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  1. 😭 <- we need this to be added as a reaction. FORUM ADMINS PLS!!!
  2. We need smarter pet AI and buff up the base stat. Sometimes they'll be swimming in the acid pool in Ceres or other hazards, gets left behind three rooms away from me or just be stuck somewhere all while taking the aggro from enemies, they're more of a burden than an actual companion right now. I just use sentinels coz I can just load in and forget about them, they stay longer than pets/moas due to just floating beside you, as long as you dodge AOEs and remove attack precepts, they should be fine. Waiting for pets rework and very much looking forward to it.
  3. Coz killing the lich gives you a lot of murmur points? So I think they would rather kill it right away to extract and start a new mission than wait till it spawn thralls? Coz I do wait for it too too but sometimes it takes a while for it to spawn more thralls and when I'm in a hurry, I'd take starting a new mission and actually play than to stand and wait till the lich spawn some more thrall. From wiki: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich#Requiem_Murmurs
  4. Yxivi

    Eros Arrow Skin

    If the issue is "it ruins the warframe theme" then maybe make it so as it will only work during valentines/February but let us keep it as a perma cosmetic item >,< Or adjust the price to 1 credit since it's consumable 😒
  5. Yes, some enemy attacks seem noncancellable. I often encounter this, I try to interrupt heavy gunners but the knockdown still applies
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