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  1. Never tested it but once I was doing an exterminate and some enemies fell off map, they didn't count towards the kills. Guess they really just disappear from the game or they respawn somewhere for missions that need certain amount of kills.
  2. Starting to think that maybe they aren't taking their own game seriously at this point. It's NOT that they're letting it die now but they're not too crazy about gatekeeping contents anymore, everything is easily accessible...they could just reward everything to us on the 10th day of login to the game. I also don't know why they have this strong urge to please new players. I don't have anything against new/low mastery players but the helminth system will only confuse new players. MR8 is still at the stage of collecting frames, weapons and resources, so OP is right about the resources, thi
  3. The problem is those people aren't always the same people. I think everyone can agree that eidolons and orbs are the closest thing we have to traditional endgame. Over time people got stronger and stronger but you see in other games, they keep producing new activity (because we will outlevel those activities eventually), eidolons have been around for years with no update, even the loot aren't that enticing anymore once you've done it too many times. Steel Path is well...it's good if you want enemies to take 2 shots instead of 1 shot? And they said it themselves that Steel Path is not for add
  4. I really like when threads like this appear. A lot of games out there have no problem having an endgame but for some reason warframe can't have an endgame, like it's some vague term that doesn't have a definite meaning and because of that we can't have endgame. It doesn't mean ending lol lots of online game with endgame but they're still not ending, the story is still continuous. It really is just an activity to test the highest capacity of your gears, this concept of endgame is consistent in most games but in warframe endgame is something you define on your own...like what? LMAO Anyway,
  5. While it's pretty much been answered, I would just like to add because you mentioned about "videos", those guides usually assume that viewers already have their way of energy regen, mainly zenurik focus, so most of them are ability intensive. Work on your zenurik focus school as others have already mentioned and rely on mods and a good balance of efficiency for now. Also, don't forget that you have 2 guns and a melee weapon, plus a pet or a sentinel that can aid you in battle. Heavy ability usage is a bit hard in early game but trust us when we say it gets easier once you get zenurik. Li
  6. You're playing warframe but you have problems with farming and grind? How did you survive the game?
  7. That Trinity's signature ability, so that's not gonna be available for swapping. Maybe it's gonna be her 3.
  8. I also wonder about frames that have the whole synergy going in their kit. For Limbo it might just be his 1 and it's gonna just act more like an "isolation" skill when swapped, coz you can push some enemies in the rift and they stay there and not able to harm you but you can't shoot them although warframe abilities pass through rift, so yeah, might be his 1.
  9. They did say that ultimates and some signature abilities will not be available for swapping but I agree, after I saw that I was like "that's gonna be a pain to balance". But then this is warframe, where balance is almost non-existent. XD I also agree that removing abilities from a warframe just feels wrong. Another interesting point you made is about how it's kind of a way for them to forget about fixing bad abilities. It's a really cool concept tho and it might actually bring back some players and give more reason for anyone to farm stuff again. I guess, we'll just have to see.
  10. Basing on past events where there had been a major problem on rewards distribution, DE tends to just give it to everyone. Let's hope this is how they're going to resolve it but don't take my word for it lol, I'm just basing on previous events.
  11. Not white knighting or anything but after seeing what they've done this tennocon, I gotta give DE a big kudos. Considering the work-from-home conditions (and all the covid-19 stuff going on in the world) yet they're able to give us a good show. Given that, let's try to be a bit considerate about the drops. Yeah, I didn't get the staff skin although I got the decoration, the email pop up never appeared for me during the trivia, and the live museum experience in the relay was a bit delayed. A lot of player are logged in on the game so definitely some server and network stuff are expected to h
  12. Should've taken screenshots of the score at least for proof. I took a screenshot when I realized something's wrong.
  13. I got the message about the mystery decoration but no staff skin. I don't know if I just missed when it popped up coz I was alt-tabbing between the game and the stream 🙁 But even if I missed the pop up, I should be able to find it when I go to equipment appearance but it's not there.
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