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  1. i'd see her more like the third memeber of the Peta syndicate togheter with them.
  2. I see what you mean and i can't in all honesty say that you're wrong. A clear example of this is Valkyr's Rip line. A skill as old as this game, designed as a mobility skill in a time when the game didn't have bullet jumps, made completely and utterly obsolete by all the mobility tools we have today (bullet jumps, aim glide, operators, archwings and k- drives in OW), and not viable as a damage tool ( yeah, i know you can yeet people in the stratosphere), just like old wukong's iron jab which was removed because pablo realized that single target abilities simply don't have a place in the game anymore since they should compete (and inevitably fail) against weapons in that regard.
  3. I'm pretty sure that every one of us could pinpoint one aspect or ability we would like to be reworked about our Main Warframe. The problem with this is that, for example, while i love Grendell's concept of eating and yeeting enemies i absolutely hate his 4 ability, but other players might love turning into ninja pinball. This difference of opinion is what makes it hard for DE to actually go and make reworks because they don't want to change a frame with the risk of causing discontent within the player base. Now you might think that if you don't like an ability you can change it thanks to the helminth system, and you're right, we have that possibility, however i think that while the helminth certainly can take up the role of "rework DIY", DE could solve the rework conundrum in a much more elegant and satisfying way. One thing about augments is that they require a warframe slot to be used and you might say that i'm just complaining but hear me out: Instead of having to risk upsetting the players by reworking a warframe, create more augments for all warframes, ones that significantly change their abilities. Taking grendell's example: An augment that changes his 4 ability by making him gain his Pulverize aura without changing into a ball but slowing him by 30% (i'm not sure how good this would actually be, it's just an example). In this way players would be able to actually "rework" their favourite frame without impacting those players that like things how they are. Augments could also be used to literally change a warframe ability: a good example could be Hydroid wich could have augments that change his abilities in order to lean more onto his "kraken" side rather than his "pirate" theme: Change his Tempest Barrage into an ability that lets him transform his arms into tentacles and slamming them in front of him. Completely different but still leaning into his general theme, unlike the Helminth. INTRODUCING AUGMENT SLOTS. Now, returning to Augment slots, how do you implement them without making them the new grindfest? I'd advice DE to take a page from League of legends book. Despite Riot's game being a MOBA they have a shocking amount of lore and stories around each of their champion and their world, substantially more than other games where these factors actually matter for the purpose of the gameplay. Thanks to Ballass's Vitruvian in "The War Within" we know that warframes where created using as test subjects "their best", meaning warriors(i.e. excalibur), athletes(i.e. gauss), tacticians(i.e. vauban) and scientists(i.e. lavos). We also seem to not remember everything about our past and this is a godsend in this regard. To take a page from another book, we're going to leap into the past with Assassin's creed. In ubisoft's game we use the animus in order to read "genetic memories" trapped into our DNA. In warframe we have the tecnology to recreate from scratch a body as complex as a warframe, a mutated human, and not only that but we know we are able to rebuild a creature with memory and sentience as proven with Umbra. Now, what if we had those kind of memories for all of our warframes. Take someone and put him in charge him of expanding and fill in the lore of the game, create backgrounds for the frames and then make 4 parts gameplay stories about each of them, each completed segment unlocking an augment slot. Now, i'm really passionate about game developement and design so i perfectly know that while writing a story script might be easy, turning that script into an actual game segment is a completely different and harder feat. I know just by looking at it how much work went under the developement of "The sacrifice" so don't think i don't know what i'm asking. It's just that i see so much incredible potential in this game, both in the gameplay and in its setting, and it saddens me to no end to see this goldmine of opportunity untapped.
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