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  1. I've got exact same issue, happened after either of the 2 recent hotfixes.
  2. It would make sense to include necra mods in necra syndicate shop, because doing 500 average runs of tier 1 vault to have maybe 1 drop of either of 3 rares does not make sense.
  3. Cloudwalker still not affected by sprint mods and sliding.
  4. Kinda wishing I could look up your profile for average cipher time, just to understand you better.
  5. Ok, you understand even less than previous guy so I'm done here.
  6. You are the one mixing them up, I was pretty clear. Not the stat but the damage done. So you clearly don't notice when your damage is doubled, why do you want to deprive me of the ability to do double damage though? Do your half damage whenever you please, I want an option for double. Tell me if this analogy is still too much for you.
  7. You didn't answer the question. Do you notice double damage done or not?
  8. You are the one who keeps saying that base effect is too low so doubling is not important, while the doubling is just that — doubling, and is always equally important. For analogy think about amount of steel essence being your total damage. Do you not notice when your damage is doubled or not?
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