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  1. Can we have the option to heavy attack while our guns are equip? Like when you go from shooting and then something runs up in your face, can the charge button work without you first needing to pull out your melee weapon and flinging it around for a bit? This would help alot since when you go from melee mode to jumping and aim gliding it takes your melee away and replaces it with a gun -- which is like... so confusing after like the 20000th time its happened in one mission, like "why am I not swinging my sword right now? -- oh... damnit!" I dont even care if after the melee charge attack itd put it away again for the gun, just gimme the option T_T Anyways, if this could atleast get looked at that'd be cool.
  2. Sidenote: new blink is like one of the most awkward things to use, smash shift ever 3 sec forcing your archwing to do a lil pirouette if you dont do it correctly/ontime/trying to spam -- not cool RIP itzal, you will be missed.
  3. wait, so we're gonna be farming these guns which take like 1 hours atleast to farm for like a 1% dmg increase? T_T''' you better be able to smash like 100 guns together or something. Just un-nerf the kuva weapon rivens... and you wouldnt even need to friggin upgrade these stupid guns(which again, idk why youd want to for a 1% increase)
  4. Why -- just why -- are the kuva weapon rivens lower stat variants of the same weapon? kuva tonkor riven: 142.2% cc | regular tonkor riven: 184.9% cc the two weapon variants do basically the same dmg and have the same stats after the riven nerf on the kuva weapons. stop making sidegrades weren't these weapons suppose to be special?! Also the kuva weapons do like MAYBE like 100 more base dmg then the regular ones... the grind involved in these + the lack luster stats = why DE why. And to top off the cherry -- the kuva tonkor says it has increased reload speed -- 5 forma later (thinking maybe it required max rank for the stats to shine through) still same -- waste of time. next content please.
  5. Explain why even nerfing something past .75 disp is necessary?(RIP pyrana/arca "they were just children, you monsters!")
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