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  1. I get this thing a lot too that's why I gave up using Loki. I have a theory that the drone will fly back if I teleported it out of it's "route", even if it's closer to the waypoint, it will fly back coz idk maybe some pathfinding gabba gabba coding. But yeah, it often happens when I try to teleport it from 100m+ so maybe the short distance fix should do the trick. I play solo too, I haven't played as Loki in a squad so idk if it's a solo thing or what 😕
  2. I'm not sure if I was actually able to fix this issue for me but after infecting my kavat to make a vasca of my own, I noticed that after the first imprint to get the vasca virus, my kavat is still infected, so to save time, I took the vasca imprint again without having to re-infect my kavat. After the second scan for vasca imprint on the same kavat, the kavat is still infected. But I wanna take a normal imprint of the kavat this time, so I put the infected kavat to stasis, took out one of my normal kavat, scanned its imprints and then after that, I take out the infected kavat again, and voila, it's not infected anymore. TL;DR Try putting the infected kavat in stasis. For added measure, try taking a normal kavat (one that is not infected) out, and then take out the infected kavat again. Maybe logging in and out of the game might do something too.
  3. I don't do railjack with randoms, I always played with my friends so I don't know how to tell. But engineer's role is resource management, I actually call it the railjack janitor, coz that's what the role do. I think a good engineer is not only someone that's quick to fix holes and fires but someone that never lets ammo and stuff to run out without being too wasteful with the resources. Being able to defend the ship from boarding crewmen is also a good trait (though it kinda depends on the frame they are using but since any frame can do engineer's job, the ability to pick the most efficient frame tells something about the player's knowledge of his role).
  4. While a scoreboard will not solve stupid players, it can at least be used as a proof, like "hey look at my profile and tell me again that I don't know what I'm doing".
  5. I'm not sure what door you're referring but I think that is the hidden room. If you're doing the sabotage mission and got the tileset, there's a chance that a cache is hidden inside and if you're doing a syndicate mission, medallions might spawn there too.
  6. This game really have issues with displaying information. It should really just be there all the time. There's sooo much space in the screen.
  7. After spending an hour and a bunch of relics, I have decided I have enough and I got the parazon mod I needed so I went to extract together with another player, the host and the other one stayed tho. Now, we were being swarmed at extraction but it's okay coz I can just pop into my operator, right? Stupid me forgot that the operator RESETS the extraction countdown. And so the other guy already extracted while I remained. Again, it's okay, I can stay and defend. However, just 5 seconds before I can finally extract, the other 2 finished their kuva rotation and I was interrupted by the relic selection screen. Fakk right? Okay, I selected no relic and reset my extraction countdown. This time, counter reached 0 but I'm still in the mission. At that point I was already annoyed and I just wanna get the fugg out of there and seems like the other two have no plans of extracting anytime soon so I aborted, basically wasting my time, relics and the kuva I've farmed. First of all, obviously there's a bug that caused me to be unable to extract. I'm not sure if it was because the other guy extracted while I was in operator mode at the extraction spot or the relic selection bugged the whole extraction thing. Sigh, I don't knooooow. Second, switching to operator SHOULD NOT RESET COUNTDOWN. Coz going back and forth to your warframe and operator means a never ending extraction countdown and with the way how the mobs swarm around extraction, how are you suppose to keep yourself alive while waiting for countdown? It wasn't a problem for me coz I was using a defensive frame, now imagine if that was a squishy frame with no good defensive ability? Extraction countdown for clients (not host!) should be shorter too, heck, it should just give us a Yes/No prompt at extraction like "Do you want to extract now?", make client's lives easier. And lastly, something should be done on mission abortion. I know it might be unfair to let the players keep their loot and reward by aborting, however, in events when a bug happened and they are unable to extract (like what happened to me), I feel like players should at least be refunded of whatever relic they consumed for the mission (yes this is for relic missions), so they don't end up wasting their resources because of a bug. I'm fine losing the kuva and other stuff I got from there but my lost relics is something I'm a bit bothered about. All because of a bug.
  8. Thanks for sharing, this is really interesting. I think Grendel is a fun and cute frame lol but I can't find a situation where I would want to use him instead of a more efficient frame. I've been using Khora for most content now coz she can stop anything and kill anything at any level, she has heal too...and a cat. Having 2 cats is always nice. XD But I might give this build a try.
