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  1. So I collected necramechand I'm just incredibly delighted now, it's really something! But there are two nuances that are very confusing, namely: 1. Too slow reloading of weapons. Seriously, I went to the vault to swing on endless mobs and I just miss the ammo just critically. Even with the reload mod, the magazine reloads 3-4 rounds per second, this is not serious. Although, perhaps this old bug has surfaced again, as was the case with Reiljack? 2. It is impossible to fill all 12 slots with mods. What is the point in doing so many of them if it is impossible to fill them in? Stories about
  2. During the mission, it often happens that when I enter the operator and try to make a dash, a slow animation of the jump occurs and nothing more, only the re-entry into the open location of Deimos helps.
  3. Almost the entire interface disappears after returning from the open location of Deimos to Nekralisk. It helps if you re-enter the orbiter and back to the Nekralisk.
  4. It happened like this: I sat in the necromech, after that I had problems with control - the necromech twitched and almost did not move although I could shoot and use skills normally. I wanted it to pass, so I decided to let the mobs kill me. He died and then resurrected, after which my warframe ... stretched and distorted. Videos are attached. After that there were problems with the evacuation - I could not get out, only a miracle helped (the second video is attached). First video: https://youtu.be/AFNfydpgh00 Second video: https://youtu.be/Yt5nZhxtOog UPD Sorry for our v
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