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  1. The OP already stated why they don't like the current change: it makes comparing colors impossible. It sure isn't a major issue but it's something that some players find frustrating, esp. those who are very keen on coloring their frames.
  2. Hmm, I just noticed it now. Last season's Saturn Six Ornament was a cred offering that never rotated. I wonder if they're planning to do something different this time or is it really a bug. 🤔
  3. You guys know there is a maintenance tho. I didn't care that they said there won't be issues while it's ongoing but I choose not to login until the maintenance is over just to be safe. Playing while there's a maintenance can cause some real eff up things like items disappearing. They've announced it and it isn't the game's responsibility to babysit you. Srsly, is this the only game you guys played? You should know maintenance means the server can be unstable so you should avoid doing anything intensive or any transactions coz that may bug out and you'll lose items or something.
  4. Oh you mean you're waiting for the red text or if the maintenance is over? I don't think it's done tho coz they haven't posted any update about it yet. They said we can keep playing while it's on going, and an in-game notification will tell you when you have to log off. So I guess, you can play now and maybe just avoid doing long runs so in case the red text appeared, you can easily log off and not lose any loot.
  5. It clearly says 9am but you have to check with your time zone tho. Their 9am can be a different time on your time zone
  6. Jattuk mantle syandana energy color persisting as default >,<
  7. Jattuk mantle syandana energy color is resetting to default color >,<
  8. Pls. fix Jattuk Mantle syandana energy color persisting as default 😔
  9. Pls. fix Jattuk Mantle syandana energy color persisting as default color >,<
  10. Pls fix Jattuk Mantle syandana energy color resetting to default. Also the Repair Kit mod is only visible to host, client can't see the mod nor pickup the mod but it shows in the map with loot detector/animal instinct equipped.
  11. All are currently rank 0. Prices can be negotiated. PM me in-game, my IGN: Yxivi Or you can leave a comment here (note: I'm not always on the forums). Cobra & Crane: 170 plat Dokrahm: 90 plat Soma: 70 plat Stubba: 30 plat
  12. Some questions: • How long does the season last? It would be nice if we can clearly see how many days left before the season ends so we can actually "plan" ahead. • Do we have to complete all the task to be able to get the last reward OR doing all the task just provide more points BUT you'll get enough points by doing just the regular ones, no need to stress about elite tasks, coz obviously those are for geared/experienced players. Again, it would be nice if we can see the total amount of points we need if we're planning to achieve all the rewards offered. Some of these tasks are a bit hard to accomplish (I'm undergeared and inexperienced for Hydrolist so this task is difficult unless I will be carried, for example) and that would be unfair if we can't get all the rewards offered just because we're undergeared for some of the tasks. • Is there an alternative way of earning points especially for those who are still at the early game? This is supposed to replace the alert system which was very helpful for beginners. Now this new system, while it offers good rewards, the tasks assigned can be demanding. Think about someone who haven't done The War Within yet, they're already missing out 5000 points. Does this player have a chance to get the final reward or are he's just gonna have to wait for another rotation and hopefully he's geared enough to accomplish all the task by that time?
  13. Not sure I like this. This is a similar daily/weekly reward system from a game I used to play and these tasks are the main problem for most players (in that game). It forces you to do a lot of unnecessary stuff...on top of the grind you have to do. Players in that game are queuing in pvp matches only to afk and/or chat because they need the "points" for doing the daily pvp task but they don't really like pvp, which ruins the pvp of that game. And I can see the amount of leechers will drastically increase. Kill x amount of things? Do something for x times? Yeah, they're not fun and just gonna end up eating more of our play time. Might be good for players that have enough gears/nothing to grind for but for the new players this is going to add more load and pressure since some of the tasks may require a good gear (eidolon hunt, sortie). If a new player sees these tasks they would feel obligated to rush their progress with gearing. Probably good for DE's $$$ perspective but for the players this is...a bit of torture.
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