  9. They are probably fixing Gara's model so syandanas do not clip on her because it's really hard to find a good syandana for her lol but whatever it is, it's obviously buggy-looking right now esp. with her default skin. I tried it with her tennogen skin and I notice a slight "bumping" around her lower part but it's not as bad compared to her default skin. Image in spoiler
  10. Gara's glass parts (helm and the dangling things on her arms and back) are supposed to disappear when she casts her Splinter Storm, because they serve as your visual indicator for that ability. The real bug here is that Gara's glass pieces on her helm does not completely disappear when using Splinter Storm. That front glass on the helm should disappear with the "bunny ears" when splinter storm is active. For some reason, I cannot recreate this. I used the same Gara skin and helm but ALL the glass parts disappear when splinter storm is active. And about this: The arsenal seems to always display frames without their buff. I tested this on Rhino's Iron Skin and it removed the Iron Skin visual, it even removed the buff. Tested on Nova's Null Stars too and same thing happened. I think what's happening is when you open arsenal, the game is forced to display Gara without buff, thus the glass pieces appear BUT the buff remains active when you open arsenal so the shattered glass visuals remain.
  11. I think OP is just confused with how exp AKA affinity and mastery rank works. On your first post you said "if you Forma a warframe and level it again you get NO xp into MR". Forma can only be used on frames and equipment that is rank 30. Now, we can only gain MR exp ONCE on any frame and equipment, which means if you have a newly acquired frame (rank 0), you can't use forma on it. If you rank it to 30, you get MR exp, coz it is your first time ranking that frame and you may now use forma on that frame. When you use forma, it resets your frame's rank to 0 but since you already ranked it to 30 before (this is called "mastered"), you will no longer gain MR exp from the frame when you "re-rank" it to 30 again. "Nothing changed it, and on Christmas day, my old warframe I flipped umpteen times (Banshee prime) got MR xp." You mean "flipped" as in used forma? If that is the case then you probably used a weapon/sentinel/companion that has never been "mastered" and that gave you the MR exp, not your Banshee prime. Or you could also done something else which gave you MR exp (see link at the end) "I took out a warframe I had never had before to test against this issue, however the warframe got XP, MR got NONE" Okay, you probably didn't get MR exp because you'll only get MR exp when your frame ranks up. So you will see at your mission end screen that the frame got exp, but if it didn't gain a rank (from rank 0 to 1), then you don't get MR exp from it. If the frame leveled up to rank 1, that's when you gain MR exp. This applies to weapons. Another possible thing here is your MR exp bar is already full, which means you're qualified to do a MR test. When this bar is full, it won't show your gained MR exp anymore BUT it will continue to gain any exp from ranking up "unmastered" items. TL;DR A frame/equipment that has been ranked to 30 is called "mastered". You can only use forma on a "mastered" frame/equipment. Using forma will reset your frame/equipment to rank 0 but it is still a mastered equipment despite being rank 0 again. MR exp is from every rank your "unmastered" frame/equipment gained AND from doing some other things, which you can read from here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank
  12. But it's not a competition, are you on a speed running race to kill x eidolon per cycle? I do eidolons and I don't have godly riven, so I know I can't deal godly damage. I try to help as much as I can but if that's all I can give, then...well...I tried, I guess. And I'm perfectly fine if the team can only clear 1-2 eidolons per cycle. Play at your rate. Ofc, those making multiple runs per cycle obviously have good rivens. Again, it's a luxury. I don't like rivens either coz some people make it a standard (thus we get people demanding crazy 5x3, 6x3, 99999x3 wtf), tho we can say that *that* is a faulty player mentality right there. I bet DE didn't even plan eidolons to be farmed like that, it's the players desire to grind, grind, grind. At this point, I don't know what DE can do about rivens. It's pretty much like a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation for them. Make it more accessible (more like affordable through making roll cost lower or giving more kuva) to everyone and everyone becomes *even* more powerful, making challenging content difficult for them. Removing it will obviously result to riot coz I know some people won't be happy to know that their favorite weapon is indirectly getting nerfed. They (DE) can also be getting good profit out of these rivens, so I don't really know. I just avoid it for now coz I don't want the headache of farming for kuva or plat to buy a god roll riven. I can do fine without it, the game can do fine without it, that's why I really fail to understand those raging about rivens. It's a luxury item, like that very expensive rolex watch...you don't need it, you just want it.
  13. Right. I didn't look at the resources listed lol, so I didn't know there's tellurium. I'm not sure if archwing is needed in some Uranus nodes tho. Coz I remember getting some tellurium while farming the survival node there 🤔
  14. "Their weapons end up significantly more powerful than everybody else's." Uhm, this is not pvp so idk why it's an issue if someone's gear are powerful than yours? Jelly much? Lol It's also not like you're losing something if someone in your squad have godly rivens and making godly damage. You're also forgetting that rivens aren't a must. Sure, they're nice to have but they are what you would call a "luxury item", keyword LUXURY.
