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  1. hunter muntions is seperate from slash damage, one of the weapons i love to use hunter munitions on for example is the amprex. it has lot of hits and crits en procs the slash pretty often.
  2. my opinion, but i wouldnt buy her when she comes out on console. she is really easy to farm. you get her parts at the new boss on jupiter. it takes some time to complete lets say about 10 mins but its a really fun bossfight
  3. 2 plat i see 😛 its not a lot but i guess if you wanna do that you can always just ask someone for free. i probably have like 50 copies i could give you one. i just wont be online anytime soon. probably in about 7-8 hrs
  4. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Point_Strike you can always check over here. it seems the best place early game is cetus bounties
  5. Jermaiya

    Corrupt A Wish

    granted, your wish is now unwishable, but since you created a paradox by wishing an unwishable thing, you disappear into a blackhole taking the entire earth with you. i wish i had some time to play warframe now
  6. also havin those max ranked mods are definitely not cheap endo/credit wise
  7. so can someone clarify for me. im going on vacation for 2 weeks starting wednesday, so im missing my chance at getting Hildryn now because she is in an event? yes it will reoccur but knowing this game and reoccuring events it will probably be a year or 6 months atleast if lucky
  8. Jermaiya

    Corrupt A Wish

    granted you find a device to measure shaggy's power in electricity, however his power is so damn great that the device explodes and the explosion takes everything with it in a 10 km radius. i wish i could finally get me a volt prime
  9. Jermaiya

    Corrupt A Wish

    granted, but only the most horrible things that happened to you i wish they would bring tonbo prime already
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