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    Hello, a couple of days ago I discovered a problem because of which I can’t switch the site to Russian. I click on the Russian language icon and the page just reloads but remains in English. I tried to manually switch to the Russian version of the site but to no avail.
  2. Dear developers! I have long had some questions about changes in your interface and despite the fact that I am only one of thousands of players, I would be happy to receive answers to them. 1. Quite often (with my friends and people in random places, I didn’t collect statistics but met those with whom they agree) a situation occurs when I forgot to take a guard / animal simply because it was taken out into a separate window. Of course, not everyone suffers from such forgetfulness, but I met people who were in solidarity with me. Will there be any changes for the better in this regard? Just throwing 1-2 elements into a separate tab is somehow not too convenient, as it seems to me. 2. I have 2 different separate Necros Prime with a different number of polarities (6 polarities in the tank and 3 in the build per radius). You want to remove the display of the number of forms, the question begs - how can I quickly distinguish between them? This difference is critical since the builds of each other can not replace. I am sure that not only do I have several copies of warframes, therefore this nuance is also of interest.
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