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  1. wouldn't be the ropalyst, that thing's a giant chicken.
  2. hey there, if you're looking for a clan to link up with ours is 21+ and there's a fair group of us around that age... I'll hit. You up on ps4 later edit: your settings prevent messaging you so drop us a message here if you check back
  3. i'd have guessed braton or lato vandal much earlier. i had a sibear a long time before i reached mr27, but still missing the two eso weapons
  4. depends how much you play i guess. i reached the point along time ago where i have nothing to do. running a clan and alliance keeps me busy, otherwise i have no idea if i'd still be playing
  5. glad to have you onboard pal if you'd like to join our group pages on here they are; clan : https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/2872-twisted-casuals/ alliance : https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/2873-irie-science-alliance-18-only-ps4/
  6. operators are OP already. the clue is in the name. IMO
  7. oh right yeah, so he is shadow stalker after that? does he even appear before that though? it's not even been that long since i played through a second time and still none the wiser lol
  8. by the time you get a reply the timer will be up, better luck in your next MR test
  9. huh, genuinely had no idea. where is this bit of the 'story' is hidden? i've never understood what the difference between stalker and shadow stalker is. i guess i better go and poke the codex a bit
  10. along with so many of the best characters/ideas, the queens, teshin dax, an infested cephalon, kuva, weird orokin dragons things you can transfer into and control etc
  11. i get this, i really do, as someone who has been and still is regularly on both sides of this lol. but like so much of this stuff, if you don't like being a solo player who relies on public to get things done, if you want to play the team content, then a clan solves all this angst. i've taught tons of my clanmates how to do it, regularly carry people through and help them with builds etc etc. but i also want to do damn smooth 3/4/5 in a night runs too
  12. some people enjoy some content, taknig that away from them isn't a good idea just because you don't like it
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