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  1. IDK about you but during the Hostile Mergers I got mobbed to death at extraction because enemies were swarming near the extraction. If I accidentally get out of the extraction point because I'm trying to dodge or use transference, it resets the counter to 60 so I was in eternal 60 seconds counter. I died there btw but good thing I still have revives. Now, it's a total bummer if you're out of revives and trying to extract but then waves of enemies are at extraction. You see the problem now? You die, you don't get the loots coz you're out of revives, so you basically just wasted your time in the mission. Why are people against adding QoL changes? It won't affect you negatively or anything, actually it makes it better for everyone. Will it dramatically decrease your gameplay experience if clients gets to have shorter extraction timer?
  2. Extraction counter for clients should be 30 seconds instead of 60, while host still gets 60 seconds and the timer at extraction should read "Host is at extraction", maybe add it with slow blinking effect so it calls attention.
  3. IIRC they increased the feral kavats in missions ever since they removed the alert system. I can get 4 kavats in a solo run but takes a while to look for them, they still come in pairs usually tho. Another thing is you can try to get the Cross-Matrix widget from Simaris, this can double the genetic code you get from 1 kavat. Lastly, here is a warframe discord server for Kubrow and Kavat breeders. Most of the members are PC but there are some switch players and maybe you can find groups there that would do kavat hunting regularly. https://discord.gg/EpXkhc
  4. You have to use the emote from the gear wheel, it won't count if you use the emote with a hotkey.
  5. You should always stay in void mode and conserve your charges for eidolon shield phases if you're a madurai void strike user. The lure charging duty should be done by your other squad mates, you're not suppose to shoot vomvys with your charged void strikes. I'm always playing it 2man with my partner so he shoots those vomvy on eidolon healing phases while I charge void strike. On a 4man team tho, AFAIK, void strike users take turns in charging. I guess you have to coordinate with your squad to shoot vomvys when you're charging vs.
  6. Oh ripz then. I guess you need to change your email now. XD
  7. You're a streamer, and you don't know about the "Creator Mode" that you can toggle in your settings? It basically hides some spoiler stuff and most importantly the email address at login screen. Your email will appear as a string of ******* like your password, so no one can see your email even if you're at login screen.
  8. You guys know there is a maintenance tho. I didn't care that they said there won't be issues while it's ongoing but I choose not to login until the maintenance is over just to be safe. Playing while there's a maintenance can cause some real eff up things like items disappearing. They've announced it and it isn't the game's responsibility to babysit you. Srsly, is this the only game you guys played? You should know maintenance means the server can be unstable so you should avoid doing anything intensive or any transactions coz that may bug out and you'll lose items or something.
  9. Oh you mean you're waiting for the red text or if the maintenance is over? I don't think it's done tho coz they haven't posted any update about it yet. They said we can keep playing while it's on going, and an in-game notification will tell you when you have to log off. So I guess, you can play now and maybe just avoid doing long runs so in case the red text appeared, you can easily log off and not lose any loot.
  10. TFW when it's already saying what you have to do but you still don't know what to do. XD You have to enable 2FA, if you're 100% sure you have it enabled, then check with the person you're trading if they have theirs enabled. EDIT: I think you still have to confirm something through email, like a link that will be sent to your email. I have mine enabled long time ago so I can't remember the whole process. XD
  11. This. Can probably work with an Octavia too. I'm not sure but if you have the Itzal archwing, maybe you can use the invisibility on that as well.
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