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  1. In the past week, my internet connection has been a bit unstable, sometimes waiting for a few seconds after requesting a website. I've also started having problems in Warframe, sometimes. Just now, I was kicked into login menu after extracting from a 4-wave Lith Fissure Excavation (8 excavators). "Updating account information" tried and failed several times, then there was the default login menu (with the default Excalibur instead of my current warframe), with the mission result screen still on top of it (but without any rewards from relics). Is it possible to get the rewards from this mission? Thanks. PS: NVM, got the items after logging in again (message from Ordis). Except for the last item being not what I selected (got Akjagara Prime Blueprint from my relic instead of Akbronco Prime blueprint from someone else's). Too bad the Affinity from the mission is lost, too. 😞
  2. Got the relic rewards delivered by Ordis shortly after posting this. Thanks. :)
  3. Were doing a Neo void fissure Excavation on Despina, Neptune (mission still active). Got Saryn Prime Chassis from a Neo S10 relic. After the second round (4 excavations) ended, we suddenly got a host migration and lost the loot. :( I think I was the host. Then, "host migration", and after several seconds, kicked into the menu.
  4. Well, to the stated topic - we need better handling of individual extractions / disconnects. I think DE's working on it. A few disjointed thoughts... I don't have major gripes with these Nightwave challenges, and I don't plan to complete them all... I didn't do last weeks Sortie with friends... I could ask someone in the clan, but I usually do sorties when most of the members are offline, and, well, so far I've been perfectly fine with public matchmaking. I didn't do the Hydrolyst, because I just fought my first Teralyst last week. It's out of my league yet, and that's fair. I don't plan on doing this week's Survivals... maybe I would, if I ever did Kuva survival before, but I haven't completed a single node of Kuva Fortress yet. So... whatever. I find 60 minutes to be too much. The Anniversary 30-min survivals were kinda fun, but as a one-off thing, and that's as long as I'm willing to go. Having this challenge as a reward for dedicated players? Maybe, why not. But I don't care to do it. I'd prefer challenges that can be done in several runs instead. The Orb Vallis conservation challenge? I might try it. I haven't done conservation before. Just like I didn't do Sanctuary Onslaught before the first week of Nightwave. I like that it encourages me to do new things. I don't play much, and was too hooked up on Sorties before Nightwave launched. And before Sorties, I was hooked up on Alerts (for hoarding credits mostly), which I didn't really like, because it blocked map progression, quests and normal mission rewards.
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