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  1. A portal-based warframe - they can place portals which perform different tasks. They could have portals for transporting enemies, to command the flow of the map; portals which damage, debuff or slow enemies; portals that provide buffs/healing for allies; and an ability to 'supercharge' their portals, for a time (portals suck enemies in, deal more damage, heal more etc.). Synergies would be funneling enemies into the damage portal and providing an escape route/safe area for teammates in high risk scenarios.
  2. Note: the following ideas and conclusions for what the next nightwave might be about are based solely on things already in game and comments made by DE. Should new characters with major roles in the season be introduced then the outcome could obviously be very different. There's also a Summary/TL;DR at the end. Points: 1. Not Corpus 2. Devstream 137 details 3. Murder mystery 4. Sentient links 5. Poster and unknown language 6. Summary/TL;DR 1. Not Corpus 27/01/20, Xbox One @ 1 - When asked if the next nightwave would be about the Corpus, Megan flat out said no. This statement is corroborated by the announcement on Devstream 137 of an upcoming Corpus quest which explores the founder of the faction and the knowledge that Corpus lich and railjack content is in the works. I find it unlikely that DE would focus so many approaching portions of gameplay and lore on the same thing. (Now waiting for DE to prove me wrong). 2. Devstream 137 details After around 15mins (during nightwave discussions): Reb: "No relation to Gara... well, maybe." Steve, in response: "Well, you never know." This suggests that either Reb corrected herself or intentionally gave the audience a hint, with Steve backing her up. Whether this hint it truthful is yet to be known, but, assuming it is, we have to look at things that are similar/related to Gara. When considering the title of the next season - The Glassmaker - and Gara is the glass warframe, it's a reasonable line of thought to look at other sources of glass in the game. During the Saya's Vigil quest, the player is tasked with reassembling a glass key to open a coffer belonging to Saya's husband, Onkko. We later meet Onkko and learn that he has isolated himself, becoming a Quill after viewing all possible futures and determining this future ended best for Saya, Konzu and Cetus. Later in Devstream 137 Steve: "But there is going to be a bit of a, I guess, maybe murder mystery to it, theme to it, figuring out who The Glassmaker is" 3. Murder mystery: Who have we seen to be mysteriously murdered recently? A Quill, in the first stage of the Profit Taker bounties. The Quill's body is perfectly placed to guide us towards how to take out Profit Taker's overcharged shields. They hid the protocols we needed on nearby servofish so that the Corpus who murdered them (as far as we know, it was the Corpus) would think that any valuable information couldn't be passed on and the resistance efforts of Solaris United would quell down. However, Little Duck, who has some unspecified connection with The Quills, says: LD: 'For everything a Quill does, there's a reason" Later, after killing Profit Taker: Eudico: "LD, I still think it's strange. Why would your contact just let himself get killed. Quills don't make mistakes." LD: "Quills don't make mistakes and there's always an agenda. Always." Biz: "That's what I'm afraid of." Whether this 'agenda' was simply to help us beat Profit Taker is unknown, however, if it was, I don't see why DE would add voicelines after the boss fight to suggest there's something more that we're missing. 4. Sentient links The Unum, who has protected and norished Cetus through time and is a prophetic source of knowledge for the Quills, has a history of defending against sentients. It helped Gara defend Cetus against the great Eidolon of The Old War and has seemingly helped guide the inhabitants of the Origin system to defeat the Profit Taker, a Corpus-Sentient tech hybrid of Nef Anyo's creation. Whether the dead Quill, and Solaris United's concern about them, foreshadows some future conflict against Sentients is unknown. Hopefully it's not as blunt as 'oh no, the New War... what a surprise'. 5. Poster and unknown language The poster for the next nightwave season was shown during Devstream 137 and displayed symbols from no language we know of in game (that has been documented, at least). On the wiki page for Onkko/Quotes, it states: 'It should be noted that some of Onkko's voicelines has unknown language not subtitled in the game.'. Could the new set of symbols on the poster be the Quills' own language? http://imgur.com/gallery/bGNoh3t Grineer, Corpus, Ostron and Solari alphabets, respectively from top left to bottom right. There are also two phrases which get repeated multiple times through the text on the poster: http://imgur.com/gallery/IRAk2XA New nightwave poster, with repeating phrases. Anyone with experience in codebreaking may find interest in trying to decipher what they can from the full poster (can be found in the Devstream 137 summary on the forums). 6. Conclusion/TL;DR Apart from the warframe Gara, the only other notable occurrence of glass is during the Saya's Vigil quest when we are tasked with rebuilding a glass key to unlock a sealed coffer, belonging to Quill Onkko. After [DE]Steve's comment about the next nightwave involving a murder mystery, the dead Quill found during the Profit Taker bounties stands out even more as an unanswered anomaly, especially as the members of Solaris United are worried about a hidden meaning behind the intentional death of a Quill. Through the guidance of the Unum, Quill Onkko chose the best way forward to prevent disaster for all of those he cared for. So, with that same logic, was the Quill in the Orb Vallis sent to death for a greater reason (more than just to help kill Profit Taker)? Does Onkko ('glass' reference) have involvement in it all? Are his voicelines in an unknown language using the same language that is written on the new nightwave poster? For me, there are just too many loose ends that all point back to the Quills for me to be content at calling it all a coincidence. My theory is that nightwave S3, The Glassmaker, will be a Quill based story related to investigating the reason why the Quill in the Orb Vallis intentionally let themselves be killed. > Please, feel free to add any opinions, criticisms and extra points. I'd like to know what idea others have.
  3. As many others seem to have done, I took some inspiration from the Assassins Creed shanties, in particular Leave Her, Johnny. I wrote my shanty with the intention of it being a slightly slower paced song (similar to Leave Her, Johnny) than some of the more popular or more widely known shanties, almost as more of an ode to the subject of the song. I tried to include a few little references along the way, I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it and has a good day! ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Early Lunch For Konzu With a mighty stick held to the ground And handsome robes of white and brown This wise old man lights up the town It's early lunch for Konzu! Early lunch for Konzu! Oh, early lunch for Konzu! With his lack of hair And his heartthrob stare Oh, it's early lunch for Konzu! As he helped to mend an old friend's heart Repairing the past looked like an art Two dear old mates make a new start It's early lunch for Konzu! Early lunch for Konzu! Oh, early lunch for Konzu! With his lack of hair And his heartthrob stare Oh, it's early lunch for Konzu! When the Plague Star fell and the mothers cried Steel soldiers helped Cetus survive There's man home waiting, full of pride It's early lunch for Konzu! Early lunch for Konzu! Oh, early lunch for Konzu! With his lack of hair And his heartthrob stare Oh, it's early lunch for Konzu! Rumbling footsteps in the night You can't sleep now, monsters nearby Here comes a man who'll stay and fight It's early lunch for Konzu! Early lunch for Konzu! Oh, early lunch for Konzu! With his lack of hair And his heartthrob stare Oh, it's early lunch for Konzu! When Warframe's gone, Tenno sleep once more In a final glance to times of yore There's a man who we'll always adore It's early lunch for Konzu! Oooh, it's early lunch for Konzu!
  4. Small nag here which I've asked before, why were the festive dojo decorations absent last year? I wanted to put snow drifts and mistletoe and Christmas trees in my dojo but now have to wait another year to finish a room off. 2019 Tennobaum was just a big let down for players.
  5. Where are the festive dojo decorations this year (christmas tree, snow drifts, mistletoe etc) (xbox)? I've been looking forward to using them for months but they aren't here 😞
  6. Where are the festive dojo decorations for consoles? PC have them why don't we?
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