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  1. -SDM-NerevarCM When editing a text is because something went wrong so there is the edit.
  2. não sei colocar print sou novo por aqui mais fiz toda a minha tradução no google tradutor ok não sou mentiroso não precisa ofender
  3. seu navegador pode estar traduzindo automaticamente ok calma ai
  4. Specifications of my PC E7400 2.8 GHz Dual Core Processor Video card GTS 250 1gb 8GB of DDR3 memory My internet is 32mb Operating System W 8.1 64-bit Directx10 after the last 4 Updates the game started catch too much and with too much delay and Crash in some missions and I can not play in Fortuna very late and catching What are the real basic requirements to play the game?
  5. Not a small fraction of users is not a large fraction that is leaving unfortunately
  6. When reinstalling the game I noticed that the installer is still in 32 bits and the game is in 64 bits this may be generating conflicts, I honestly did not see improvements the game is very hard with each update, in short I am speaking what I and many are experiencing Okay, a big hug to everyone.
  7. if I am not understanding in the browser there is a translator ok I'm just taking my opinion of what I'm seeing ok
  8. The game is no longer in 32 bits is in 64 bits more for many that counts with me the game only worsened I really like this game.
  9. The warframe game had a lot of acceptance among PC gamers that we will say weak, many even played on notebooks, but the reality is another now, after the game no longer use the directx9 and go to 64 bits for many as an example of this is impossible play in Fortune, and the funniest and that listens to that reason in the game less in its installer that still continues in 32 bits, how will install a 64 bit system if the installer is still in 32 bits, many players are not getting game, the Warframe would have to leave at least as base the directx9 and a low video card as it was before and to stop a little to decorate the game and to start to really optimize the game, example is fortune that sector for many players is too heavy to play there lag and the non-player server. Summing up the developers of Warframe have to review many things in the game, there are friends who stopped playing, I started playing Warfame he was with 11GB today is 30GB or more, honestly I have not seen anything better and worse every day, who has a good PC not seeing very much these mistakes, but I think the game should return to its origins, the same has already lost many players and will continue to lose if it continues that way that is my opinion. @CPTleivas.
  10. This happens in missions to open relics also the host often leaves in the middle of the match
  11. Thank you for understanding, sorry my English.
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