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  1. Issue with archwings: unable to join archwing missions and my account is reporting that I Do not have any archwings, when i actually have an itzal.
  2. Mind if I say something? If DE wants to sync up everything, then why don't they use a custom server to send cues to all clients regardless of platform that trigger events, instead of pushing updates to enable them for x amount of time. Also, while we are at it, make a custom server that holds all accounts, and have all platforms point to it for login. Updates and hotfixes can also be done in a simmilar way, custom server pushes files/updates/hotfixes/content, and is stored on the hard drive of said console, ready for use by warframe. All that would be left is the issue with platinum discounts...
  3. #1751707 Hole / Glitch in dojo elevator. caused by bullet jumping just before elevator stops
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