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  1. Our clan is still a ghost clan with a vision of having a clan filled with relic farmers and fissure runners! Specifically looking for players on Asian servers because connectivity of everyone in the clan should be given concern. oWo Disclaimer: Lab research is not yet 100% complete. But if you're planning to fabricate blueprints of specific weapons from the clan, we are sorry but we'll get there! <3 Discord server currently in the making and is expected to be linked soon! Come and join us! Let's make a huge Asian server based clan dedicated to farming rel
  2. what in the actual hell are you on? lmao
  3. First off, your first "problem" which is about his snow globe's scaling from his armor is kinda cringe because you don't really need its defensive ability in higher levels of gameplay. Enemies with higher levels (and I mean when going in endurance runs for over than an hour or so) can easily destroy his globe even if stacked. Also, imagine building for base shields on frames (except Hildryn). Yikes. About your second "problem", I agree with having an AoE effect instead on his 1, but his 2 has its uses. Also, most of the augments are the epitomes of DE's regrets with releasing the abilitie
  4. No, no. Make that 10x. Get cells equal to our points. Thank you DE :D
  5. ok so here are some bugs that my squad has encountered awhile ago: - cannot summon necramech while in operator mode after some time in the mission - cannot get out of necramech after some time in the mission - bullets from archguns while in necramech can get blocked by fellow squadmates also in their necramechs Now, I don't know if these were intentional or really just bugs, but please do fix the event and also the WHOLE game. Thank you.
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