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  1. Conclave is somewhat dead. You could try turning off Recruit Conditioning, this makes sure you only match with other low ranking players. If that doesn't help, you can also try changing your server region.
  2. Did you claim the drop in your Twitch inventory? If so, maybe give some more time to come through.
  3. First off, make sure your Twitch and Warframe accounts are correctly linked. But yes, there can be delay in receiving the drop. Regarding the achievement, it should either unlock when you hit your first rank with the second frame or at rank 30.
  4. I've had this error as well, but still got the drop. Remember to be patient as it can take some time to appear in your in-game inbox. One of my drops took 2 days to arrive.
  5. A little bit harsh to call it a scam. We know these things aren't dropping instantly, I'd suggest being a little more patient. One of my Octavia noggles took 2 days to come through. And I've had the above error occur, I got the drop anyway, but also, a good couple of hours later. So perhaps give it some time?
  6. Physical Entry. A valentine card themed after a corpus data-pad for Little Duck. Other than being challenging to photograph it because of the transparency, this was a ton of fun to make.
  7. Her mallet's damage scales with enemies, so power strength doesn't really matter unless you want to increase it's damage multiplier. High range and high duration, watch everything knock itself out. She can be a little squishy though, so unless you plan to stay invisible, I would also recommend some durability mods. This is what I use.
  8. If you want to straight up buy platinum, get it from Warframe itself, there are too many scams that catch people. Otherwise, you can trade prime parts and certain resources (fish and gems from the open world) in game.
  9. I may be wrong, but what I've seen in my own gameplay is that the ensnaring effect of Magnetize lasts half as long as it's duration.
  10. Lol, 2 times Deimos? Well at least you were able to retrieve the one from the Void. But you should submit a bug report, be sure to explain how you were able to consistently reproduce the bug. And yeah, I wouldn't do it anymore.
  11. That's a bug. I've heard of cases where people managed to deploy extractors to the void by doing exactly what you described, loading into a mission there while attempting to deploy one elsewhere. In a lot of these cases, people struggled to retrieve those extractors. Let us know if you get back when it's done.
  12. Shraksun is still the best scaffold in my opinion, but there's debate with the Propa. Pair it with the Certus Brace from Fortuna if you can for the extra crit chance. This guy compares the 2 nicely.
  13. Are you referring to the 2 factor authentication code? If so, you should contact support.
  14. Feels bad man. His systems have the lowest drop chance. You'll just have to keep at it. Where are you farming them?
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