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  1. I've read that in the Jovian Concord patch notes for PC, but didn't find it for PS4. Where does your quote come from? Because it definitely worked yesterday. (Or did I misunderstood this text? I've got the same melee mods on my melee and on the Deconstructor Prime, and that works/worked)
  2. I'm not 100% sure if we are talking about the same thing... but aren't they "folded" and they unfold when you shoot with them?
  3. but make sure those weapons are not required as crafting ingredients for other weapons, otherwise you'll have to build them again... https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapons_Required_as_Crafting_Ingredients
  4. I think he meant that he took a day off (holiday). He didn't just stay away from work 😄
  5. Seriously, this is a grind game. Why do so many people feel the need to get everything right now without doing anything for it? It's not like that it's in any way hard to get the standing if you just play the game... Take week 1 for an example: You get 9000 standing for opening 10 relics. Do a exterminate or whatever and you can farm the standing for the "kill 500 enemies" (6000 standing) and "kill 150 enemies with radiation damage" (1000 standing) all in one - that's nearly 2 tiers in less than half an hour and you get prime stuff on top. Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis? 5 minutes for 6000 standing - same for PoE Doing sorties gives you 9000 standing in week 3 - at the same time you should get the 6000 for doing 3 spy missions Don't want to do something? Just skip it. I skipped the derelict vaults and the sabotage caches for example - and I still got to tier 15 last week.
  6. A weapon from Red Veil would also be possible atm.
  7. Hey there, I'm looking for a Telos Boltor from Arbiters. Could offer a weapon of choice from Steel Meridian. IG name Kutschman
  8. Hey, just unwrapped your gift... :) Thank you very much!
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