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  1. Scattered Justice is a Hek-exclusive mod, it never worked with Vaykor Hek. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Scattered_Justice
  2. That is what you earn from winning. You invested 30,000 and you won 105,000. Which means you earned 75,000.
  3. Maybe compliance also? Here in my country, a lot of public events have been cancelled because government said so. 🤷‍♀️
  4. 1. Join an active/friendly/social clan. Check the recruit chat for recruiting clans or post there that you are looking for one. The recruitment sub-forum in this site is also a good place to find some clans. You might wanna look for something that has another channel of communication like discord or something so you have easier time contacting them. 2. Look for groups/communities. If you have social media you can try looking for warframe groups or other warframe discord servers because sometimes our clanmates are not always online when we're online.
  5. They could do something like an "opt-in for test build" kinda option and not something where you pick and choose what change you like, coz that's gonna be hard to maintain. Having different live builds of the game is probably time and resource consuming, coz there will be bugs here and then bugs on the other build, so they just roll the changes for everyone so they only have to maintain one live build of the game. IDK.
  6. Most of the game mode in warframe can be dominated by caster nukers. Arbi is the only mode where their nuking effectiveness is halved by a bit. If you keep an eye on those drones and prioritize them, then your nuker frame will be happily nuking again. Or you know, if you coordinate with people, they will make your nuker frame even more effective coz they can take out the drones and buff you at the same time while you mindlessly spam your abilities. Seriously, it just takes a few seconds to shoot a drone. I'm not saying the Arbi and arbi drones are the best, but they encourage trying out different loadouts, and it's obviously what the devs wanted to happen here. I just don't understand how you think they are being discriminated here when it's probably one of the few game mode where the other frames can get to shine. What's next? Eidolon fight and how Saryn is made completely useless there?
  7. "Oh noez! Muh favorite lich larva mission is occupied, DE is ruining muh laaaayf!!!" Why do some players feel like DE is personally monitoring them and making their life miserable? 🤔
  8. They are looking into reworking gas, so you might wanna join in their feedback megathread and share your ideas for gas (and possibly some of the status too *cough* impact *cough*) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171911-warframe-revised-100-status-chance-shotgun-megathread/
  9. OP clearly said "blue damage ticks from Gas damage". In OP's 2nd response they even explained the old behavior of gas proc and said "now its just "Gas" damage in area". OP understands that gas proc no longer creates toxin cloud but is still probably under the impression that the *now* gas cloud will behave like toxin (bypassing shield), but gas doesn't behave like that.
  10. Yeah, I updated my post. My first response was just me thinking of viral by using the innate cold. I updated my post after trying it in a simulator. XD
  11. Probably impossible? I haven't tried it. But rule of thumb is that elements will combine by right-to-left mod order, innate element (cold for glaxion vandal) is considered to be the final element in this mod order. So if you equip your riven with toxin, it will produce viral. But as soon as you equip a heat mod, it will combine heat+toxin = gas, and cold will be left alone. It is impossible to have corrosive with viral unless the weapon's innate element is already corrosive/viral. But for glaxion vandal, you will only be able to have corrosive (electric+toxin) and cold (innate). If you want to have viral on your glaxion vandal, it would have to be the only element, coz the toxin mod will fuse with any other element mod you will equip. So I played a bit, seems like you can have viral+heat BUT you will need to place a cold mod to make viral. [cold mod] [toxin mod] [heat mod] That will be their order.
  12. I'd rather those players quit already. Usually these are people who don't like change, even if the change is for the better. They can all leave the game and the game will move on. Change requires adjustment, it is silly to want change and then refuse to adjust and adapt. Also I think any live game that is regularly receiving update and new content is constantly changing their game to maintain balance or modernize the old mechanics to keep up with the new content. It's just that it took too long for DE to implement some of these changes. Still tho, better late than never. Lol
  13. I haven't done any single trade since the update but patch notes stated that it's only supposed to appear once, and that's the first time you do a trade after the update. There's been similar reports here too, so maybe others are bugged, others aren't. Idk but it is obviously bugged. Try reporting in bug section so they notice and fix it immediately instead of complaining here coz we can't help you with that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. I think you are confusing the old gas and the new gas. You're right that the new gas is now only dealing gas damage but gas (the element, not status proc) never bypassed shield, it is the toxin (created by gas cloud) that bypass shield. But that's been changed now, so gas proc only deals gas damage around the target and gas doesn't bypass shield.
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