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  1. Some abilities are treated as weapons by design. Will you be able to find all of them?
  2. Event should be extended, it will balance leaderboard wipes a bit. You can't say that something is an exploit if it's unavoidable by someone's questionable design, just saying
  3. @Poolboy, my dude, you don't qualify for passionate player so you can't speak for us. The "neophytes" you are talking about earned their gold 10 times over while you scored bare minimum in most events. Please don't embarrass me personally with these threads and i will not embarrass you.
  4. I was doing lab runs with ketch and can confirm. Additionally we got at least 3 Motus Setup mods and few other rares from unique lab amalgams, and these mods are supposed to appear at 0.97% chance after rolling for 15% mod drop first. Unlikely that we got such good luck with these super rare mods and didn't get 2% rolls even once, unless there is no additional roll for these 2%.
  5. It is a rotational reward, but no wonder that people don't know about that.
  6. Is this fixed yet? It's hard to tell these days.
  7. We need more ways to get forma, more reliable ways at least. Put it in shops, make it tradeable, and of course buff droprates. This "end-game" reward still doesn't solve the problem of many high drain mods being added that eventually will restrict builds so much you will be forced to make a second frame of the same type anyway if you want any optimal build diversity. Can as well spend these 4 forma required and make a spare frame instead, unless aura forma just becomes universal polarity forma for any slot. As it is now, even vets who have nothing else to do and have spare time on hands are sick from a mere thought of getting enough aura forma with current droprates. I've spent 3 long session in game doing mostly arbitrations and after 120+ rewards i got 0 forma. Some of my buddies looked at my struggle and decided to not even do arbies as they are now, even though they are more than capable. it's simply a waste of time and you could've played a full game in time it takes to get a single aura froma on average. Just think about it. inb4 you don't really need it — then why does it even exist if vets don't need it? It is indeed a mystery, since the benefit is so tiny and will be cancelled out in the end by ridiculous mod drain of all the new rank 10 mods. My guess is to keep players online by inertia, but the novelty of getting 100k endo filler in a day instead of one thing i was after quickly worn off and my case is not unique.
  8. Who exactly is this reward made for then if not for vets? Who can even farm it reliable if not fully geared people with knowledge of how things in game works? I've spent hours recently in 3 long arby runs and got 0 forma, that was 120+ rotations, 240+ waves. I'm even doing it exclusively because I can, having the gear, experience and free time to pull this off in the most efficient manner, and I still get nothing for my efforts. At this point i'm not doing any more runs until we get buffed droprates, availability of forma in either of in game shops, ability to trade blueprint or something along the lines at least. I also believe it should not be just for aura but for any slot. So what was the purpose of this reward from game design perspective if not to abuse playerbase with promise of hollow reward so they waste literal days in missions for a good chance at getting whopping 0 of the thing they went there for? Reminder that most players, absolute majority, can't even reliably stay in arby for 3 rotations which you could see in prime time.
  9. Still no fix for inability to melee with atmosphere archgun equipped in hands.
  10. Months later still not fixed. If you wear any sigil with bonus to standing gain and do a daily then the bug will be reproduced. If you don't wear sigil and do a daily then standing will work as intended, being awarded for daily mission completion without deduction from daily total.
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