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  1. Glad to see you've found a solution, just wanted to add; If you're a Zenurik user, Temporal Blast works really well. At max it slows enemies by 80% for 15s. Khora's Ensnare is also great.
  2. That really depends on what you're doing. People don't like them because of survivability issues, running link health and link armour is a must. I like to run my Huras kubrow with my Ivara in spy missions, the added stealth means I can full sprint between vaults. My Sunika is built to take down lich thralls without trouble. If I'm not doing spy or murmurs, I usually run with my Chesa for it's Nekros-like ability for extra loot, the disarm is nice too.
  3. Maxing out Helminth gives you the ability to change the colours of the cyst and maybe it's position on the frame. The only reason I really cure it is because bright pink isn't a colour I use when fashion framing.
  4. Element: Toxin, Heat or Cold I find the abilities that come with these 3 to be more useful. You can see them here: A radiation Lich can good too, if their weapon has good status chance and they proc all the time. Nice crowd control. Weapon: I haven't looked to closely at the difference this makes, but the explosive weapons like Zarr, Bramma or Ogris are really effective. One thing to note, I have a Lich with Shildeg and more often than not, she just doesn't use it. She seems prioritizes abilities over melee combat. So perhaps not a melee weapon. Don't forget fashion. They can come with cool looking masks/helmets/syandanas and the ever important ephemeras. That aside, you can't forget the glorious names of these things. Some I've converted purely because seeing their name pop-up leaves me in stitches.
  5. Hey there. Why not try asking in the trade chat? Or join the Discord and ask there. https://discord.com/invite/playwarframe
  6. Hey there. Have you tried verifying and optimizing the cache? Is your graphics driver up to date? Are you running any programs in the background that could cause software conflict? A little while ago, Discord took a dislike to Warframe and would crash the game if I joined a channel while in-game. A reinstall of Discord fixed the issue.
  7. I'd help you out but I'm on PC. If you haven't already, why not join the discord? You can try asking in the xbox trading channel. https://discord.com/invite/playwarframe
  8. I've noticed that Ventkids band behind Roky are no longer there. I believe since the Waverider Quest. Before: After: I miss the Skeg band.
  9. Have you tried a relog? Did you rank up Mastery today? That sometimes messes with your daily cap. Otherwise rank up tomorrow? Not sure what could cause that. You can repeat the same race as much as you like, it will count as standing/affinity every time.
  10. I can't tell you why, but a good thing it didn't. Specters are hostile to you in nightmare missions.
  11. After what I've just experience, I have to disagree. It really did take me the same amount of time to do both. I do think though that sheer number of thralls you stab makes it feel longer.
  12. Perhaps try with a different browser? I know some folks have had issue with Chrome.
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