is not "content" but a system for distribution and gating of some new and old content. I'm okay with all that though, don't care that much.
  8. I'd agree but they have every tool and statistic they need to calculate acceptable stats for the new stuff very fast. It's just their judgement that makes it lose/lose often, but in that case anything they do is a subject to bad judgement so why have less of it.
  9. More options is better than less. All these complaints are either a non issue or can be alleviated by proper handling by DE while absence of the option to even have something non cosmetic from Baro made me stop looking forward for his visit completely. I'm from a vocal-ish minority though, so who cares?
  10. A single prisma reskin of a gimmicky underused weapon once at least every 3 Baro visits would go a long way for vets without detracting much of the valuable time from all the other stuff DE are doing.
  11. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Riven_Mods Check out aquisition sections. You get both mods and kuva with much shorter reward loop and by doing things that aren't just about kuva, even just by simply logging in, + direct trading ability. Compare this to mandatory 2 hours of lich only nodes without proper good squadmaking options for a single weapon dupe. We'll call it a draw.
  12. I outlined just some of the reason for that in the very first sentence of the post you are quoting.
  13. Kuva gain is indeed way better integrated in the game compared to murmur farm, as well as direct riven trading making shortcuts possible. Still both lich farm and kuva rolling are awful systems, with rivens being a glorified slot machine. I do have a problem with 45000 rolls needed for the combo I may want, but didn't state the obvious because this thread is not about riven grievances, and you instantly latched onto your wrong assumptions. Just stop. @GruntBlender this tedium-loving person can't debate to save their life, don't waste your time.
  14. Not attainable enough, without trading only works for minimum goals like getting a few 50-59% guns and prevents from teaming up efficiently, which just makes whole gamemode deserted by pub and recruited groups. How are you still managing to misunderstand me after all these days of reading the same stuff? I'm done here, arguments served their purpose. Whoever is unfortunate enough to stumble on this thread will have good understanding of my position and position of random defender of current state of the lich system. I got a good idea of what sort of people might like it as it is now.
  15. For you and anyone else wondering, so you don't need to assume: 45000 rolls on average to get 1 perfect lanka riven for eidolon hunts, without even accounting for stat ranges.
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