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  1. Sounds rad! Hopefully railjack would be super tight in its action sequences! Maybe add on some tractor beam stuff that an archwing would have to pilot and manually hack or destroy! I was also curious if the Kavat Starter Set was to be a Twitch Drop as mentioned last week. I'm glad the power outage didn't happen like yesterday :P but I have not gotten that Kavat Starter Drop yet! Great stream! :)))))) Lots to look forward to!
  2. Can we also get a Hank Hill cosmetic helmet?
  3. How many potatoesgoo with a Prime Rib? I mean, yay! I'm pretty new just passing my 100th day login but I'm also wondering if there will be any way to help out newer and older players in gaining affinity in the Warframe app! I'd suggest maybe a daily scouting run we choose with companion (for credits, Relics, and leveling) or a warframe (ex: Konzu giving out something from the reward pool, lens affinity, or even Syndicate activity). Plat could be used to allow more than one expedition!
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