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  1. Dude they will get to this when they are done fixing mesa's butt! Be patient lol🙄
  2. Lmao i had 1'150 hp on my frost put it in just to see what it would do lmmfao still 1'150 hp no change at all!
  3. At least they removed the charge damage now if we could at least get them to change the range to 4m instead of 2 i admit 8m was a bit large i think 4m is a happy medium for everyone...
  4. Your right better not say to much about that weapon or they will turn it from a flame thrower to a super soaker with a sponge bob sticker on it smh....
  5. Honestly! I dont get it.... I feel like every gun they have thats futuristic different or fun gets nerfed EXCEPT the Ignis/Amprex Which are both way more BROKEN then Staticor with a WAY larger aoe and clear speed but according to DE? those guns are WORKING AS INTENDED! What a joke....
  6. They dont get the concept of BALANCING obviously! They took it from 2m to 8m now back to 2 WTF happened to MIDDLE GROUND? Put it to 4 or 5 meters......
  7. GG Nerf the Staticor when i hardly see anyone using it, BUT keep the ignis wraith/amprex i see on 3 people in every mission melting entire maps! WAY TO GO!!!! smfh! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Learn how to balance.... Im so sick of this! ANYONE READING THIS! Dont bother to use any other weapon just get a ignis wraith or amprex and stand in one place literally hold the button down all day long and spin your character in circles GG YOU WIN!. Not to mention the guys that run SLIDE/SPIN macros with the atterax/polearms that literally clear a map before you can shoot your weapon BUT OBVIOUSLY THE STATICOR IS THE PROBLEM LMAO! smh! Stupidest nerf ever and BELIEVE ME you guys have made a lot of them...
  8. Lmao this guy has a further REACH then inspector gadget!
  9. Basically Basically you knew it was wrong or you wouldnt of made a video saying IM SURE THIS WILL BE FIXED SOON! So you knew this was something that was not intended to be used in the manner you used it in! So did the people who watched the video they CLEARLY heard you say THIS MIGHT BE FIXED SOON! So you knew it was a exploit a glitch in the code and still knowingly used it! So you knew it was a flaw in the coding STILL USED THE FLAW and know its against TOS and now your salty tears taste so yummy...
  10. Yeah so a bank puts a key code on a vault only they forget to apply the code to the vault keypad tha locks it! YOU DIDNT KNOW ANY BETTER! You just open the vault and take free money cause OBVIOUSLY it was them who made the mistake! Guess what your still going to prison.....
  11. I suggest you read it it clearly states any use of in game mechanics other then for the reason they are intended is against the eula! Now im pretty sure it wasnt ment for you to fly some place knowingly stand in one spot and use a macro or spam to gain affinity. Use your head lmao.... It kills me how you all try this GREY area bs
  12. All the people against the bans either used glitch or have a friend that used it and got banned.... Its pathetic that we as gamers have sunk to the level of defending cheaters.... Regardless if it has a effect on economy or not its still AGAINST THE EULA!
  13. I for one am glad they fixed the glitch! Everyone saying it was harmless is a fool! I hope the bans stand or if they do change them its still a 90 day ban at least.... Ty guys for punishing the cheaters! Knowingly using or abusing exploiting is against the EULA and should be a perma ban in my honest opinion!
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