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  1. so many whiteknights. play this S#&$ one time and you'll see the problems, like how much feed back do you need? the ai on umbra and equin breaks, its dark as hell, long awkward hallways just go #*!%ing look at it for 2sec. its bad.
  2. This new tile set is terrible. Terrible Can I has old 1 bak?
  3. Hopefully that solo extraction has also been fixed for other game modes. Its kinda lame when one guy has to leave during a survival and drags 99% of the enemies with him to the exit (solo extract)
  4. Can we have the old UI back? Feel like you guys need to stop messing with this ISH. There isnt an(obvious anyways)Way to show how many of <Blank> mod you have unless you go into your inventory > go to mods> type in X mods name> results. Can you like... start removing steps into seeing actual information instead of the opposite? Same thing with the simulation room, like holy moly just give me some farmable item that allows me to instantly travel to simulation room. It doesnt have to be special, just make it clean T_T'' There was an example of what basically everyone in this game wants out of a UI on reddit(its got a pic of will smith), Thats what should have been done. pretty sure it got archived aka, someone shut that ish down.
  5. Zenistar's disc is currently incredibly small like 3-5m instead of its normal glory. Not sure if this is a bug or what but it reaaaaaaaallly hurts.
  6. OUCH -- did you guys really need to Nerf every sniper? T_T'' *cries in corner*
  7. Please dear DE who art in heaven hallow be thy name change the archwing back and let us do our thing~
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