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  1. Be the envy of your friends, join the million kuva club. We have badges.
  2. Twisted Casuals : Age 21+ : Rank 10 : Mountain Clan : Discord : Any MR : Beautiful Dojo : Dry Dock Ready We're a Mountain Clan with 250+ members, full research (minus ignis wraith but we have blueprints to give out) We're not looking for a huge amount of players - we're looking for quality over quantity. There's 3 things we look for in players >Age 21+ >Active >Social We're very relaxed about activity level though if you fit in well, any questions just get in touch Futureheadz Alliance : Age 18+ : 35+ Clans : Discord Any clans who are 18+ and are interest
  3. I bought it and was disappointed but i was more disappointed it was given to her in the first place. she has alot of great skins already. but just like ash, who also didn't need a new skin (how good would the new ash skin suit inaros?) and same with the zato skin. personally i didn't like it at all but excal is swamped with skin choices, give it to someone who needs a new skin. DE huh?
  4. i'd have guessed braton or lato vandal much earlier. i had a sibear a long time before i reached mr27, but still missing the two eso weapons
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