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  1. i i got into the syndicate menu in the landcraft, and by leaving, that happened... "esc" wouldn't work, chat key ("t") wouldn't work, only closing the game by brute force.
  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! true sh*t, dude!
  3. yeah... but they were only 3 (5 or 6 with Rebirth and 1.0/2.0/3.0), and they cannot destroy the World and do things as they see fit with the evangelion units... Goku and Vegeta can do anything, the Tenno can do anything = someone has to be able to stop Goku or Vegeta in case they go rogue, someone has to be able to stop the Tenno in case they decide to side with Natah and the sentients!
  4. the tennos haven't trained their void-sensibilities to receive their powers, the tennos haven't passed through a death trial to receive their powers, the tennos haven't being choosen based on some personality trait... the tenno, regardless of their age, were choosen merely because they were lucky to be at the right ship, at the right time, at the right age, and if they "grow", F*CK-IT! they still have never done anything to deserve their powers! my problem is with lack of meritocracy in the WarFrame universe that is starting to look like Dragon Ball were only those lucky to be born saiyans can ever get to be strong! i never said "i hate kid Tenno", your piece of trash!
  5. because it's annoying that all void-sensitive space ninjas that can control those amazing weapons of destructions.... are stupid CHILDREN lucky enough to be in the right ship, at the right time. the Zaruman 10-0! there's no one strong that actually have any merit on it's strenght! only the Grienner seem to have these, The Grustrag 3! these ADULTS that have void abilities by merit rather than disgusting "luck" doesn't have to be playable, just a mention of them would be nice, a little lore would do the trick! edit: is also sad that humanity depends solely on a bunch of children, and because the Tenno are loyal to themselves, it means a rogue hedious criminal tenno would simply go unpunished! "f*ck balance" the WarFrame lore tells us! (by the way, i hate "luck", should be obvious!)
  6. so why am i many days trying and no animal answers to my "Echo-Lure"!? i'm using the correct one for each animal, and i'm following the moving white box on the UI with the colored dot that we can control... nothing comes, nothings answers, i never get into the 3rd stage of the hunt! Edit: does it takes so long!? like, many dozens of tries before the animal finally answers and we get to the third stage!? because all videos i've seen on YouTube shows the bastard receiving a answer from the animal at precisely the first attempt!
  7. is it possible!? to lure those disgusting animals with the TRASH "Echo-Lure"!? because it's being impossible for me to lure the animals with the TRASH "Echo-Lure", i take the "Echo-Lure" of said animal and keep pressing the mouse1 button while keeping the colorful little dot that we can control on the UI over the white lines that move top-down (or bottom-up) on the UI, yet no animal seems to answer, the game never tells me to get the "Tranq Rifle" and hide, it never passes to the third stage... my headset is broken and i won't be able to buy another this month. is it even possible to "Echo-Lure" Orb-Vallis animals while playing without sound!? and i can't lose that NightWave ridiculously S#&$ "6 perfect captures on Orb Vallis" mission, because i've already lost one of the last week missions, i must complete all of the missions of this week so i can get last week's lost mission, if i fail to complete that garbage until sunday, i will never complete last week's (then 2 weeks ago) lost mission, and just like that, 7000 NightWave points that i will never get.
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