  15. They're still too far for you, buddy. Don't be sad tho coz you can be taken to these planets by another player/s. If you have a clan and alliance, try asking for a taxi on those planets. Or if you don't have one, try using the recruit chat and specifically state what resource you are farming for (coz they might stick around and help you get all the resource you need). Example is "LF taxi argon farm" something like that. Good luck, tenno.
  16. You might wanna move this in the Fan Art section coz that's where most artist and creative people usually hang around. If I remember there are also some people taking requests and commisions in there, try reading around the threads too. Be ready to offer something in return tho. No one likes working for free.
  17. Same bug kept happening to me, seems like a client-side thing. I was a client, the host can see my weapon on the floor but I can't see it nor the blue waypoint. I tried performing pick up actions around the spot where the weapon is supposed to be, but nothing is happening, as if the weapon is not there at all on my end. However, few more runs with the same host, I saw his weapon and the blue waypoint when HE dropped his weapon. Host is a friend that I regularly play with and we often have a 200-300 ping. Lag is noticeable esp. during transference but still bareable.
  18. IDK but I can barely look at my frame and watch how the syandana "bugs" around when I'm playing coz I'm looking at the map, the enemies, my hp, my abilities/buff duration, any stacks I'm building like melee combo, sometimes my teammates, their location and hp/buff if I'm playing with a group as a support. There's a lot more important things for me to keep an eye on than whatever animation my frame is doing while I'm fighting hordes of enemies. Anyway, personally I find the twirling in air animation cool coz it looks so unrealistic which makes the frames appear very extraordinary...well, they should because they are [insert lore here].
  19. Nah, you're just being paranoid and overthinking things. It's just the avionics, engines and fuselage that people buy from others. I'm assuming when you said "closed", the person cancelled the trade? Have you asked them afterwards why they didn't continue with the trade? Sometimes it could be a connection issue. It happened to me once, I couldn't see the trade UI so I cancelled the trade and told the person to retry the trade. Or maybe they got a better deal, so they cancelled the trade with you.
  20. Or you can invite all bidders to your dojo or relay but not your orbiter, basically you want any place that can hold more than 4 people and just use the general chat for the bid war
  21. I like to guess the mod order than slowly unlocking each from murmurs BUT I do agree that the thrall farm (coz I still need to make the lich angry by hunting thralls so the lich spawns more often) is very boring and the rewards are meh for all the trouble you have to go through. I just really enjoy the guessing game so I would like to see a way for us to force lich spawn in the mission, idk maybe a beacon or something that has a 100% drop chance for every attempted success or failed lich kill. EDIT: It won't drop a beacon on your final lich kill (where you get to choose to convert or vanquish), this is to prevent people from having stockpile of beacons. Maybe this will cut the tedious grind for murmur since you can opt to just guess the order (you get a beacon that will spawn the lich) but your lich may reach level 5 and we all know they're kinda annoying at level 5. This won't make lich hunting super easy peasy tho coz you still need to have parazon mods, which means there's still a bit of grind involved but not at this level of mind-numbing grind.
  22. Forma bundle is cheap in the store, you get 3 fully built forma for 35 plat. And it's not like plat is a premium currency that can only be bought with real money, just sell a few mod (corrupted mods are a very easy source of plat, since you only need 35 plat for the bundle). If you really don't wanna buy anything from the store, then download the mobile app which allows you to check your foundry even if you're away, and then just keep building formas from the app.
  23. You didn't answer any of the question tho. Coz you might not be doing any of those, thus you're losing your loot. AFAIK, if you didn't refine before heading back home, you lose all the resources you picked up. And as the person above me stated, the railjack components you picked up won't show on your inventory, they will only appear when you view it from the terminal in the dry dock.
  24. You might wanna check this site https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Quest and see if you still have some side quests left. Or watch some youtube videos so you get idea on what other things you can do in the game. Another thing I would suggest is optimizing your build. Check the wiki (link above) for some powerful mods you can collect or maybe some weapons and frames to farm for. I'm also achievement-driven, I don't just "do" stuff. So I always try to look for something to achieve in-game. Some youtube videos give me ideas for personal achievement, coz the game will get to a point when there aren't much to do once you finished the quests, collected the unique items, made powerful builds, etc.
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