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  1. Kinda wishing I could look up your profile for average cipher time, just to understand you better.
  2. Ok, you understand even less than previous guy so I'm done here.
  3. You are the one mixing them up, I was pretty clear. Not the stat but the damage done. So you clearly don't notice when your damage is doubled, why do you want to deprive me of the ability to do double damage though? Do your half damage whenever you please, I want an option for double. Tell me if this analogy is still too much for you.
  4. You didn't answer the question. Do you notice double damage done or not?
  5. You are the one who keeps saying that base effect is too low so doubling is not important, while the doubling is just that — doubling, and is always equally important. For analogy think about amount of steel essence being your total damage. Do you not notice when your damage is doubled or not?
  6. You can't present your uninformed opinion as correct about a state of in-game mechanic that's not proven to be correct in-game. Of course you aren't interested if it works as soon as it turned out you were wrong. Next time better spend 10 minutes of being correct in-game than being wrong on forums for days. https://streamable.com/5augr2 video without you since you are so terrified of seeing first hand evidence of yourself being wrong. Good? This whole mess sets a precedent, and if it's kept as is there will be more of these. Without "complainers" you wouldn't even have official droplist, say thanks to them.
  7. I've said a lot of things to counter the mess in in your replies. Indeed DE can set up a precedent, but bugs don't count and things like this one are assumed bugs until the said precedent is set. You've lost any authority to make claims about how things work by refusing to do a simple test and by being wrong on top. No need for victim blaming. If anything this conversation kept the thread more visible, thank you for bumping. We spent quite some time arguing already, why not go extra 10 minutes?
  8. No idea what you imply here. If a table has a 100% chance to roll then looters roll it again, unless that's disabled by devs on purpose of you getting less drops. There can't be other reason, and i'm ok with that, if it's announced by devs. You do know that oxium ospreys can be looted? 100% chance to roll. So what i'm saying is looter frames and boosters are coded in separately, you should stop bringing looters up. And a sole health orb is a purely desecrate feature, just fyi. But booster works, and notes don't mention booster. Resolving this problem could've been as simple as changing a line of code if it's a bug and as simple as making a statement if it's a feature. Now consoles got the same treatment, apparently, without a word from devs. I have much better idea. My booster is still there, want to join me for a few rescue runs? I can even make a video, with or without you.
  9. Open your eyes, I posted the result from my run that makes your position obsolete. Go get a booster and pull your head out of the sand. You are literally arguing against proven truth here. Your incorrect claim was that blue booster gear item never worked because you read something in patchnotes that is not even there. Of course you'll project that some redditor fumbled at reading the droptables, which you apparently haven't done yourself at the time. The sole fact that blue booster does turn 50% into 100% in this case means that post was and still is correct. You don't know how loot rolls work and refuse to even try to test the very thing you are talking about. Looters don't double the chance to get a roll but instead make that roll to happen again. That effect is coded in separately, it doesn't affect the booster effect in the slightest. Tweaking items in regard to loot frames didn't change the fact that booster works in case of rj eximus resources and must be fixed to apply in steel essence case.
  10. Yeah, it's a separate issue though. We are talking about shop item here, remember? This here is prime example of a person that shouldn't be listened to in regards to such a matter. Patchnotes are just that, notes. Actual play shows how things works, why should I even state the obvious. If you are somehow serious, my advice is to verify key lines in patchnotes, they aren't always correct, claims about features and fixes aren't always correct or complete. Reddit post stated very clearly that it's 50% chance to roll a drop and 100% chance for it to be a resource, because it is a drop roll separate from every other resource. It doesn't happen the other way around, i'll quote myself: because that's silly and when wf loot drop happens it can't roll nothing. If you find a case like this — post it here. I'd archive the droplist if I knew DE would delete these resource entries. Don't you find it weird that they got deleted? I never implied that it affects content distribution, and yes it works and boosts the chance to roll it at all, as intended. Here is my capture run that I mentioned above, arbiters hit squad, random eximus and 2 wardens (not the normal wardens):
  11. Of course, it doesn't work so it is not visible. Now if it worked though it would be either 2x drops or 1.5x drops depending if DE lets innate SP bonus work. When you do 2x damage, do you notice the difference or it's all the same?
  12. Wrong, I literally just did a test and blue booster works for cubics both in normal starchart and steel path for all sorts of eximi. You didn't even adress how my test results showing that blue booster works for rj eximus drops prove your whole point to be incorrect. But how can you know if you never looked at official droptables at the time they existed? I did, and that random reddit person did, and I will believe my own eyes more than assumptions of someone who only read patchnotes. Reddit didn't word it oddly at all, all resources roll this way, and you are, as usual, free to prove otherwise. Just get a booster and do an actual test? Remember you claimed that booster never worked and doesn't work. Who will trust you about timer if you are lying right now about that fact. Oh right, steel essence. Since everyone can test and see that blue booster works for rj eximus drops, steel essence remains the sole outlier not being boosted, which was omitted from patchnotes that DEfenders trust in so hard here.
  13. I thought we are testing blue booster gear item and not the innate dropchance bonus? What? Super eximus? Wardens counting as eximus? Whose theory, there is only me an you here. I mentioned warden eximus dropping cubes, it doesn't even matter that they were wardens but you latched onto it for some reason. Yeah, rescue spawns eximus often and they just so happen to be wardens, OK? Wrong, official drop list had info of 50% chance to roll the table with 100% chance to get the drop in it as I stated above. You didn't even check the link above. I did my own test run in steel path just now, since i already have the booster. 10 waves of Larzac solo, no looter, cat or anything. 18+ eximi spawned, drop happened every time and I ended up with 149 cubics. So you didn't know how rj eximus drops are rolled, didn't know about timer and if booster affects them, but believe that you are correct about steel essence?
  14. https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/e0v331/something_i_think_ive_figured_out_about_the_drop/f8iaua8/ Check this thread in general, makes you think. They didn't make proper testing like me at the time, but suspicions are correct. Your claim that booster never worked is simply not holding up because I got a drop 8+ times in a row at the time of pre fix testing when I waited out a minute and today I also got syndicate assassins in my rescue run and together with 1 random and 2 warden eximi they dropped 117 cubics, drop on every kill even if I exploded multiple of them at once. I had no cat or orange booster. I'm going to check steel path rescue and interception later to confirm whatever you say because so far you are fluctuating from being misleading and disingenuous to straight up lying. Either way, the fact that you are ready to believe that it's wardens that work differently instead of me being correct means that you have no idea how that particular resource actually drops; instead you prefer to trust patch notes that simply misled you. Especially considering that droprate for these 4 rj resource from eximus units were removed from official droplist for some suspicious reason, even though they were up on release. It is 50% chance to roll a droptable that contains a singular item to pick from, making that item to drop 100% of the time if the table is rolled. It is not a 100% chance to roll a droptable containing both the single resource and the nothing in even proportions, and that's why blue booster is expected to work and is working. Till now booster worked in every case when droptable roll chance is below 100% and steel essence is the only known exception not explained in advance or adressed anyhow yet. It's weird to defend this state of things, unless you are extremely misinformed and confused.
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