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  1. What your suggesting is to make a very inefficient build for mediocre Warframe for a faction that I don't really care for.
  2. Ok he maybe able to do all that I'm not the biggest baruuk's player, but his kit conflicts with it self on many occasions His 1 is a evasion ability that makes no sense when you have multiple sources of damage reduction. His 2 is actually a good ability but is often used the most to build restraint which is a waste a energy because you'll eventually double CC enemies His 3 has no point being there it grants 90% damage reduction but won't the enemies be affected by lull anyway, it disarms but wouldn't have elude up anyway and even if you don't. if allies get to close that take the daggers thus reducing your damage mitigation and don't you remember you have elude so this is a redundant ability. And don't forget your passive. His 4 is a good ability on paper but it does have it's down sides you build up a meter to unleash your 4, so it's already under the notion that it has decent strength because of all the effort you have to put in to activate and maintain it. But its pretty lackluster and just because you can kill the wolf it's nothing to celebrate because you can do that with most frames as is anyway. Yes it's a great CC but it's a weak exalted weapon heck even wukong can out damage Baruuk and that frame has very little appeal to play because he's so incohesive and boring. And your last statement sounds really asinine so I give you the benefit of the doubt that, That wasn't what you meant to say because looking at all the frames many of them don't fit that description.
  3. Yes I know but it must be a modest length though, because of the upcoming melee rework and just general gameplay. Also I just said I would give a little more range anyway.
  4. I guess I see your point, it was just the reply I got seemed like a very flimsy defense of 'but I like my fashion frame' but we got 3 more slots just for energy and the frame that use energy color for his passive doesn't get a new mechanic or change in the slightest. It Just bothered me see how fast criticism for the 2-tone energy was being received, And after that we got and additional 2 for emissives just made me lose faith. Oh and no offense about the earlier statement.
  5. If that was the point they were trying to make, they should have provided an idea for another kit or passive. but beyond that I do acknowledge the point they are piecing together but if they don't offer something up some kit or passive I'll do that tomorrow.
  6. Did you not see me say that we can have other options. Like it not that hard to integrate a menu that let's us alter this frame it works with Octavia so why not chroma. Octavia had a menu for her ability, a menu in the option, and D.E said it was kinda difficult to do so how come they can't just give that to Chroma.
  7. But they can just choose emissive or the frames energy to tack it on it's not that hard or they can just have an option for chroma to pick what his energy does
  8. What I'm trying to accomplish with this kit is to make Wukong a fun to use frame, While also offering more to his teammates and giving more variety to his kit Passive)- Monkey king Wukong has erased his name from the book of Life and death and cannot die anymore 1.) - Brutalize Wukong summons his signature weapon from behind enemies shoving them closer if cast twice Wukong take the pole and swings it spit comes crashing down multiplying all damage for every enemy 2X Wanted to give Wukong a simple ability that people wouldn't mind using and functions similarly to Nezha's 2 while also being to do decent damage 2.) - Defience Everytime Wukong prepares to fall in battle his allies send him aid to give him time to regain his strength actives 7 times before cycling, upon "death" Wukong boasts to aggro enemies they lose accuracy and allies are rallied boosting shields and health This ability was kinda difficult to do something with, but I thought it would be a great self buffing and mild aggro ability it rewards soaking up damage for the team and aiding them while giving him cycled buff kinda like Octavia they go in the order of increased attack, increased ability, disarming, movement speed, reload speed, damage reduction and armor increase. 3.) - Heaven's havoc Wukong summons the elements with his mastery of magic he summons wind to lift his enemies in the air to be set aflame only to be impaled on spires of ice This is a CC ability that thrives on duration to do more damage it has stages as it decays it goes into the next attack so if enemies are hit with the initial cast they are then automatically triggered to go into the next phase of the ability this will be an are around Wukong fire stuns and does tick damage, wind damage strips armor, and the ice stores all applied damage for a final attack. 4.) - King's wrath the move still functions as primal fury but markes enemies for every 3rd mark activated wukong's 1 and 3 strength is boosted by .25 of damage collected from the stacks collected from marks This ability will have an increase in range but it supposed to be an amp like Excalibur's and Octavia's 4 i would like criticism but please be detailed about it
  9. So is Nidus and Harrow's 4 bad because for having this pause, That is what I'm referring to the small pause/root that happens Also besides the root comment is there anything else in my proposed kit that you have and criticism for?
  10. Can you explain further with what you dislike? I would really like to hear feedback.
  11. While it was sad to see him end up like this, it's true he's not even finished yet we were still on the thrall/pillar complaint and fixes until it got stopped by baruuk's arrival yet another poorly designed frame.
  12. The dual energy color would be a nice way to introduce a chroma rework which he desperately needs. I mean we only use 2 abilities and for whatever reason D.E doesn't want to get rid of them, but with the new emissive energy category there will probably be a push for his rework hopefully.
  13. I like the augment ideas especially the pestilence and lick hound ones, But Nekros is too dependent on the current augments so we'll have to wait for a rework in the near future.
  14. There are more details in the vauban rework thread.
  15. While I do agree the kit should be reworked the cloud walker thing has got to go, Because at that point it just slows down the game. Also the clone thing is really overdone so something else would be preferable since A.I is still lacking in the game. Also that would just seem like another Venari or the equinox augment. I'll post a kit for him tommorow.
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